WDTCF? – Roy, Pootchie, His Car Et al

I’m going to start right off by asking if you read my other elaborate “WDTCF” that covered a bunch of this…from the same episode that is now offering Poochie?

No?  You mean you don’t read every word I write on this blog…laboriously researching characters, and putting my personal flair on the details?  Come on…really?

Oh. Well…seeing as how this mini-update is weirdly more interesting and rewarding in the 2 weeks it covers, than the entire 6+ week version we just endured, I’m surprised you are reading anything at all.

But…for those who are still wondering where Poochie, Roy and a bunch of other stuff came from…
It’s mostly all from the episode, “The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie” show(S8E14).. NOW do you remember??? How we talked about it in June?  And Homer’s big chance to be a star?And how I spelled Poochie, as Poochy a bunch of times in that post (I just looked…and really am too lazy to change them…and nobody pointed it out…and what’s with being able to spell a name with a “Y” and have it be male, but an “ie” means female.  Like Tony or Tonie.  It’s just weird). But, I digress…

Still nothing?

OK. Here’s the post…and the only thing missing from it, is Poochie’s Car, and a more elaborate re-telling of how in the heck Roy ended up living with the Simpsons for a while.

“The Itchy & Scratchy & Pootchie Show.”  (S8E14) is pretty much the tale of Homer trying out, and getting the part of Poochie, a short-lived additional character for the Itchy and Scratchy show. it was hoped that Poochie would boost ratings, but in the end, Homer gets booted as the execs “Screw the Poochie” so to speak, and Homer is back to being just a nuclear energy tech.

In the middle of the episode, Roy shows up. As stated by the WIKI…
“When the ratings for “Itchy and Scratchy” are dropping, Roger Meyers, Jr. gets a suggestion from Lisa that they should rejuvenate the show with the addition of a new character. They follow the animal enemy chain by going “mouse-cat-dog”, and then a new character, Poochie is born. Lisa remarks that new characters are just a desperate effort to boost shows with low ratings, and at this point a character named Roy walks into the living room – It’s suggested he has been living with the Simpsons for some time.”

So, basically, Roy is just another quick joke…implying that the Simpsons are old and tired, and need another cast member to juice things up.  Nah. See ya Roy!

And, through all of this, Poochie’s character is a hip, teenager, kind of like a cross between one of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210, and 21 Jump Street.  Except that the dude who plays Roy is never going to end up being famous like Johnny Depp.  He does appear briefly in another episode, “Sweets and Sour Marge,” as well as a couch gag. So there’s that.  But, he does have a car. Which we can craft. If you have any room in your Item Limit box…which I do not.

I also will not be crafting and placing…or at least placing (until I am allowed more Items) other bits and baubles from this episode, including: Fireworks Factory, Audience Research Table, Network Headquarters, Bicycle Basketball Ramp. Audience Research Table.png Network Headquarters.png Bicycle Basketball Ramp.png Reality Channel Van.png

I may get the van…because it offers a bonus. I can trade out a flower for a bonus multiplier.

That’s pretty much it.  And if previous examples are any indication, you didn’t read all of the way to the end of this post…or maybe even open it up.  But, Alissa insists that some of you LOVE the WDTCF posts.

Do you love these posts?  Do you love them more than Johnny Depp?  Do you think that Roy should have his own show where he talks to Poochie’s car? The car wouldn’t talk back of course. That would be ridiculous.

21 responses to “WDTCF? – Roy, Pootchie, His Car Et al

  1. I love the WDTCF posts, just to make sure that I know. I have been able to fit all the characters and items from 5 years plus of game play. So much stuff! But I’m thinking about a complete re-design after seeing other cool Springfields.

  2. Dark_R0nin910

    Fat Tonie is my favorite of the mafia.
    No, but really, the reason I’m commenting is I like the network executive building. You could easily put it in a poor part of town, near your outlands

  3. So in game update happened, anyone know if its a lead in to a teaser, or if it’s jumping directly into another major event?

  4. I’m sorry, I was reading The Simpsons Tapped Out – Tips, Tales & Trivia: from the most Popular Freemium Game Ever! Did you say something about Pootchie?

  5. Poochy or Poochie (perhaps our canine Character hasn’t decided whether masculine, or feminine, is their preference) 🤷‍♂️

    What is preferred by this Tapper is more WDTCF and less Item Limits (I guarantee there will be a re-evaluation of my Springfield, because certain things will be going into Storage in order to make room for Halloween Event 2018)

    We now return to Kem Farming, because extra Sprinkles will be required to get through October 😄

  6. Poochie, smoochie…I’ll take Johnny Depp!
    Well, actually, not the real Johnny Depp (he’s just a little weird), but the pirate Johnny Depp…yo-ho-ho indeed! 😍

  7. I love the posts, patric, even more than depp! I finished “springfield confidential” & it was excellent. now I have to go thru the book & figure out why I have 30 strips of scrap paper tucked in the pages. thanks for the recommendation.

  8. By the way, I read to the very end of this WDTCF Post.

  9. The Itchy & Scratchy & “PooTchie” show. I see what you did there Patrick! I read your blogs

  10. Does any other 80s chick out there, besides me, remember the REAL Poochie? The awesome girly-pink-everywhere-Poochie??? Ahhhhhh pointless nostalgia❤💜❤💜

    • I’m not a chick, but I am a child of the 80’s & I remember that poochie, my sisters had one. She was pink & white right?

  11. I like the WDTCF posts. But my actual reason for posting is to point out, in case people don’t know, that there’s an update on Android. I assume it’s the event take down/set up update, so they might like to make sure they download it.

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