Itchy and Scratchy Land- Prize Guide- Act 1 – Prize 3- Nurse’s Station

OK. I get it. As much as Itchy and Scratchy shred one another (apparently, because the HAVE to), they probably need a Nurse around full time.

But, I have to say it…this “Nurses Station” looks a heck of a lot like one of the canal houses we got in the last major event. As in A LOT. Paint it a different color….slap a mini-portrait of the boys doing mayhem to one another…and BOOM! Canal house is a Nurses Station.

But, I’m sure some of you are going to want it. In fact…some of you are going to want more than one!  Right??

Here are the details on Prize #3- the Nurses Station.
Sorry for the thinly veiled sarcasm and contempt. I needed to take a breath and get a drink of water to wash out my mouth…as I had bitten my tongue, placing it so firmly in my cheek.

Let’s just call a station a station…shall we? This is very underwhelming. But, gosh…you can craft more! Read on!!

Prize: Nurse’s Station
Size: 4×4
Earns: $90,10xp/4hrs

Arrangement Bonus: 0.75% (Not a Bonus XP multiplier) This is a bonus for your event currency if place in the Itchy and Scratchy Land area…So at least there’s that.
Build Time: 4hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +5
Can Be Placed: Grass|Pavement|Boardwalk|Pier|Dirt
What Does It Do: Once you unlock this as a prize it will unlock the ability (provided you reach the right crafting level) to craft more stations. Beyond that, nothing.

Whoop. Dee. Doo?  
I’m willing to say it now…and maybe again later…compared to KrustyLand, Itchy and Scratchy Land is kind of a bust so far.

But fear not!   There is Another Prize Coming!!!
A STATUE!!!  A Statue of Roger Meyers Sr.!!  Woot Woot!
Oops…there’s that sarcasm again.

47 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land- Prize Guide- Act 1 – Prize 3- Nurse’s Station

  1. pinballinggrrl

    The only reason I’m crafting these is because they earn cash. The rest of this nonsense is going into storage as soon as this event is over.

  2. I don’t mind the Nurse’s Station being a craftable and a prize but I wish it wasn’t so expensive and give such a small bonus and there was a task there. I used to see it animate occasionally when a character was on the event tasks to produce knives and money then went inside the station but now it doesn’t animate anymore when characters enter it.
    I have already reached 20% at the gate so there is no need for me to craft more of these unless EA increases the bonus to go higher than 20% in the later acts but from previous events there would be another item (like the museum, tower and casino from the last event) that has the bonus area (can any of the addicts confirm if the bonus increases at the gate in later acts or another item has a bonus area?).

  3. Alias de la plume

    It kinda looks like a canal house but I think they modeled this off of Disneyland’s Main Street USA
    Many of the buildings there look like the nurses station and I think they did that in the episode too

  4. I keep getting a message to place the track near the Itchy and scratchy gate. I’ve placed it front backs and sides but keep getting the message. Please help! Thanks!

  5. I have watched the show off and on for years. Who is Diane? I think this event has jumped the shark. Squishing krustyland in, not raising the limit, and offering crappy prizes it’s like they dont want anyone to play…. I am phoning it in on this one.

  6. Why is this thing both a prize and an expensive craftable?

  7. Is a Craftable Item as an Act Prize lazy of EA? Absolutely!

    But I will take a Building vs a Lame Act Prize (ie Helicopter, Statue) that doesn’t do anything (not even increase your Bonus %, nor generate Act Currency / Crafting Currency!)

    I don’t know what’s the bigger bust, the fact you have to Craft stuff for Itchy & Scratchy Land? Or the fact we have Krustyland in Springfield, but the majority of our Springfield Characters still can’t visit Krustyland (mind you, Crafting stuff has been rewarding this time)!

  8. The 5th price is a bit stingy. Usually when you win event currency its enough to buy a load of smaller items or make a good chunk towards a larger item. In this event 500 coins won’t get you the cheapest item on the list, a corner for the race track.

  9. Find the (small) statue-

  10. I hadn’t previously looked….4k for the nurses station? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Not happening.

