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Itchy and Scratchy Land Act II Prize Guide – Prize #6 – a BORT!!

I know… You are already sick of my “a-BORT” joke.  Sorry. But, the fact is, after all of this grinding, to get a character that only appears in one episode, for 5 seconds, makes me want to a-BORT the game.  But, it is a funny character…and the premise of the joke in the episode is funny, and strikes a familiar chord in my life.

Once again…I tell you to go and watch the episode (S6E4)…it’s worth tracking down and finding. It is loaded with action, and fun, and great gags…and you will see a BORT! 

But, the best thing about reaching the final prize…is that you can finally get your own BORT!  And YES…he is a FULL Character.
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Itchy and Scratchy Land – Act II Prize Guide – Prize #1 – Log Ride Bundle/Free Land Tile

BOOM!!  And we are off to another Grindfest of Marginal Excitement!!  Act II Prizes are relatively repetitive, but a little better (as in a little) than act one.

As with Act I, the First Prize is actually serves a couple of purposes. First, it is another ride for Itchy and Scratchy Land. Second, it unlocks the Crafting area for Level 5 of Crafting…which coincidentally is mostly just a bunch of add-on parts for said ride. And Lastly…it will help you increase your bonus percentage when/if you place said ride within the Blue Bonus Area that is associated with the main gate.

And the said ride is???

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