Moe’s Ark – Act One Calendar and Numbers You Need to Get It All

I am a little bit worried, I have to admit.  The last time there was an Ark floating around, it signaled a “Great Flood” that washed away all of the sinners of the world.  Now…with the current heat conditions and fires out west, I’m not saying we couldn’t use a little water. But, if the Ark signals something else…I’m fine to pass on this event.

You don’t feel the same?  You are all jacked up about getting a whole mess of animals and places to put them? You aren’t worried about getting left behind?

Well…I’ve SEEN the Ark…and it really is a wonder to behold…even if  it might leave you behind.

Let’s take a look at what you will have to do to “Get it ALL!” at least in Act I…but, be forewarned, “Greed” is one of the sins that got a bunch of folks left on “the wet side.”

OK. So, I’m not THAT old… I barely knew Noah’s grandkids.  But, I HAVE seen the ARK. And let me tell you…no matter what you believe, it is simply something you have to see for yourself.  It’s huge. All wood. And the science behind the mythology is absolutely the most interestingly entertaining thing I have seen in years. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry…especially when you see the dinosaurs right next to the cows.

Oh. And it’s in Kentucky. Which some would argue feels a bit confused when it comes to being holy and entertaining.  Whiskey? Got it. Horse Racing and betting? We got it. Dollywood?  We got it.  And, the mountains are statuesque…

A life-size replica of Noah’s Ark? (if you’re feeling guilty about gazing at the mountains)… We got that too.

Here’s the link…

But, I digress…

All you really want are the numbers…and the prizes…
So, here you go!

PLEASE NOTE… this is a 24 hour clock. So…it is meant to run in a “post 24 hour mode” meaning that Day 1– starts when you started the event. There is a .5 day cushion built into it at the end.  So…while this is actually posted the 2nd day of the event, as long as you hit 2725 close to when you started the event on the first day, you are fine.  Do NOT spend money/donuts on stuff to speed up collecting. Trust me…it’s NOT worth it. Log in every 4 hours….do the main task with zoo helpers and you’ll be fine.
Click on the Image to Enlarge…

And for those who are less into art, and more into numbers…

If I am absolutely honest, I have to admit that I am not all that jacked up for this event…at least what we can see.  It looks like a ton more space, gobbled up by a lot of random animals and decorations.  But, hey…maybe they’ll up the Item Limit so I can actually enjoy it. We’ll see!

And yes…the rumors are true. We will eventually get One Mrs. Clancy Wiggum…but you won’t find here on this prize track. So start saving your donuts. A lot of them.

Keep in Grindin’!

105 responses to “Moe’s Ark – Act One Calendar and Numbers You Need to Get It All

  1. Ugh, I didn’t even think about the garden; I noticed that the zoo wall gave mega XP and tapped so many times! I could have had so many more if I would have thought. Sad to see it go away, almost hated the idea of building KEMs.

  2. oktober10aussie

    Have to say I am digging this event! The characters coming are really awesome!! Love the animal theme too.

  3. I’m at my item limit. I don’t really know what to do? I’ve been add items in, but look at my town, IGN: WOODAHZ, level 141. what would you recommend me to remove from my town? LOL …

    • Did you get a “warning” or did they say “you must remove something to add more”? Warnings start around 7500 pieces, but you still have 3000 pieces to go before they actually cut you off at 10,500 pieces.😊

  4. Pyanfar the Hani

    The characters required for the Emu Experience gut Rail Yard donut production with 3 characters from each recycle type. I don’t think it’s been that many before.

