Itchy and Scratchy Land – Act I Prize Guide – Prize 6- Diane

I have to admit it…I had to go deep into Google to figure out who the heck Diane was. And going Google Deep is a scary thing sometimes. You have to be careful how you search.  TSTO Diane can bring up all sorts of things that don’t make a lot of sense. Especially if you misspell TSTO. But, I digress…

Turns out the Diane is a “Big Wig” at Krustylu studios…or was. The WIKI tells us that, “She and the other executives wanted to cancel Krusty and replace it with Homer’s show. She is the one who fired Jeremy.  And everyone remembers Jeremy…right?

OK. Fine. Just be glad that you got her for free. Here’s the details on why she is not going to be breaking the glass ceiling any time soon.
She is the final prize of Act I. She is mostly known for firing Krusty. But, she has some pretty funny tasks. Not exactly “Me too” material…but, she is certainly worth what you paid for her…right?

And speaking of Jeremy…Looks like he’ll be here soon as well!

Here are the deets on Diane

Prize 6: Diane
Can Staff Rides at Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate

Questline – Making Frenemies and Inconveniencing People Pt. 1
Diane starts

Diane: My job title may say I’m a network programming executive, but really, I’m the head of a family. I surround myself with extraordinary minds. Doers. People who actualize what others only ideate. And, most importantly, people who I can stick the blame on when our ratings are in the toilet. NO ONE thinks firing people isn’t fun, but firing family? There’s nothing quite like it.
TASK: Make Diane Go on a Firing Spree-8hrs, Earns 120 , 50 , 70xp
Quimby: And…the town’s unemployment rate creeps over 30%. Wonderful.

Making Frenemies and Inconveniencing People Pt. 2
Diane starts
Diane: Ahhhh…I love that post-firing-spree glow. Colors just seem brighter after you’ve crushed dreams.
Quimby: You ARE planning on filling those vacancies with other Springfielders, correct?
Diane: Of course! But first, I have a drinks meeting scheduled with some of my subordinates.
Quimby:…who you just fired…
Diane: When you love meetings as much as I do, it doesn’t even matter if you’re alone.
TASK: Make Diane Enjoy Cocktail Hour- 4hrs, Earns 60 , 25 , 45xp
Diane: Eww. I thought I ordered a Manhattan.
Moe: They have watered-down ethanol in Manhattan!

Making Frenemies and Inconveniencing People Pt. 3
Diane starts
Diane: A successful TV executive is ALWAYS on the hunt for original show ideas. Sometimes you’ll be tempted to copy an idea from another network, and give it a twist. But that’s a fool’s errand: if the idea works, it doesn’t NEED a twist. Duh! Just  change the title, cast Matthew Perry in it, and you’re good to go!
TASK: Make Diane Come up With “Original” Programming- 4hrs, Earns 60 , 25 , 45xp
Diane: This fall, Matthew Perry IS… Danny Storm, Uncle of Dragons, in…*Contest of Chairs! ”  Genius!

Making Frenemies and Inconveniencing People Pt. 4
Diane starts
Diane: Now that I’ve created a sure-fire hit, it’s time to hire some folks to blame it on when it bombs.
Quimby: Yes, good! New jobs I can take credit for creating!
Diane: I need highly-qualified fall guys.
Quimby: Lady, that’s all we got.
TASK: Make Diane Host Interviews- 4hrs, Earns 60 , 25 , 45xp
TASK: Make Springfielders Apply For Jobs- x5. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp

Diane: Homer, why should I hire you for this job?
Homer: Because this is one of only three jobs I’ve never had before. The others being lead gaffer and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
Diane: Are you plugged in to the zeitgeist? How “up” are you on pop culture?Homer: Hmmm… I’d have to say “extremely.”

Making Frenemies and Inconveniencing People Pt. 5
Diane starts
Diane: So Mr. Simpson, let me explain your responsibilities as my new V.P. of Current Programming.
Homer: Oh, I wouldn’t bother.
Diane: How do you expect to do your job if you don’t know what it is?
Homer: I don’t expect to do it at all. But don’t worry. I always end up in the middle of the action. Often for really half-baked reasons. It’s called lazy writing, and it seems to work to my benefit.
TASK: Make Homer Be in the Thick of Things, Somehow- 4hrs, Earns 60 , 25 , 45xp
Diane: Homer, you’re fired.
Homer:‘ Bout time, idiot!

You will need to COMPLETE the Act 1 questline in order to unlock Bonuts for this event, simply unlocking Diane won’t do it.  In order to complete the Act 1 questline you’ll need to complete a task triggered by Diane.  That task will not start until AFTER her questline dialogue triggers.  So start her questline dialogue but do not start her questline.  Once that task appears in your task book you’ll trigger the final part of the Act 1 questline.  For the Act 1 questline view this post. 

Diane’s Permanent Tasks

And there you have it… All of the details you need from a character that you probably never really knew existed! Have fun~ Sex on the Beach is a blast…at any price!

35 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land – Act I Prize Guide – Prize 6- Diane

  1. Does Diane still earn event currency in Act 2?

  2. I had technical issues at the beginning so I wasn’t able to start until 5 days later than start of the event. I am about 70 donuts short from getting Diane. Would you still recommend getting Diane for 70 donuts at this point or wait for something better?

    • I don’t think she’s worth 70 donuts personally..

      • How about Diane for 45 donuts?

        I’ve been dealing with work schedule from hell and teething toddler, so I have had many days where I could only log in 2x a day. I came up short for the first act.

