Itchy and Scratchy Land Act 3 Calendar and Numbers to Get It All!

As I have intimated in past posts, once or twice (perhaps even more than thrice?), my excitement for this event has been greatly curtailed by the item limits.  That said…it has been equally curtailed by how EAsy it is to get everything offered (even if you may or may not be able to place it somewhere…because of the item limits).

OK. Enough about Item Limits, and on with the Big Reveal...of what it’s going to take to GET EVERYTHING!!! (Which in this case includes a “Main Prize” that may or may not be torn directly from recent headlines…or Krusty’s Show).

Let’t take a look at What you win, and When you can win it, Who it is you win, as by now you know How to get everything…by grinding! 

As most of you more experienced players may have done, you are likely already into the first prize quickly, as soon as the servers unlock from their usual fustercluck when a new Event/Act starts.   If you were wise enough to do what Alissa suggested, and saved up at least three days of “Daily Challenges” to start on Day One of Act III…BOOM! You may already have the Zoominator, and a ton of extra parts (because you stockpiled Crafting Currency from Act II), and you are well on your way to the next “Free Land Tile.”

If you aren’t in that “Master Tapper” category…fear not…it is plenty EAsy to get everything, just by logging in 4-5 times a day and clearing your Ride Workers from the ISLand gate.  You should finish with Ease…and be breezing with Free Bonuts with a few days to spare.

PLEASE NOTE:  This Calendar is designed to keep the “freaking out”until the end (they usually freak out at the beginning, because it “looks too hard”). In the past, I have done these as 14 day calendars, with a buffer 1/2 day at the end. But, because of the time zone differences that come into play when they start/end at 7A PDT, I have opted to make it a 15 day calendar.  HOWEVER…don’t lollygag.  Log in every 4 hours as best you can, and at the very least, send all of the “ride attendants” on their 4-hour jobsDo the Daily Challenges...and clear as many of the park-goers as you can for any cycleYou should be fine. 

Here’s how it breaks out…
Click Images to Enlarge!

And for the “Non-Gregorian” types…

So..the final prize is good, old, Corporal Punishment, Krusty’s “Sargent at Arms” so to speak, for Krusty’s TV Show.  I’m not sure he cares much for kids. His training is more of the “tough love” variety, without the love part.  But, he DID appear in at least 7 episodes…so there’s that.

Chillax…have fun….and just keep tappin’… this event will be over soon enough.

53 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Act 3 Calendar and Numbers to Get It All!

  1. Keith1Roon991

    Got it all with 5 days and 20 hrs to spare!!!!!

  2. My money box target is 52,800 (not 54,951) and I’m currently at 45,100. I easily started part 3 with a 50% bonus and I just wish there were better prizes – my rides are all completed and I’m working on a set of weirdos.

    I’m a long-time freemium player but I don’t farm anything. Since land switched to tokens I’ve not had anything to spend cash on and I now have over $70m and only one cash mega prize left ($80m).

    I’ve also just passed 600 bonuts and I’m wondering how best to use it all. I’m on level 257.

    • 52,800 is the number needed to get the I&S Money prize and the 54,951 is the overall target to reach at the end of the day (or end of the 24 hour cycle). My rides are nearly done since I need another corner piece for the Zoominator then after that I will save up to get a second set of Roller Coaster Weirdos if I don’t have enough by next week then I will get a third Nurse’s Station instead.
      The event’s mystery boxes (Pride, 4th July, Krustyland and Summer Concert) are a good buy with the donuts with a good chance of getting a character/building combo at a fraction of their original price. If you don’t have them the character/building combos are good in particular are the female characters Tina Ballerina and Ms. Mouse who have great dialogue in their quests and they can use the buildings they come with after their questlines.

  3. Josephine Kick@$$

    “Over soon enough”, & I hope the next event isn’t as boring. 💤💤💤💤

  4. Easily a Day late jumping into Act 3, but already 18,000 from getting the 3rd Prize (yes I’ve learned not to grind anymore, spend Bonuts on getting way ahead that you earn Bonuts immediately, not buying any Premiums until after careful consideration, not worrying if I DO or DON’T get the last Prize).

    Patric’s Calendar (thank you, Sir) confirms 2 things – expect to grind every 4 hours, obtaining everything is not impossible – and it appears that’s how EA is going to keep things regardless of game lag, game freeze, game glitches.

    Happy Tapping / Happy 4th of July (stay safe & sane everyone) 👍🇺🇲

  5. I wonder why EA dind’t stay with getting rid of the stupid money and XP collection animation that was briefliy disabled recently. It now takes (felt) minutes to clear all job and building income with the animation slowdown.

  6. Act 3 and I’m already burnt out. Most prizes are ok, crafting is meh, non-event premium items are cool but expensive. I try to do the 4 hour logins, but I don’t care enough about this to make it a priority. First event in a long time I’ve felt this way.

