Itchy and Scratchy Land – Act II Prize Guide – Prize #1 – Log Ride Bundle/Free Land Tile

BOOM!!  And we are off to another Grindfest of Marginal Excitement!!  Act II Prizes are relatively repetitive, but a little better (as in a little) than act one.

As with Act I, the First Prize is actually serves a couple of purposes. First, it is another ride for Itchy and Scratchy Land. Second, it unlocks the Crafting area for Level 5 of Crafting…which coincidentally is mostly just a bunch of add-on parts for said ride. And Lastly…it will help you increase your bonus percentage when/if you place said ride within the Blue Bonus Area that is associated with the main gate.

And the said ride is???

The LOG RIDE!  Woot! Woot!

This is another of the segmented rides that can be expanded to make it a “SUPER RIDE” or can simply be placed as is. But, then you’d have no reason to craft in Act II…and everyone wants to craft. Right?  Maybe not so much…

It is a little like “winning” a table from IKEA.  “NICE JOB! You WON! Now put it together!”

Connecting the Track Pieces is just like the Race Track. You have to Connect the Red Dots to make a solid connection, and get the animation to work.  You will receive bonus % earning for every piece placed within the Blue Area of the Blue Bonus land that comes with the Main Gate. So make sure that all of your Log Ride Parts touch at last one square of the blue area.

Finally…we also receive a “Free Land Tile” which can be used to buy any of the land that is marked “Free Land” but also can be used to buy ANY regular piece of land.  I am on the fence about wanting more ItchyScratchyKrustyLand (ISLand). So, I will likely use my Free Land Tile, to buy one of the more expensive remaining land chunks in another location on my main grid. At this point…the land mass for the amusement area is HUGE… enough is enough.


Prize: Log Ride Bundle
Size: 20×15
Earns: Nothing, but complete bundle earns 6.25% Amusement Bonus
Conform-O-Meter: Each component Vanity +100
What Does It Do: Always animated when connected. Bart, Lisa, Marge and Homer can Ride the Log Ride. 4hrs
Earns $175, 45xp each.

And That’s It…

NEXT PRIZE – Another Free Land Tile (Which I won’t cover…because we already know what’s up about those)…So On To the PARADE ROLLER BUNDLE!!

45 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land – Act II Prize Guide – Prize #1 – Log Ride Bundle/Free Land Tile

  1. Kudos to Patric for utilizing his Itchy & Scratchy Land to its maximum potential. 👍

    I can agree with the fact that any Event Prize should not be such a Grind Fest, because you have to Craft to capitalize on its potential in this Event (but I will take that over NPC’s bundled with a Building – and yep you get that twice for Act 2 Prizes – queue that ‘wah wah wah waaaaah’ 🎺 ).

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    LOL @Ikea analogy! I’m warming up to this event slowly but surely. The only irritating thing ATM is the lag & time consumption when moving grouped items. We all begged for the ability to use items from KL in our SF’s, (& the reverse), & to EA’s credit, they did just that. Change is never EAsy lol, (especially for us old farts), but this exercise of the mind can be a good thing.

    BTW Patric, I always enjoy visiting your town. Your designing always makes me smile. 😊

  3. I’m into the Build-a-Ride thing, but the scaling is far too big. They take up HUGE chunks of land solely for animations that are pretty poor. I’d rather have smaller Krustyland-type rides to design a park. I want a small, well designed park that might exist within Krustyland. I’ve already laid out parking lots and park entrance with ticket booths. Now I’m struggling to craft anything of interest. I dropped 4000 crafting currency to next level up. Seems wasted knowing I was going to buy a few Log Ride parts. Very annoying and frustrating EA.

    • I already know that once I craft few pieces for each ride, I will spend the rest of crafting currency on the crowds. I saw someone using crowds from homerpalooza as queues at krustyland attractions and it looked cool (I dont remember who posted it, sorry for not giving credit). I dont want huge rides, I will store injury 500 sections after the event because I dont even like the look of the tunnels, tires and fires (I might make a small diy version of Injury 500 like ebron)

      And while I was writing this, I noticed that the crowd (“roller coaster weirdos”) is already unlocked for me, because Im on crafting level 9, somehow I thought it would be locked until act 3 like the zoominator pieces. So if anyone is interested, the weirdos cost 5000 to craft.

  4. I have the log ride from the prize track. I thought I had level 5 craft open but only 2 items open up to craf for the log ridet…’ log ride side track’ and ‘log ride corner’.. when I continue quest ‘going with the flow pt 1 to craft ‘the log ride plunge’ it shows that it is locked. Was I really on level 4 and level 5 is still locked? Why are 2 log rides open then but not the other log rides? Where does level 4 end and level 5 begin?

  5. Lag was bad before with the racetrack running. Now with the log ride running at same time lag is intolerable. Can only have one running at a time. Doesn’t seem to matter what type of phone or tablet I use either.

  6. Man these prize track items are lame. It’s the same NPC group with a different shirt. One is a stick of dynamite the nest is a larger stick of dynamite. These prizes are rEAlly lazy.

  7. Are people fusing their Krustyland pieces into a big park with Itchy and Scratchy Land? Or keeping them separate?

  8. Just curious, maybe someone can set up a poll, what kind/age of your device if it lags? How much spare memory (less than 10%?) do you have? My guess is if your device is older than 2 years old (release date, not bought) you might have problems.

    • I feel like they all have some level of lag. Some worse than others

      • I got a new phone barely 2 months ago, and this update is barely playable as it is. I think it’s time to quit the game for good.

