Itchy and Scratchy Land Act II Prize Guide – Prize #4 – Parade Train Bundle

Who doesn’t love a parade?  Nobody I’d want to hang out with…that’s for sure!   In fact, in the past month, Portland had their amazing Rose Festival Parade, which has been a tradition in Portland (the city of roses) since 1907.  And yes…for all of you snobby Pasadenians…yours was first (1890), and is the largest. But, ours is in Portland…which is a MUCH prettier city! (we have rivers along with our roses).

My high school band used to march in the parade every year. There is nothing like marching 7 miles…with a field drum banging the same spot on your leg…playing the same two songs…and a constant drum cadence (that you can still play today…because it is an ear worm that won’t ever go away), to make you remember a parade. Blisters…heat from the wool uniforms…and not getting to see the Princesses. But, we were performing, and won “Honor band” twice out of the three times I marched… but I digress.

What YOU care about is “What in the heck does a Parade Train Do????”

Well…as it turns out…pretty much the same as the Parade Roller.

Which means…when it is placed, and you tap the building, a parade of characters will come out and march around your Springfield for 4 hours.  That’s a lot of walking for a very short parade…

DETAILS and “How it works” Info

Prize: Parade Train Bundle.

Includes: Station, and NPCs Parade Train, Animatronic Dynamite Bundle and Animatronic Bomb

Size: station is 9×4

Earns: Nothing on it’s own, parade earns $500, 45xp

Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100

What Does It Do: When tapped (the station) you can send the components on Parade. It’ll take 4hrs and earn $500, 45xp. When on parade the components of the Parade train ride/march around Springfield.

Sounds like fun. And having them march around is a constant reminder of this amazingly fun event, and all of the grinding it took to get another batch of NPCs!! Woot! Woot!  Here comes da train!

Next Prize- Crafting Currency (which I will skip)….and then on to the final prize…BORT!!!


12 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Act II Prize Guide – Prize #4 – Parade Train Bundle

  1. Still a HUGE Doo Dah Parade supporter 😅

    I honestly wanted the Parade Roller / Parade Train Bundles to have the same impact (even going as far as to try putting a strip of Road inside Itchy & Scratchy Land for those damn NPC’s to stay on), but it’s just “no bueno” …. maybe the Bundles would have worked better with those Roller Coaster Crowds to line each side of the parade route vs having to Craft them in Act 3?

    Sorry EA, but I wish I could trade both in for Free Land Tokens! 🤷‍♂️


  2. So with the lag problems, and me clearing things to make it smoother, can I store the NPC’s for this and still get the cash every 4 hours?


  3. Ugg 7 miles! That is 2 miles LONGER than the Pasadena Rose parade! And rain, don’t forget the rain that probably happens more often than 5% chance that the So Cal version has.


  4. I genuinely Lol’d at your marching band story, so thank you for that. Is there an easy way to access your archives? Like a “Patric’s Posts” link? I didn’t see that option (I’ve wanted to search you and the other writers for bits every now and again). Please consider listing yourselves on the menu of links!!


    • If you search “Friday Filler” it brings up a lot of my Friday posts… Glad you enjoy them!


    • He is listed in the menu links…you just gotta look for it 😉

      Lots of things are listed in the menus of the site…just gotta click around and see what you can find. Guess it’s time to update the old “how to use this site post”..


  5. I actually love this! The way the bomb moves when it is trying to light itself is too funny.



    Ever since the new update, my game lags and it is very difficult to do anything. Is there any solution that anyone has found?


  7. “having them march around is a constant reminder of this amazingly fun event, and all of the grinding it took to get another batch of NPCs!! Woot! Woot! Here comes da train!”

    I can feel my sarcasm sense is tingling.


  8. Im 200 away from everyones favorite child!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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