Addicts Question Corner: Itchy & Scratchy Bugs, Tips, Tricks & Rants…Oh My!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Itchy and Scratchy Land hit are games yesterday and wowsers is this event full of issues or what?!  Reminds me of the “old days” of TSTO, back when every event promised to be Simpson filled and bug riddled.  For those of us who played TSTO between 2012-2015, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s been relatively calm in the world of TSTO, when it comes to bugs, for the last couple of years.  Sure there have been a few…and the rollback one is a HUGE one…but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was a few years ago.  Well…Itchy and Scratchy (always looking to destroy something) sure changed that!

From reading your comments, and boy have you guys been commenting the last 24hrs, the general consensus is the vast majority of you are pretty pissed off.  Whether it’s your game freezing, your game lagging, you’re just generally pissed they eliminated Krustyland or something else there’s a lot of ticked off Addicts around here!  So let’s get to some of your general complaints and see if we can help you fix some of the issues you may be experiencing…

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to start off by saying *knocks on wood* I’m not experiencing any of these issues.  My game is running fine, I’m not upset about Krustyland and I’m not confined by item limits, in 5 years of playing I’ve never seen an item limit warning.  And for those curious, I play on my Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy S8.  It’s a 64GB phone and I currently have 20 GB free.  In fairness, I do have an external SD Card to move a lot of photos/videos to…which does hold another 20GB atm.

So while I’m not personally experiencing issues…I feel your pain.  I can read it in every one of your comments.  So I’ll do my best to display your outrage as best I can here.  Also, this means the tips/suggestions to fix some of the issues I have not personally tested.  They’re coming directly from the comments, which you guys have posted worked.  So don’t shoot the messenger…

Now on with the issues…..


I want to preface this by saying a lot of the crashing issues and lag issues are happening to iOS players.  So it could have something to do with the program and iOS compatibility I’m not sure. 

First, the major one…


This is the biggest issue we’re seeing right now and unfortunately, no one can quite figure out what’s going on. (it’s not impacting everyone, but it is impacting a bunch of you)  You get to the part to nuke Krustyland, it shows you K-Land blowing up on your neighbor screen and then BOOM game shuts down/freezes. It happens every single time you try to do it.  So now you can’t progress to the actual event itself.  What can you do?

Well, you can try some basic steps first…
-Try storing ALL of your Krustyland items BEFORE blowing it up
-Try sending your characters on 1hr tasks
-When you get to the blowup animation on the friend screen hard close your device and restart it.
-Try it on a different device if you have one (i noticed a lot of you are having issues with this if you use iOS, but it’s still happening to some on Android)

If none of those options help it’s a matter of either waiting until Monday when everything will auto nuke OR waiting for a patch from EA.  It’s not worth contacting EA over this one because the Customer Support staff doesn’t know what’s happening either.  It’s already been reported by tons of players and they are working on a patch for it.  Here’s some info that came into the comments from Glen..

Many of you are finding out that our games crash when we Nuke Kristy’s shambles of a park.
Some of us get to the friends page and watch our parks go Kablooey and then e game closes and we are back to where we started with no new event for us. I’ve tried 17 times. Of course EA has been very helpful on the phone and through email. They can’t figure it out but they are working on it. A patch for the issue is coming but we don’t know when. It sucks as I’m a player who’s spent $$$ on this game for the last 5 years and I always land on these events like a fatty on a buffet table at Golden Coral!
Alas. Not now. I’m hoping this is not, as Kevin at EA games thinks could be an issue, that my IPad 4th gen is out of date and cannot accept iOS 11 and higher. I may be forced to upgrade my device and THAT is a class A bummer!

So to wrap up on the freezing when nuking issue…try the steps above.  If they don’t work either wait for a patch or wait until Monday (or it could just be your device needs more memory…this game is a MASSIVE suck on memory and data).  In any event, it’s not great but it’s options to try.  So far the BEST option I’ve seen with the highest success rate is trying a different device.  Not feasible for everyone I know, but that’s what seems to be working best. 


