Donut Day Offers

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy National Donut Day!

In honor of Donut Day EA has dropped a few donut offers in our games, as well as a few sweet donut inspired items returning to our stores!  Should you buy any of them?  Let’s take a look…

First up, ICYMI EA gave everyone 15 Free Donuts in honor of Donut Day…

These triggered in-game starting May 30th.  So basically, if you logged into your game at all over the last 2 days you should have received these.  If you haven’t logged into your game do so before June 6th when the free donuts will disappear!

All Donut Day Deals/Items Leave Stores June 6th…

So let’s talk about the returning items in the store…

 Donut Truck- 40 Donuts.  2% bonus on all cash and XP. 4×3 in size. When tapped lights flash and the horn goes off.  1 per Springfield.  Opinion On it: Meh.  Bonus % is decent for donuts spent…that’s about it.

 Donut Store- 100 Donuts. Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs.  3×6 in size.  Comes with a 4hr task for Marge (Shop for donuts, 4hrs earns $260, 70xp).  Building animation, door opens.  1 per Springfield. Task does remain after initial questline. Opinion On It: It’s a store.  Stores aren’t worth 100 donuts if they don’t come with a character

Donut Truck- 225 Donuts. 5% bonus on all cash and XP. 9×5 in size, goes in the ocean.  When tapped pink steam comes out and it rains donuts for 8 seconds. 1 per Springfield Opinion On It: Not worth the donuts spent, no matter how cool it is to rain donuts.  5% for 225 donuts is no Bueno.  Pass.

Now let’s move onto the offers in the know the ones you have to spend real money on…

Ok so for the first two items, the Triple Baker’s Dozen and Double Stack of Donuts you get even more donuts for your money.  Worth it.

For the next round, Tray of Donuts, Truckload and Boatload (don’t buy the store, there’s no special bonus with that) you’ll get Golden Scratch-rs with your purchase.  That could be awesome or it could be terrible.  It all depends on what scratch-rs you get.  You can check out the Golden Scratch-Rs odds and payouts in this post.

This one is kind of a toss-up.  If you were planning on buying donuts anyway it’s not a bad bonus, but don’t get it just because of the Scratch-Rs because you could end up with crummy winnings.

Plus as a side note: It does look like a little later in the event we’ll be getting one of the characters linked to a donut purchase (Truckload I believe).  So if you’re planning on getting donuts you may want to wait until that hits to do so.  I’d rather get a character than Scratch-Rs….

Now let’s talk about something tangibly sweet….FREE DONUTS (you know the kind you can actually Eat!

I know these work in the US, not sure about outside of the US though…

Here’s some places where you can score a free donut today…

Duck Donuts-(Riley’s Favorite place) Giving each customer a FREE bare, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar doughnut at all locations. PLUS you’ll also receive a buy one, get one free doughnut coupon.

Dunkin Donuts- Giving away a FREE Classic Donut with the purchase of a beverage

Edible Arrangements- Giving a FREE Edible Donut (a doughnut-shaped slice of Granny Smith apple dipped in chocolate) to customers at participating locations.

Krispy Kreme- Giving away 1 FREE Donut to customers (no purchase required) in the US AND Canada

Papa John’s- Giving away a FREE order of caramel creme-filled, cinnamon sugar-coated donut hole dessert (new) with purchase.

These are valid at participating locations only…

So now you can stock up on donuts in TSTO and donuts in your belly all for FREE!  Who doesn’t love Donut Day?!

28 responses to “Donut Day Offers

  1. Thanks for the hint about the upcoming character-donut bundle.

  2. Unless you’re a gambler, don’t buy the 132 donut tray.
    I went for the double stack of 60, then another stack of 60 which also comes with a gold scratch r which I got 9 from. That’s 189 donuts for £9.98 instead of a possible total of 144 for £9.99 via the tray deal and possible bad luck.

  3. God l almost bought the donut store believing it would produce like 1 donute every some time. Thank god I checked this website.

  4. Odd. I never got the happy donut day 15 free donut pop up today?

  5. I bought the truck. I won the Tugboat with the free Token(remember when
    EA tried that?). I love making sprinkles fall from the sky. I’ll probably get the store closer to the end of the event when I have all the other premium items I want. Anyone remember the Tray of Donuts given away in 2016? It has a 1 hour task for Homer ‘Pry Stale Donuts’. It will be nice to have the full set.

  6. Not sure we have doughnut day in the UK….yet. But I still appreciated the 15 given to me.

  7. I celebrated Donut Day a week ago hitting up the Donut Trail outside Cincinnati getting a free shirt and coin

    • I just read about the Butler County Donut Trail. There are 12 participating shops stretched over 80miles. If you complete your Passport (I think you need 9 stamps), you get a T-shirt.

  8. I would like a free edible donut…heck I’ll even pay for it. Alas my crummy town has no donut shops. I could get one from the grocery store but it’s not the same. 🍩😭🍩😭🍩

  9. end date on the deal? says limited time in game hopefully more details in the files?

  10. I celebrated the free Donuts from EA at Krispy Kreme (anyone else try their limited edition blackberry glaze? mmmm mmmm good!) during National Donut Day …. I may visit Dunkin Donuts (or Winchell’s) on their buy one get one offer after work tonight! 👍

    Happy 🍩 ‘s Everyone

  11. Quick question when we send our characters to earn knives from the job on the event. How come they just roam around? Am I missing a building or something so they can be in? The job comes from the Itchy and Scratchy entrance. It looks weird they just walking around in a empty space.

  12. I’d buy the donut store if it gave a donut every 24-48hours instead of cash. Hint Hint EA!

  13. Thanks for the heads up on the possibility of a character bonus with the purchase of a truckload of donuts. If that happens I’ll spend the $20 USD and use the 300 to get the insanely priced Scratchy.

  14. Just a heads up, bought the £4.99 ones (I know, ridiculous that we pay so much more for the exact same product but anyhow) and didn’t get the bonus founder character like I was hoping. Pretty silly of me to presume that you would with the event being on and all, but just letting anyone else know in case they were wondering the same thing!

  15. Well, purchased truckload for about 25 USD (EU sucks!!), to try my luck with scratches. First try – last prize, second try – last prize, third try – for change last prize, fourth try – again last prize, fifth try – jackpot 100 donuts! So result was 424 donuts. Not bad. Now thinking if I should buy insanely overpriced Itchy.

  16. If you get the triple bakers dozen or the double stack they then revert to the usual 12 or 60 sprinkles but each come with 1 golden scratch-r
    I got 159 sprinkles for 6.98 earlier but I haven’t been back to buy so couldn’t say if the scratch-r offers are one time only too

  17. Premium player me bought a boatload for the new event, bonus golden scratchers paid for Scratchy. Happy Tapper here!

  18. I’m thinking buy the 120 for 4.99 and 5 scratch cards separately – odds are you’ll make up the 12 donut difference from the 9.99 offer and have more scratch cards. Does that make sense???

  19. Bought a truckload & got 86 donuts fresh m my 5 Golden scratchers

  20. I have the truck, store and boat. I love them all!

  21. I lost my 15 free donuts during the whole nuking on ios. One minute they were there and the next gone. I appreciate that they gave out donuts but I’d much rather have a game I could log into when I want to play.

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