  7. oktober10aussie

    While I’m not overly big on the whole amusement park thing, I do really like the characters we are getting. Bort, Tina & Corporal Punishment are pretty awesome…if minor. Don’t mind Diane & Jeremy too. Getting another skin for SVT was nice.

    Payday yesterday so I spent the $15AU for 120 donuts to buy Tina this morning (I think I had around 70 donuts prior), but now see I have film set with McBain in my vault. I am about 50 donuts short for McBain, but it’s soo tempting to buy a few more sprinkles to have that skin!!
    What to do, what to do 😀

  8. Stevie Joe Dagnello

    Welp, after one and one half years, 939+ levels, and many fun and engaging hours of TSTO, I just do not have the time nor patience to continue.What took 10 min., now takes upwards of a half hour, my Springfield is a broken, stop motion time suck that actually sucks. I wish it would be fixed, but it keeps getting worse. I loved this game, and will miss playing it. Good luck, intrepid Tappers… and to EA… bad form.

    • You will be missed, along with all my other Neighboreenos who have quit. 😥

      My biggest fear is that EA will begin treating this Game App like they did for several of their Facebook Game Apps (as in they stopped caring, but continued to collect money, then ended the Game App with barely a warning). 😔

      I agree! There are too many problems that need to be fixed by EA, but not enough resources being used towards solving them (you have Tappers nuke and move Krustyland but left plenty of problems not taken care of – Epic Fail!)

      I am taking the Zen approach, enjoy what I can but not spend any real $. That’s right, the situation has forced me to become a Freemium Tapper! 🤷‍♂️

    • even though I never was able to fill all of my neighbor spots, I have noticed the count is down to 12. oh how I miss the crazy tapping, and all the fantastic ideas those neighbors had.
      I still haven’t recovered from the rollback glitch, and I’m pretty sure my tapping days are numbered 😭


    I hope that worked … anyway, am I not at Level 8? If so, why can’t I unlock The Zoominator?

  10. Bloody roller coaster, not only is it huge my game is now lagging so bad i dont want to play😤😭

    • Stevie Joe Dagnello

      Same here… I shut down my beloved monorail, have no rides running, and the game is practally unplayable… Sob!

    • Yes , this game lag / game freeze is going to make many become a Plopper (post event? I will not be surprised if Tappers put these Crafted Rides into Storage until EA solves this problem)! 😔

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I had to disconnect it, & it made a HUGE difference. What good is it to have animation for these rides, but not bEA able to use it 😐

  11. Vursifyre1915

    I’m on level 9 crafting but the zoominator stuff is still locked and it’s supposed to be available at level 8. I don’t want to keep crafting log ride stuff but don’t want to waste currency by leveling up and it still be locked.
    Am I looking at this wrong?

    • you just have to unlock the zoominator in the prize track, after that you will be able to craft the pieces for it

  12. Omg….the rollercoaster ride clutter is making me crazy! Its just an awful mess! I know i needed to wait but geez! Wait for what? To store all these crazy huge pieces of track, etc??? I just want a simple, humble B-musement park….like i said weeks ago. Is that too much to adk2? Lol. Sheesh!

    • Boy, do you have it right…
      After the event, all of my giganto rides will be scaled waaaaayyyy down and mostly stored. The clutter and crowding needed to get the 50% bonus is making me really unhappy with my park, so as soon as I complete act 3, there will be a massive reworking. I stored the tooth chipper to make room for the zoominator, but after the event, all the big stuff is going away and the original, normal sized stuff can return.
      Who needs a park as big as the whole town?

    • My log ride has pieces floating around (no pun intended) my park, not attached to anything, just so I go the 50%. It’s crazy. I really want the rollar coaster weirdos. At least they aren’t part of a ride

    • I feel your pain …. this Event has turned me into a Plopper! Now I know that I won’t be the only one who Stores stuff post Event!

      Seriously? I love this Game App, but EA’s poor handling of the inherited problems post-nuking Krustyland makes me feel they’re not interested in supporting it. 🤷‍♂️

  13. Just goes to show that we shouldn’t try to design our ISLand until after the event is over. I anticipated the bonus area being stretched further, so I started designing accordingly, only to see that the bonus area wasn’t really stretched so now I have to squeeze the zoominator in with a shoehorn, along with all the pieces. I still was able to get my bonus up to 50% pretty quickly, but miscalculated the amount of IS$ I needed to craft ahead of time. Didn’t take into account the insane amount of IS$ needed to level up through level 10 in the crafting area & thought the 22000 I$ I accumulated through act 2 would be enough. Silly me ended up being about 5000 short of that. Now to get the last two pieces of the zoominator through the next 2 weeks & then plop pieces down until the event is over and then design my park accordingly.

    On a side note, what the heck’s the deal with a prize track prize being Parents’ Island gate, yet, nothing to offer to put in such an area. Give us some nightclubs or something to put past that gate. I don’t think Soarin’ Over Springfield, The Roger whatshisname Story and a cartoon motel is something that belongs in a parents’ island area. Maybe I’ll slide my other Moe’s tavern that’s on my boardwalk over there and have it on a little island surrounded by water in my ISLand as a place for parents to booze it up while their kids tempt their fate riding the rickety rides.

