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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s late here so I’ll write more about this in the morning… but that’s a new bug in Springfield. Surprise!

This is getting ridiculous.  Now neighbors are missing.   You go to your friends list (neighbors)  and no one is listed except Other Springfield.  It’s not just you… it’s now widespread.

Missing entire friends lists.. are you kidding me?!  What’s next? Squidport suddenly going to disappear?  The town going to blow up again?  EA this is getting freaking ridiculous will you fix your damn game already? 

Patric adding to this…
It is likely that this issue is also related to the login issues that people have had all day. I suspect that there is a serious problem with user IDs.

No solutions yet… this is turning out to be a “wonderful update”…but, you had to expect this with Itchy and Scratchy. A TV show inside of a TV show is never good! Messes with the time/space continuem.

Don’t panic. They are going to have to fix this one…

UPDATE…they are back. We’ll see if this helps with the login issues. – PM

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  1. I realize this is an old post but today I went to my friends and they were ALL gone! Are they going to come back? Is this a glitch? How was this issue fixed before? Help!!!!

  2. Today 11/01/2018 i went to check my friends town and they are ALL gone. I have no friends at all. Please help.

  3. Looks like friends are missing again when I logged on today. Only the Other Springfield appears. Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.

  4. Elizabeth Loebig

    I still cant get my neighbors back i gave tried everything, please help.

  5. I’ve basically abandoned this game since Krustyland got nuked because of the login issues. Everytime I’m away from the game and open it again, it will log me off, and whenever I want to login, they always show the “login error” screen. At first I had deleted the game and installed it again, but it has become very annoying after my 10th or so installation, in which I had to download almost 2GB update each time.

    EA never really fixed the login issues, didn’t they? Am I the only one still having this problem? I don’t know what else to do, tbh. I never really found the answer here on tstoaddicts either (I’m a faithful reader).

  6. So I got 300 donuts and a premium character for logging on after a long break from the game, but this morning all my donuts are gone. Happened to my brother, too.

  7. I hope someone can help me. I am having trouble getting a number of completed jobs cleared off. I had used the employment building to send my characters to jobs. The problem seems to be there were too many characters sent to the same building (Simpson house) that when I tap since they are completed with there jobs it looks like it’s trying to complete the jobs, but before it can clear the jobs I get kicked out of the game itself. When I go back in all the jobs are still showing as complete but I can’t clear them off. I had hoped the new update today might clear these old jobs off, but it didn’t. I hope someone can help me. Thanks

  8. I’m having problems. No friends have been showing up now for a few days.

  9. My friends have all now disappeared, too. At least, they’re still listed as origin friends, just not playing the game.
    I’ll be severely hacked off with a new event starting tomorrow if there’s no option to collect any extra event currency clicking through 10 friends worth.

  10. No they are not back

  11. My friends are still missing. So frustrating. And I’ve had to uninstall and re install the app many times jus so I could log in.

    • Just a thought, how many apps do you allow to run in the background? That would include those that know your location, send messages or alerts or refresh, etc? Do you have apps that you never use – if so- did it help to delete them?

  12. Anyone having the issue where you cant do jobs in the krustyland entrence? cant finish the princess and the pea brain quest as i cant send krusty to recover from a heart attack.

  13. I STILL unable to login!!!! It has been a couple days already😫

  14. Does anyone’s kl parking lot transfer with cars. Mine didn’t

  15. Richard VonErich

    Is anyone else experiencing a go slow in your Springfield it’s taking me and my wife ages to move round our towns

    • Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous! I did disconnect the race car ride as instructed and maybe it helped, like 1%, but it’s still so slow moving around the town. It makes me so frustrated I don’t even want to play 🙁

      • My game went back to normal speed after I had turned the corners of the race car track that are smoking. If you turn them they stop smoking and I think that did the trick

  16. I’ve been unable to log in for 12 hours now 🙁

  17. First of all, kudos to the TSTO gang. I haven’t been playing as long as many of you (I started in late Dec ’16) so I wasn’t around for the “good old days”. To say the pointers and tips that you have provided here *especially now* have been so helpful is an understatement. As soon as I saw the notification about Krustyland being nuked I’m like “uh-oh”.

    I am currently unable to sign into the game, apparently due to EA server problems But that’s OK. I’m into “hunker-down” mode. I have the needed characters grinding out game currency, I have the monorail going at almost full tilt, and the rest I have on 24 hour tasks. When I check my friends list it varies from 92 to 101 within a 15 minute period. I wish everyone well with this bug.

    I was sick over the holidays, bored out of my mind. So I bought every single piece of land in Krustyland. Didn’t do anything with it except let it sit there, fallow. Then this event happened. I got lucky.

    EA has to fix this mess. But I really wish they would test their code on their own machines first before unleashing their Beta version 1 on us.

  18. After I nuked KL, I lost all my neighbors, ones I’ve had since 2013. When I tried to add the few names I remember, it said EA wasnt available and completely froze the game. I hope I get them back. I had really awesome neighbors.

  19. My Neighboreenos are present, but I took 1.5 Days off from this Game App and came back to find 2/3 of my Neighboreenos aren’t active in this Event (I can’t blame them, EA really blew it this time, a new Event along with various bugs that need fixing!)

    I honestly have to give thanks to those who suggested taking healthy breaks vs quitting (after all real life is more important than Game Apps), but all I can say is GO LAS VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS!😀

  20. Next it’ll be an event extension because of the glitches LOL 🤣

  21. My Facebook connection friends disappeared a while ago. I am thinking about removing the Facebook app from my tablet anyways…I can’t play five minutes without having to close the game and force stop Facebook so I can do anything anyway.

  22. I still have no neighbors besides other Springfield. Not enjoying this update much. I would’ve rather had something new going on in Krustyland.

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