    • Yeah – but I’d still rather craft that than a bunch of useless vanity items. Am I really going to make some giant racetrack instead?

      • Oddly i was thinking I’d much rather crazy some crazy curvy racetrack. I’m looking forward to designing my own apartment park rides.

  11. They call this a statue! Ridiculous little thing! And the nurse’s station you need 4000 to get another one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣it’s so ridiculous! I rather go for parking lot just to get to the next level. At least it has cars on it. I have enough racing track, i have the ‘espensive banner’ the ticket booth. Last event was much better for crafting, no levels. You could choose anything you wanted, including land tiles it was so much better.

    • Agreed. And I’m pretty much at my Item limit anyway…so not in a hurry to get anything else during this Act. Hopefully…they’ll increase it for Act II.

  12. Does anyone know if the craftable nurses stations also payout $90/10xp?

  13. another update is on App Store for ios

  14. DSNecromorphUSS

    My only solace is that you can make a pretty decent “Disneyland” like area with the statue. Make the main gate the Krustyland entrance, goes to the statue, then the Krustyland monorail, then into the main event. Have your past wild West items the “Frontierland”, we have plenty of Syfy items for “Tomorrowland”, then put in your rides from Kland to fill in space and to finish it up I&S land items are your Toontown. Seems easy enough.

  15. Off subject but…… What’s the point of the 10 freeway pieces? They don’t match up to the road and you only get a few of them. Anyone using them?

    • You can buy more in the store. These got put into our inventory because they were part of KL grounds.

    • 1tippietippie

      I’m using the freeway pieces. I have them surrounding two parts of my Amusement park. They look pretty cool! I don’t know how to post a picture here.. if I did, I would. And you can buy more pieces with Krustyland tickets. Win! Win!

  16. According to the fine print on the Ticket Booth, the Nurse’s Station is not operating today. 🙂

  17. Let me just say the upcoming statue is a lot smaller than i would have thought. Booo. I mean that one that looks like Snake from the last event is what i was hoping for. Oh well. Lol

  18. Wow next price a statue!! 1 more hour and i’m the proud owner of another statue. Since for now we have not much more to put in I&S land (and the footprint seems small) i will put it somewhere. I doubt it if it ever gives a bonus %. Maybe in 5 years, you never know

    • I put it in front of I&S Production Studio…couldn’t find a good place in my park, and it makes a nice entry to the Studio.😁

      • I like the look of that. I was actually thinking of setting up a big parking lot in front of KL (with I&S Land inside/beside it) and putting the KL hotel on one side of the parking lot and the studio on the other side. Seeing your design confirms that’s what I’m doing!

  19. Keith1Roon991

    Got the statue today and it’s very small, very very small, and a big big let down like this event, nothing really excited me!!!, Bring in all the Presidents men, they have eluded me until now.

    • I couldn’t believe how small it is,,either. I have a little statue area & I don’t think this 1 would look right next to the other fv

  20. They require one nurse station! Why would anyone want more than that? I don’t! 😂

    • It has a small footprint, so it seems like a great house farm candidate. A couple events ago, we were complaining that none of the prizes paid out cash after the event…well, here you go, you can get as many as you want…and it’s essentially free.👍

  21. LOL. They can’t all be great, otherwise EA would raise expectations. Couldn’t have that – people would demand more land to place copies.

  22. Josephine Kick@$$

    I hadn’t noticed they looked alike until you mentioned it 😂 You are spot on, I definitely will not be crafting more. I really hope the next level of crafting has some rides.

  23. Your sarcasm is appreciated and please do not hurt your tongue anymore! But if the lag is not fixed we may find more sarcasm and do more tongue wagging…

  24. Thank you for saying it Patric. This event is a huge let down.

  25. Only crafted 2 of these. Saving all my knives for the “crowd of weirdos” which will be the bread & butter to my krusty/Itchy&scratchy land 💪

    • Isn’t the crowd of weirdos just recycled from the music event? I have more crowds in my town than I know hat to do with. In fact, my sneaky snek tourists keep hiding amongst my music fans which is a total pain because it makes them impossible to see without blacking out everything using the move function. Ugh.

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