        Any advice would be appreciated!

        • Anything under 50 is worth it to me (really anything under 65 because that’s likely what a mystery box would cost if she comes back one day)

  3. Diane

    She may not be a Premium Character, but this is probably the best Tappers are going to get as an Event Prize for Act 1 (and EA hasn’t given a Premium Character as an Event Prize in a looong time), so enjoy the extra Springfielder that earns Event / Craft Currency 🤷‍♂️

  4. Unrelated: thank you Big Papa 74 for joining my neighbourinos.
    Very disappointed with the late arrival of bonuts.

  5. Because it took me well into the game to get started with not being able to nuke…i may just get in time for the pre Diane prize with the time. Is there a way to still get her without using donuts? Can I still work on act 1 while act 2 starts?

  6. Hope to get Diane tomorrow. Lost 4 days of event play due to nuking glitch of Krustyland.

  7. I don’t understand why you are rewarded with 100 foam knives on completing the questline. You cannot apply them to anything as the Bonuts don’t trigger until you clear the 100 knives. You’ve already gotten Diane. Seems like a waste???

  8. oktober10aussie

    Unlocked Diane about an hour ago. Don’t mind her & Jeremy “We have notes!”, though like others I had to go & search for info about them.

    Now have to decide if I want the new Squeaky Voice Teen. Also have Dr. Nick & The Yes Guy in my Vault tempting me.

    What to do, what to do. 🙂

    “We’re losing teen males….can you get jiggy with something” 😀

    • Oooooh! Now i remember!

      • oktober10aussie

        I’m not sure if it was Lindsey or Diane who said that line….either way it makes me yearn for Tress MacNeille’s voice even more.

        Does anyone know if Tress voices characters in the Futurama game?

  9. I do not like the new itchy scratchy stuff. It makes my tablet go ga goga go stupid. It is also borring.

  10. Well…I’ll confess that I got her early Friday morning…just before heading out to my reunion. It made for an almost “Tap Free” weekend. This Act was not hard. And I still don’t really know…or care…who Diane is. But, also glad I already have Krustylu studios.

    Two more days of grinding for bonuts?? Maybe, I’ll just take the extended vacation.

    • Do you know if she has tasks at the Brown House if one does not have Krustylu? Asking this for people who wouldn’t have Krustylu (though ofc people that don’t have it now should buy it now)

    • Do you know if she has the 12 and 24 hour tasks at the brown house if you don’t have Krustylu? (Asking this for people who don’t have it, but of course those people should buy it now)

  11. I have been working double time for two days to try to get her. I haven’t felt too great lately so I am behind.

  12. Offtopic: Which one do you recommend to buy: Krustylu Studio with Mel Patiño or they summer mistery box?

    • I am a donut farmer with 75 donuts (10 donuts everyday). And I only have the two characters who come togerher with the bus. (That I won in the mistery box)

      • Definitely Mel. Tasks are pretty good, and for 100 donuts it’s a must buy compared to normal price. If you can grind the donuts, wait for the 4th of July, there are often great deals to be had there, thought the concert box is pretty good

  13. Squeaky voiced teen was sent into your inventory in the characters section. Selecting him will start his task and dialogue.

  14. It might be worth pointing out that Diane 1 hour task can take place at Rancho Relaxo, Health Spa, or the Brown House because I discovered this after I had unlocked her today. I do like that she helps with the event and that she doesn’t have to use the Brown House if all the other buildings are available.

  15. I did buy scratchy obviously….. But wish it was Scratchy as the final prize for act 1. I mean it is predictable that they’d put the character everyone wants as a premium character. I’d wager more people wanted Scratchy over Itchy…. Cause Itchy’s a jerk.

    It does seem now that there is a trend in that they are putting one time characters as the prizes and putting the actual characters of the show in as premium characters.

  16. I’d be more concerned with that bottom image where in the background it looks like chalmers and the dance instructor are trying to kidnap petroleus rex. 😂

  17. DSNecromorphUSS

    I can’t be the only one who thought this act was too easy. Even without logging on consistently and going camping last weekend I got Diane with 3 days to spare and no premium characters. I’m ready to add a new ride to my KISL Land, I got the base of my KL nearly completed and my IAS land above it. Gotta say, I’m quite happy with adding KL to my main town, I can add so much more to it now. Quick question to anyone who adds pictures, what’s the best app to take/upload screenshots of your town. Thanks!

  18. Diane got me stuck all day – anyone else this bug ? Tried re-instelling the game but doesnot help – so need heeeeeelp !

  19. If anyone is interested in buying the squeaky voiced attendant bundle u might wanna wait because I bought it and my squeaky voiced teen completely disappeared from my game. Just a heads up.

    • Check your inventory character section,,,he may have been automatically stored.

      • I was visiting friends’ Springfields when I earned Diane, so she went straight into my inventory. When I went to retrieve her, I found that a half dozen or so of my other characters had been stored there! I wonder if they were in Krustyland when I nuked it?

  20. Not so nice for people who don’t have Krustylu Studios, unless the other tasks can take place somewhere else (assumably the Brown House), though the animation is kind of lacking imo. Though of course Krustylu is a great deal now, so people should buy it now while it’s on sale, and potentially for Diane if she doesn’t have those tasks at the Brown House

    • I already have 31 people in the brown house on 24 hour jobs, thank goodness I have Krustylu Studios so I don’t hve to add a second floor.😁

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