Itchy and Scratchy Land Act II Prize Guide – Prize #3 – Parade Roller Bundle

If you don’t really understand what a “Parade Roller” is…you need to watch the episode from which most of this stuff came. It is aptly named, “Itchy and Scratchy Land.” (S6E4)  There, as part of the festivities of ISland, they have a character parade (similar to the Parade of Lights at Disneyland). In it…they have a HUGE Steam Roller, that powers along, flattening characters in its path.

There are also several costumed characters of questionable integrity, including a bloody axe, and a stick of dynamite.  Cool for the kids?  Not so much….but this IS Itchy and Scratchy!


To answer the big questions first… No. These are not full characters. And no…the roller doesn’t actually roll over characters. But there is a pretty cool/funny animation. So it is a worthy prize…

There are LOTS of components…so hang on to your seats (that you have been saving for 8 hours so you can see Cinderella up close…oh…wait…that is Disneyland again).

And now the DETAILS….

Prize: Parade Roller Bundle. Includes: Station, and NPCs Parade Roller, Animatronic Axe and Animatronic Dynamite

Size: station is 9×4

Earns: Nothing on its own, parade earns $500, 45xp

Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100

What Does It Do: When tapped (the station) you can send the components on Parade. It’ll take 4hrs and earn $500, 45xp. When on parade the components of the Parade roll/March around Springfield.

And THAT my friends is the Parade Roller (sans the roller).

Next Up?  The rest of the Parade… the PARADE TRAIN BUNDLE! Whoooo Hoooo! Bring on the murder train!

NOTE- this is FOUR SEPARATE ITEMS…so be prepared if you are getting close to the Item Limit of 11,500.

36 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Act II Prize Guide – Prize #3 – Parade Roller Bundle

  1. How do I get the Animatronic Axe? (I’ve got the Parade Roller)

  2. UptonSinclair36

    I loooooovvveee both of the parades so much but I really wish they could join together cause that would be rEAlly cool.

  3. Just got Bort. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t earn event currency… At least the bonuts rounds in this act starts immediately.

  4. Keith1Roon991

    Psssssst bugs, lags and rollback who would put up with a game like this ADDICTS, that’s who!!!

  5. Love these little parades! Now I’m hoping for a Christmas parade this year…they could offer an entire Christmas event revolving around building a parade. Who knows, maybe Santa could have a job riding on a float? 😄.

  6. This reminds me of the monsters and their stations from last year’s THOH event where you send them on the task at the station but the parade doesn’t give you prizes each time you start the parade which is nice because you get a lot of unsellable clutter in your town or inventory from sending the monsters on tasks at their stations. The only problem that I have with the roller and train station is that the roads with both stations do not connect and blend with regular road tiles, so the regular road tiles just cut off when connecting with both stations.

    • I stored the monsters. It would only be worth it if you could sell some of the crap they made.

      • I still got them in my town but I don’t send them on the tasks because of the decorations which are unsellable and hard to design with. The only one I would of sent on the task would be Tree-Stache since it brings back trees and other nature related items that can be sold but I don’t have him.

  7. I could watch these little guys cavorting all day. I hope EA gives us the opportunity to buy more like we could buy more rakes for Sideshow Bob’s meet his raker task.
    I’m actually glad they go on roads instead of park paths. Better control of the parade route that way instead of them meandering all over the park. If the I&S robots make their way to the parade route, I’ll definitely get them.

  8. I love that the dynamite says “with fully articulated arms and legs” and yet has no arms!

  9. These parade guys crack me up. Glad i got them semi confined in the IAS land…. I only wish my combined itchy and scratchy robots would make theyre way to my amusement park area too. Then it would really be a party. Lol

  10. Matthew Szekeresh

    I seem to be in the minority who love npcs. I don’t really need currency anymore so my general feeling is that if I remember it from the show then I like it. I only wish that my mascots and these parades would stay in my theme park. It seems like that would be easy enough to do considering that priest with the golf cart seems to head straight to my dirt road selection every time. Love the work that you addicts are doing.

  11. Parade Roller Bundle
    Parade Train Bundle

    I concur, that both Prizes for me, were a huge 👎(and both are stored with their NPC’s).

    Crafting Rides has been more rewarding (for me), because Springfield Characters can ride them (yes they could have been scaled to match the size of Krustyland’s).

    We have 3 quality Mystery Boxes (for me), filled with awesome Character Building combos at discount – that’s been rewarding (for me).

    I can’t say the Event Prizes have been motivating (for me), but the game lag truly is killing it (I do feel sorry for those effected by the Roll Back glitch – that’s got to be enough for a Tapper to take time away from this game app).

  12. Much like trolls and monsters from past Halloween 😊

  13. Alias de la plume

    Do you need to connect it to a street for it to follow or does it wander aimlessly

    • It moves on street only, so not on krustyland tiles – not too sure about the rest, didn’t try them but was annoyed that I couldn’t have them roam on the krustyland paths I’d used in my ISL.

  14. Alias de la plume

    The Main Street electrical parade??

  15. Hey just curious I saw somebody say they Had all the land pieces moved over some bit… this happened to me and I saw that somebody in the comments said it was a sign or rollback glitch… I called ea and they said nothing is wrong that they can see and I’m not sure if they were guessing or knew there stuff?

  16. Looking ahead, the cost of the zoominator track pieces are crazy-high!!

  17. “so be prepared if you are getting close to the Item Limit of 11,500.” I must be getting close! How do you know if you’re close to the limit? Or simply the the next time I place a tree I might just get slapped in the face with the limit speech?

  18. I just got the roll back glitch…… so thats not fixed. It tried to load like 8 past events and now is stuck on Pieman.

    • Haha. So glad I did not bother getting a rollback when that stupid email was sent out! Sorry you have to deal with it again. I am going on my 4th month of dealing with it.

      • It hit me in the middle of the heist event. I tried playing for four weeks hoping they would fix the glitch.
        When nothing happened, I asked for a rollback at the German EA help desk. They rolled me back immediately, I got 300 Donuts and everything was fine again. I lost four weeks and this was my mistake. So my advice is, when the glitch hits you, ask for the rollback immediately. Don’t wait, it won’t get better and you will lose all your progress eventually. If the first rep can’t/won’t help you, try again and again.

        • I contacted EA right away, and they said they rolled back my game to the previous day…….. it did nothing at all. Zero change like no roll back happened. Event progress, money, xp, all the same, I actually even leveled up 1 level. EA is really dropping the ball.

        • Yeah, but people that have had their games rolled back keep getting hit. So what’s the point? They need a PERMANENT fix!

          • Even if you don’t get your game rolled back youcan get hit again.. it’s just less impactful as there are less things to go wrong again. I didn’t find out that rolling back was an option till a good 6 months after it first happened.. no way was I going to undo *that* much work but I’ve been hit many times since then so it’s been a lot less bother for me in the long run that I didn’t. The biggest annoyance is having to search for people in the town hall instead of tapping the top left icon.

  19. Dark_R0nin910

    I just got this yesterday

  20. TallSpiderCandy

    Just earned this and I LOVE it!! EA is doing good with these prizes 😁 Thanks Addicts for all that you do, have a lovely day! : )

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