  5. Has anyone else had their animal feeding area (which is used for clearing all the tappable park visitors) disappear? 👻

    • Problem solved! After speaking/emailing/chatting with numerous EA reps/specialists, I finally reached a knowledgeable rep who was easily able to restore the animal feeding area (and the disgruntled goat decoration) to my game. Shout out to the amazing EA rep Temeriel S.! 🙌🏻 Thanks to her, I’m no longer a disgruntled goat, er, tapper. 🐐

      ***Also, I have a tip for all you tappers still missing the free decoration from the Moe’s Ark teaser event; If you choose to contact EA, just ask the rep to add the disgruntled goat decoration into your inventory. As well, mention to the rep that it’s listed as a building, not a decoration.***

  6. One of my neighbors has finished the prize track (with donuts) and has the Big Cat Country…it’s really cool…and big!
    I hope EA will re-release all the large and small rock/scenery items from the Old West event (and maybe even the Brazil trees?)…its going to take some major filler to go around these items. 😳

    • I’ve got one of those neighbors, too. They have everything in the prize track. Everything looks pretty cool. They will fit great with my Time Traveler Toaster, Homerpalooza, Krusty/I&S Land, Halloween 2017 and Moe’s Ark Area going on.

    • The archeology dig awards those desert rocks.

      • I think only the small ones are available there, which are ok, but I really want some of the huge ones that I see in my neighbor’s towns. They’re 3 times the size of the small ones…I have rock formation envy 😬😆.

      • I have won the big rocks from the dig. They are rare, but it happens. The Dig is one of those side games I play all the time. It gives castle wall and entrance pieces from the Clash of Clones Event. I almost have a full blown castle to put up.

  7. Store/Missing donut update: I finally got an email reply from EA. They said that they “fixed the issue with the missing donut purchases and that I should wait 24 hrs for the fix to ‘fix it’.” If nothing happens after 24hrs, I need to email EA my Google Play Transaction Page AND Email Receipt that you recieve when you make a purchase. I have them both locked and loaded, because I haven’t gotten my donuts, YET. Time will tell…

  8. Lisa (Kyle b.)

    Perhaps I’m in the minority but I actually like this event. Sure there are a few things I would change (item limits, not being able to choose what I want to craft…to name two) but I’m a sucker for new nature items. I wish I could craft a bunch of the little duck ponds without wasting currency to upgrade the emu experience, so I guess I will have to settle for two. Oh well, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Yeah, it’s still the same 4 hour grind but at least this event has neighbor interaction, even if its damn near impossible to find those little frogs.

    • I like it, too. its unique. And I have a neighbor who has unlocked the Act 1 prize track, and they look great. So I am looking forward to this one

  9. I got a refund for the botched Gil deal I purchased, they obviously haven’t fixed that. Question: has anyone had any issue buying regular donuts? Not having the premium characters is killing me!!!!

  10. Rachel Kilbride

    My husband received 300 donuts and the tree for logging in yesterday but when he logged in today all 300 donuts disappeared. Anyone else have this issue?

  11. Strange how quickly they patched the Lion Farming while other glitches go unresolved for weeks, months… 🤔

    • lol always works like that.

    • This is an easy fix. Just updating some values in the inventory files.

      Some other glitches… not so easy.

      When it comes to developers, they always like the easy stuff.

    • Yeah, you would think that they would leave the good glitches alone to counter ALL the bad glitches we have to endure. EA has, and is still, garnering a rep for being kind of shady. The gaming community has become FAR more vocal about it in the last few years

    • EA can go to hell far as I’m concerned. They care more about fleecing us than having a smooth gaming experience. No problem on their end taking your ten bucks and giving you no donuts but God forbid we farm the inflated currency with a “glitch” that gets fixed immediately. I knew scratchy was the tip of the iceberg and this will be their new pricing model while also being slow to fix issues. I’ve been here over five years but with another boring looking update with gouging pricing I think it’s about time to hang it up. I’ve spent over a grand on this game and thousands of hours but in business we use the term “sunk cost” and you can’t support something negative just because of what you have invested previously. Sorry for the rant it’s been a tough week with moviepass pulling their crap and now this…

  12. I’m so upset. I’ve played sincxe the beginning. I wasn’t offered 2400 donut deal on my A game only my b game which I hardly ever play. So I got the 300,tree, and 2400 in B game. Looks like I’ll be playing that one from now on. I got a lousy 60 donuts and 300 donut deal. 😠😠😠 I hope ea fixes this & gives all the same deal as those who never play. It like punishing the ones that are loyal.