    • I have an almost brand new Samsung S3 (released last year, I think) with more than 60% free space on it; if the corner pieces on the log ride and race track are connected it’s laggier than Laggy McLag, the laggiest man in Lagtown.

      • Seems to be unrelated to device…except in how your device handles a ton of info/and the crappy coding. You might notice…this game takes a TON of processor power. My iPhone literally gets warm as I play.

        • With the addition of KL into the main game their is more animation. The roller coaster, log ride, water park show, radioactive man show, eye balls of death, flea dipper, etc. Add the monorail and extra characters with the new rides from I&SL, that is a lot of extra processing.

      • Is this your phone (see below)?

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        The Samsung Galaxy S III (or Galaxy S3) is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics that runs the Android OS by Google. Launched in 2012.

    • I went back to my iPad Air2 (release 10/14). While a little slower than my 10.5 Pro, I didn’t experience any lag.

  9. My game was almost unplayable after I put the log ride down, so I disconnected 1 section of the race track and things got way better. Thanks to whoever originally posted that idea, it worked like a charm.

  10. I’m really hoping act 3 isn’t going to require another build around the itchy and scratchy entrance…. I’m running out of room. And I don’t want to move my decorations of KL…. the event started out fun but I don’t like my game cluttered and with all these pieces to get to 35% puts my OCD in overdrive

  11. My 2 cents is I hate when they control our crafting they make us craft what they think we want… the prizes aren’t so great this event anyway. Oh and its huge one land tile ain’t going to do it E.A. Thanks.

  12. Well I’m here to say goodbye to everyone, after six years of tapping my game has been frozen and unplayable for over 48 hours and that for me is the last straw. I won’t be deleting the app yet but if I can’t play in 2 more days I will. Thanks Alissa and Patric for all help over the years but this event seems to show that they aren’t interested in keeping the game going in a way that’s enjoyable or even playable, so with that said, goodbye everyone.

  13. I think this might be the first event where I’ll be putting the items in storage because it’s just to laggy and I dotn want to have an amusement park with only three rides. I mEAn cmon EA do we really have to pay donuts to make a noncrappy amusement park?!😂

  14. I don’t have a lag and I have both tracks running with all the original track plus extra crafted for level ups and bonus percents. Running on a Iphone 6s.

    • I haven’t noticed any lag either. iPhone SE, iOS 11. The SE is basically an iPhone 6 in a 5s case.

  15. The log ride has far more interesting features than the Injury 500, a no brainer on which will go into storage, both or all 3 if the lagging issue is not resolved.

  16. Yay! Another prize I can’t use without my game lagging.

  17. Another huge useless ride but I must have …..🙃🤣🤪

  18. I have a feeling a lot of this is going to go into storage when this event is done…

  19. When I used my free land tile I got two. May want to use it now in case in the future you only get one.

  20. …….And here we thought the bonus area was huge.
    I was able to move a few items and not 100% Detroy Park design so I could place enough of my logride in the bonus area to max out bonus % but when act 3 rolls around I know I’m going to need to totally destroy my decorations & go flopville for a week or two to maximize %

  21. Keith1Roon991

    Great if you can get it to work without the lag…..lag……lag i know change the record lol, I bit the bullet last night and spend 2 hours designing/separating my krustyland/is land but what a huge area used up.going to need another 100+ landtiles

  22. I hate to say, but I’m just so disappointed in this event… I was very excited before, but it’s just not what I was expecting. Although, it’s not surprising that it’s just like the events we’ve been having… So not sure what I was expecting. Just not excited about any of the prizes/characters on the track or this crafting rides stuff. I’d craft 1 ride, 2 3 4 rides, but sections of 1 ride?! Cmon. And it’s not like I can “use” the new rides… if I set them up right the animation makes my game way too laggy to enjoy. So… seemingly pointless to me. Sigh.

  23. Put all the pieces together and Congratulations you’ve won an Incredibly laggy game.

    • It’s a major award! 🏆🏆

    • I’m using a kindle fire and the lagging is so bad, that I wasn’t able to get the last prize (Diane) and as if that wasn’t bad enough, I missed tapping Maggie on 3 different occasions because every time I would scroll to get to the building she was. Hanging out at I would accidentally tap a building and as you know that opens the info box . You do that 3 or 4 times and BAM, BOOM your OUT OF TIME. “She screams at the top of her lungs”😠😡😬 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😫😫💩


  24. argentumsound

    Has anyone else had an issue when placing the Log Ride slowed down the game? I have quite a good phone but damn everything is super slow now.

    • A lot of people. Pull out a section to stop the constant animation and the lag will stop

      • argentumsound

        Thank you! I’m looking through comments now and I can see what a disaster this has been. I thought maybe my phone’s processor is not strong enough but that didn’t make sense cause I’m only level 50 and the game only lagged for me when I tried to load like level 939 towns.

      • wordsleadmeon

        Or in my case make it marginally less laggy. Doesn’t matter what I play on. Even my Android 6.0 tablet (the newest device poor me owns) is having issues. I’ve temporarily abandoned my B game for the duration of this event because getting anywhere is taking forever (I think it took me an hour to clear and set tasks before bed last night…) in the A game.

  25. I wish they gave us a new bonus area item. Where i want to build my log ride is not in the space and so my log ride is a mess. Going to have to build it, dissassemble it, build it, dissassemble it again, constantly whilst i work for crafting mats throughout the event to see how it all fits together before putting it back in the event area.

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