Itchy and Scratch-Rs: Breaking Down The Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-Rs

The Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-Rs are a fun addition to the game and come in two types.  You can purchase the free Scratch-R, that will cost you $250 game dollars, or you can purchase the Golden Scratch-R for $0.99 (real life dollars).  The difference being the Scratch-R  awards you with game dollars and the Golden Scratch-R awards you with donuts.  The best news?  No matter which one you choose, every Scratch-R is a winner!

Here are the Basics:
TSTO scratcher regular
The Scratch-R game is available to play free (well $250 game dollars) at the Kwik-E-Mary every 6 hours and it offers a range of game dollar prizes from $350- $10,000.  While every ticket is a winner, not every ticket is a big winner.

Here are the odds:
$10,000- 1/100 (or 1%)
$2,500- 1/24 (or 4%)
$1,250- 1/10 (or 10%)
$750- 1/5 (or 20%)
$500- 1/3 (or 32%)
$350- 1/3 (or 33%)

TSTO golden scratcher
The Golden Ticket…er Scratch-R:

The Golden Scratch-R is currently the cheapest, real money, option to purchase donuts.  For $0.99/ea ($0.99 buys you 1 Scratch-R and 1 Scratch-R only) these are also purchased from the Kwik-E-Mart and offers a range of donut prizes from 6-100 donuts!  While every ticket is a winner, not every ticket is a big winner.

Here are the odds:
100 donuts- 1/50 (at 2% these are better odds than winning $10,000 on the other Scratch-R)
50 donuts- 1/25 (or 4%)
20 donuts- 1/10 (or 10%)
12 donuts- 1/5 (or 20%)
9 donuts- 1/3 (or 32%)
6 donuts- 1/3 (or 32%)

Obviously it’s cheaper than buying from the donut store, but is it better?
Yes, slightly.  It breaks down like this.  The cheapest option in the donut store is a dozen donuts (12) for $1.99 and the Golden Scratch-R is $0.99.  Even if you only win 6 donuts the first try and buy another one for $0.99 and still win 6 donuts, that’s $1.98 spent for 12 donuts.  So it’s $0.01 less than buying a dozen donuts from the store.  So if you’re feeling lucky you might want to look into buying a  Golden Scratch-R.  After all you can’t do any worse than if you were to buy the donuts from the store and you might get lucky and win a lot more than 6 donuts!

What do you say?  Are you feeling lucky enough to try your luck at the Itchy and Scratch-Rs?  You never know you just might win enough donuts to buy Arnie Pye and his Pye in the Sky helicopter!
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  1. I re-started playing the game in 2015 and am currently on level 59. I do not have the Scratch-r game at the Kwik-e mart and would love like to know how to get it (since I have a daily challenge asking me to play scratch-r)…?

  2. I bought my first golden scratchr yesterda and got 50 donuts, not bad for a first attempt

  3. Hello all!
    I am posting this bc I recently re installed the game after a while of being away. My problem is that I am unable to purchase any of the scratch-Rs nor do They show up in my town. Any help is appreciated (if it was covered earlier, sorry)

  4. Does the golden scratcher only work once

  5. I use the Google Opinion Rewards app to earn free Google play credits. They come in very small increments but it is a very small time investment. When I acrue $0.99 I buy a golden scratcher. Basically it is free donuts.

  6. If you do the math, the expected value of a Golden Scratch-R is 13.2 donuts. That means if you buy them over and over forever, on average you’ll be getting 13.2 donuts from each $0.99 purchase. So your cost per donut is 7.5 cents.

    In comparison, just buying donuts at regular prices gives you a cost per donut of 4.2 cents for 2400, 5.6 cents for 900, 6.7 cents for 300, 7.6 cents for 132, 8.3 cents for 60, and 16.6 cents for 12.

    So the Golden Scratch-R is about as good a value as buying donuts in trays of 132, and much better than buying them in dozens or stacks of 60. But if you’ve got $20 or more of real-world currency to spend on donuts, buying lots of Golden Scratch-R’s is only worth it for the entertainment value. You’d probably get more donuts just buying them from the store (or even better, waiting for a deal from Gil).

    (To figure expected value, take each GS payout, like 9 donuts, and multiply by its probability, like 32/100. Sum these to get 13.2 donuts.)

  7. I’m new to buying donuts. Would it be more worth it to buy twenty dollars of donuts or twenty golden scratchers? This is my first Halloween playing and there are a lot of items I have my eye on.

  8. I dunno if it’s just luck of the draw but my hubby and I both notice that if you win big in the first scratcher and you buy a second one, the second will only yield 6 donuts. Unconfirmed but I wanted to bring it since my hubby and I both noticed that trend in 3 towns. Now we wait at least an hour before buying a second if we win above 20 donuts.

  9. Has (3) bombs ever awarded a prize? . . . I just think it’s odd that (1) pays $350, and (2) pays $500 . . . its such a downer when you scratch and see a bomb, knowing that you won’t have a chance to get a bigger prize for a three-of-a-kind.

  10. So I just made my first two Golden Scratch R purchases due to this post.
    I’m playing the easter event and I really want to buy CCL, but she’ll be hanging around after the event ends, but Shary and Fr. Sean won’t be. So I thought about buying some golden eggs, but I don’t have heaps of donuts and I said I wouldn’t buy any more because I’m trying to save real life cash, haha!
    But then I came across this post and though, alright the Golden Scratch’s aren’t two expensive ($1.29 due to the exchange rate I assume) and even if I only win 6 donuts x 2 I’d still be paying the same amount as if I’d bought 12 outright. First try I got 12, then I thought I’d gamble again and I got 50!
    Even though you weren’t necessarily encouraging us to buy the Golden Scratch’s, thanks 🙂

  11. Great tip on those The Golden Scratch-R’s!
    I bought 2 sets of 10 Golden Scratch-R’s and here is my winnings:

    Set 1 @ 10 Golden Scratch-R’s at dollar cost of $9.90 won 124 donuts.
    Set 2 @ 10 Golden Scratch-R’s at dollar cost of $9.90 won 186 donuts.
    Much better odds then just buying 12 donuts for $1.99!

    THANKS for the great tip!!!!

  12. i wonder if this year EA will give us the Platinum Scratch R or did they cancel that idea?

  13. Does that mean every time you want to use the golden scratch u have to pay $0.99 every 6hrs?
    Its not like you buy it once and you get it forever right?
    Sorry if u already answered it..

    Thanks!! 😀

    • Golden Scratch-R is different than the regular Scratch-R. The Golden Scratch-R you can buy as many as you want as often as you want for $0.99/ea. Consider it a guaranteed Lotto Winner. Every ticket wins donuts, but they don’t all win a lot of donuts. But yes you do have to pay for each Golden Scratch-R each time you want one. 🙂

  14. Not to mention the forthcoming platinum scratch card with 1000 donuts prize!

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