    • TGI McScratchys goes in Parents Island for starters… Itchy’s 70s Disco can also go there.

      • Guess I should’ve qualified it with “without spending alot of sprinkles” 😉 Although I thought TGI McScratchys was more of a family restaurant. I’m picturing Parents’ Island being like the old Pleasure Island at what used to be called Downtown Disney at WDW. Guess I could stop hoarding my sprinkles and buy thr disco with it…a lonely, lonely disco…lol…as I’m keeping my TGIM over in Krustyland.

    • I may put some of my “Vegas stuff” in parent’s island.

    • Hmm… What about the duff pavilion from krustyland? Maybe put up some duff characters, some beer fountains? Seems like a parent’s island to me. Just not MY parent’s island.

    • There are several Premium Building / Character Building Combos that I have declined to purchase because I do not have the space (it wouldn’t have hurt to have these Premiums come with a free Land Token)🤷‍♂️

      • I think that’s a great idea…if you buy a premium building, at least include the option of buying (with game cash) a piece of land for it. A token would be nice, but seems unlikely.

  14. 1tippietippie

    I think I may have a very strange glitch. I’ve been hovering around $400,000 in game cash for several months. I bought a row of Gulp n Blows instead of KEMs by mistake while farming. When I sold them, my game cash shot up to nearly two million… way more than I’ve ever had. I bought about 40 KEMS, and in the next tapping session, as I was SELLING them, my cash started DEPLETING instead of increasing. Now it’s back under $400,000. What happened????

    • Ydouneedtoknow

      When u sold the gulps did u accidentally sell characters as well? Maybe grabbed someone/thing extra by mistake. Check the character and building section of the store for characters costing cash. I did this once with police van. Didn’t realize it until next event when couldn’t progress without those characters.

  15. I’ve got a strategy for folks for the next game that I’ve been using for awhile now. Over the course of a whole game, one can easily acquire over 150 donuts just by doing the basic monorail, find maggie, daily challenges, etc. (ie, no mining, buying). That 150 always (at least so far) affords you the premium character and building that generates the currency for the Act-prizes for all three acts (crafting needs less pressure, IMO). When you have said character, your game is *so much more relaxed.* You can miss several 4 hour sessions and still comfortably finish the game. This means you can actually play at your leisure. No more saying you have to use the bathroom to leave a meeting to tend to your tasks. No more keeping yourself awake one more hour to get your fourth session of the day, or setting your alarm on a Sunday, or freaking out because you actually let it slip your mind for the day (which is a GOOD thing, along with the day’s news). And you get a premium character and building with every game. And then, all the while, keep doing the normal donut stuff I mentioned above, and by the time the next game starts you’ve got enough to do it again for the new game. It’s a win-win-win, if you ask me.

  16. I didn’t save up my daily challenges because I needed the bo-nuts to get the items that expire(d) early. I’m about halfway to the first prize and there is a good chance I’ll have it by days end. I did, however, save up my crafting currency so I should be able to grab a good portion of the crafting items right after I unlock the first prize. My biggest issue right now is how to get the many items currently showcased for donuts. I’m too low on money to farm effectively and the other tappables only give me 10-12 donuts every 3 days or so. I’m not against spendingreal money but I also don’t want to go overboard on a “game”.

  17. [img][/img]

    Built my roller coaster! Had tremendous fun squeezing it in 😁

    Love this event ❤

  18. Thanks for the post Patric! I also look forward to the final prize, so I can stop grinding and start deplopping 😂

  19. Wow. I am already over 6000 in all 3 of my towns. Thank you to saving daily challenges!!

  20. Would it be possible to get it by Sunday morning?

    • Not likely. There just aren’t enough hours in each day. You’d have to spend donuts. Finishing early? Absolutely doable. Finishing in 4 days, without spending donuts…just don’t think it’s possible.

    • OK…so maybe I’m being overly optimistic. But, I had BORT on Thursday night…as in 5 full days early.

      The key…is FULL bonus (50%), logging in and clearly the ride attendant tasks…and doing the Daily Challenges.

      I really think that it is do-able. 4 times/clear/move on.

      • Dark_R0nin910

        Thanks for your help! I should add I have LT Smash, and saved two daily tasks, and already have a 46% bonus. I’m cautiously optimistic. That said, I have no real attachment to the final prize. If I can’t get him, I might not spend donuts, just because I want to save them for other characters, and they are scarce right now.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      Well, I have all (?) 18 characters working at 50% Bonus. By the time I finish today ( if I can keep up every 4 hours) I’ll have 25,000 chainsaws. COB Thursday.
      That’s roughly 12,000 per day, so far.
      MONDAY morning I might hit ~60,000
      Not likely at all Sunday Morning — without spending sprinkles to speed things up

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