This is one popping up more and more lately.  You finish one task but the next one won’t prompt.  This, once again, harkens back to the “old days” of TSTO.  Back when you needed a character to physically be free in Springfield to start a task.  My suggestion is to look at the Turbo Tappin’ Post (linked here), I always start each part of the questline with _____ starts.  So look to see who starts the next part of the questline, and be sure that character is free.  (if that character is free but it’s still not working try storing and replacing the building they’re associated with.  So for Quimby it’s Townhall, for Bart it’s his treehouse etc.  This will not work for Homer)  Once the character is free you should see the ! popup.


This is another common one we’re seeing.  Based on a great comment from Jenn and feedback from others who have tried it…so far this is the best method we’ve found the fixing the Lag/Temporary freeze issues…

My Springfield was lagging badly. I turned the corner track on the Injury ride, the the track isn’t continuous, and the lag vanished. Just in case that helps anyone else…

So basically, once you finish the task to fix the Injury 500 track pull that track out again so it stops the continuous animation (post about fixing the track can be found here).  I remember something similar happening with the Monorail when it first came out.  The continuous animation (combined with having an older device and/or having a ton of items in your Springfield) creates that lag.

So give it a whirl and see if it helps, what else do you have to lose?

While we’re on the topic of Injury 500…


If you’re stuck on that part of the questline (The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 3) check out the rundown post here for details on how to fix the track to complete the task.


Best thing I can tell you to do if this is happening to you, make a list of what you’re missing and contact EA.  If you get a competent representative they should be able to restore the missing items for you.  Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to this issue they’ll have to be restored by EA.

This also applies to buildings that were in process of being built and have disappeared with the nuke.


This could be for a variety of reasons and a big one could be item limits.  The item limit warning is there for a reason and if you’re seeing it it’s possible your game performance can/will suffer.  Try holding off on group placing items from K-Land until some of the other issues are resolved and see if that helps.  You can also try following the same steps for general lag/temporary freeze (disconnect part of the Injury 500) and see if that helps.


It’s likely you’re not tapping an event tappable, instead, you’re tapping a Krustyland Visitor.  Krustyland Visitors will now appear in Springfield and cannot be cleared by tapping.  They’ll just roam around and earn tickets, just like they did in K-Land.

These are event tappables:

If they don’t look like that, they can’t be tapped.  So if you’re tapping and nothing is happening, it’s like that it’s a K-Land visitor and not an event Tappable.


Princess P is tied directly to the Giant Wheel that was placed in Krustyland.  So to get her back in Springfield place the Giant Wheel from your inventory into Springfield and she’ll reappear.
Also, check your inventory for other characters.  There have been reports of other characters getting stuck in inventory after the nuke…but Princess P is the only one directly tied to a K-Land item.

Ok, I think that covers all the bugs/glitches..let’s work on some general tips/tricks…

Tips, Tricks & General Knowledge

The Injury 500 Does NOT Earn event currency
You’ll only earn event currency from sending characters to Staff Rides (via tapping Itchy and Scratchy gate), tapping the event tappables, neighbor actions and daily challenges.  Sending Bart/Lisa (even Homer or Marge) to the Injury 500 will not earn event currency. (yes I know there are other ways to earn currency, like the premium Minefield…really just making a point about Injury 500 NOT earning currency)

Krustyland Shuttles Now At as Teleporters
Missed out on the teleporters?  Now you have a set for free. The Krustyland Buses now act as teleporters between each other.  So place them in various sections of your Springfield to quickly move from one end of town to the other.
You may need to pull the other shuttle out of inventory.  If you tap on the shuttle already in your Springfield and hit teleport it’ll give you the option to find the one in storage, and take you right to it in storage. (so you don’t have to search)

-The Item Limit Has Been Increased
Late yesterday EA upped the item limit.  It’s now 11,600.  But remember, you could have performance issues by maxing out your town.  So if you’re still getting lag after following the tips above it could be because you have a lot of items in your town.

Quickly Find Tappables By Using the Level Up Option On the Crafting Menu
They’ve brought back levels for crafting with this event.  While that in it of itself stinks, it is nice because now you have a quick way to find tappables in your Springfield.  As long as you have LESS crafting currency than is required to level up simply tap the level up option in your crafting menu, followed by Do It and your game will quickly take you to the tappables in Springfield….

You Do NOT Need to Purchase Scratchy to Complete the Event.
I’ve had a few of you ask this, no Scratchy is not required for this event.  If you choose not to spend the donuts you won’t lose anything…well except having Scratchy as a character.

Don’t Place the Krustyland Entrance Unless You’re Sure You Want it In Your Springfield.
Once you place it you can’t store it again.  So don’t place it unless you’re 100% sure you want it in your town.

As a side note…some of you are asking what to do with your tickets once you’ve purchased all the land in K-Land.  You can either save them to buy K-Land items (they still hold value), convert them to cash (you’ll need the K-Land Entrance for that) or do nothing.  You won’t lose them.

Ok now that we’ve covered the bugs, tips & tricks it’s time for some rants…


These are basically things I see you guys yelling about in the comments…

Scratchy is 300 Donuts?!  Are they freaking kidding me?!
Yes, he’s really 300 donuts.  No, they’re not kidding you.  I’ve been saying this for a LONG time…this is the product of donut farming.  The more free donuts that are out there the lower their value becomes.  Thus destroying the currency value for those of us that actually spend cash for donuts.
Don’t be surprised if you see more characters coming into the game at that price point…or higher.

I’M REALLY MAD AT EA! I love my Krustyland and I worked hard on it!  Why can’t I keep it?  If I skip the event can I keep it?!

No.  Come Monday Krustyland will no longer exist.  Whether you continue the event or not your Krustyland will disappear on Monday.  So you can either roll with it and move it to your Springfield or quit TSTO over it.  Those are your options and the choice is yours, but keeping Krustyland as is is NOT an option.

Don’t be mad at those that hated it.  Don’t be mad at EA.  It’s part of the game, you’ve got to roll with the punches in this game (and in life).  Things don’t always go your way.  It’s been 5 years and I’m sure it created a big lag on their system.  By eliminating it they get to remove that entire section from their servers, which may, in turn, help the game out.

I’M REALLY MAD AT EA!  They should have told us BEFORE nuking that we should buy all the Krustyland Land to get more land tokens!  I nuked before I knew about it and I missed out on the extra land!  I shouldn’t have to come to a site like this to find out stuff like that!

Yes, yes you should have to come to a site like this to find out things like that!  That’s the entire purpose of this site!  We give you tips, tricks and other details that you can’t find in the game!  We rush ahead to find out information so you don’t make the mistakes.  That’s the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE!

There are a lot of things the game won’t tell you…who to keep free for the next task, that your Krustyland shuttles are now teleporters, how to farm donuts, what premium characters do and so on.  That’s why you come here.  That’s why we spend hours upon hours playing a game and writing about it…to give you information the game doesn’t provide!

No game gives you all the information you need.  Hell, go all the way back to freaking Nintendo and Zelda games.  Weren’t their magazines put out to give you tips and tricks to playing it?!  Come on!  Don’t get mad at EA or anyone else because you sped through something before reading the tips and tricks to completing it successfully.  The post telling you to buy all the land was literally up the second the event hit the app store.  You chose to wait to read it, it’s on you not anyone else.

Again, the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE is to give you tips, tricks and other info you can’t find directly in the game.  We play ahead, figure it out and give you the feedback so you can save your time and donuts.

Rant over…

And that’s it guys.  I believe that covers just about everything we’re seeing in the comments from glitches and bugs to general tips and tricks to a few angry rants…

What are your thoughts?  Questions?  Share them in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Removing one part from each new krystyland rides ( injury 500, log ride and zoominator) helped with tsto lagging issue. At last the game working just fine. Thanks for the help.

  2. Hello!

    I hope you all are well! I have encountered an apparent bug in my event that I want to let you know about. I have leveled up – twice – and gotten the level up message but no new items unlocked.

    I have posted a report to EA and just wanted to advise you so you can put the word out to his fun community. (Oh BTW, I didn’t check before biking my KLand either and I knew better!)

    Thanks for all you do! 😀🌸👋🏻

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