  13. Mike Walsh - nvh65

    I’ve played this game from day one and never farmed anything. Until now. I actuallly felt guilty but it was too good to miss. Bagged about 250 bonuts before the update – could have done more but I got bored and it was feeling like work.

    • MIKE – Same here. Farmed for 5 mins. Got bored. Stopped. Too lazy to be a billionaire donut farmer😂

      • Me too…after RTT farming (clearing 3 donuts/truck when all my XP stuff is out), I did 3 rounds of 60 and called it a day…made 12 donuts. Boy, am I spoiled.😆

  14. Just received a patch restoring the goat stall and removing the lion statue and butterfly garden extra XP (I think) no more farming 🙁

    • So sad….for the same cost (of in game cash) for a single KEM I was able to do the same farming amount with the Butterfly Gardens as I get with 63 KEMs. I was able to to get an extra 200 donuts.

      I expected EA to fix it, just wish for once they weren’t so fast to fix something.

    • So they killed lion farming. Make hay while the sun is shining. I knew it couldn’t last. It took me less than an hour to generate 100 donuts. 100 a day X 40 days… 4,000 donuts. That would cut into profits. Makes me wonder how such an oversight happens. Hard to go back to KEMs. Oh well. I play on my laptop. I set a large area with boarders for farming. While I watched TV I clicked the button on my mouse, holding it up off the table so that the cursor could not move. I did not have to look at the game as I farmed. I watched a couple hours of TV while lions followed a set path, spiraling inward until creating a huge solid rectangle with zero gaps. When I exited build mode I was greeted with level message up after level up message until I leveled out to 939, having started a 6 something. I will miss lion farming. 40 days of it and I’d never have farm another donut again.

  15. I think the awesome XP for the Lion Statue and Butterfly garden have been realigned – I farmed them yesterday and got to level 939!

  16. I would like to know how much people bought premium character to help with this event compare to a normal one. The donuts that they gave combined with the donut factories of the statue and the garden will make it easier for most people to reach the goals.

    I don’t know if they will make the 2nd and third act more difficult because the first one would be too easy for more people

  17. I think it’s hilarious they made the “clear all” building the tiger cage from Lemon of Troy. That’ll clear the zoo of visitors for sure! XD

  18. Hey peeps

    Ok so i have have waited the 24 hours and provided all evidence needed to get the 300 donuts that I paid for but didn’t get.
    But EA are now saying that they cannot add the donuts even though I have done as asked because the 24 hours you have to wait is refuring to after they have fixed the issue, (which they have no date for).

    So there you go, a little mini update as to ehat EA are saying

  19. Gutted they have reduced the xp gained on the butterfly gardens.
    Ah well made 100+ donuts while it lasted…

    • Was late to the party and only made 80 sth donuts…luckily I expected that they would patch soon and only activated 24h of the collider instead of 10 days

    • I was very late to the game on this one and only earned 10-15 donuts from lion farming… spent 10 donuts for 3 days of the XP Collider so now I have to KEM farm for the duration… I am not a KEM farmer and don’t have a ton of in game cash right now so this is disappointing for me.

  20. Hi,
    Can anyone advise me.
    It was suggested in the first post for this event that we start building on the free land tiles in case they disappear.
    However the bonus area is much bigger than the 9 free land tiles that opened up above my I&S Land where there is no room to expand the bonus area either vertically or horizontally so I don’t know what to do as the 9 land tiles do not cover a big enough sufficient area to accommodate all the stuff from this event and I can’t buy more land next to it either above or sideways as they’re locked so the bonus area is covering part of Itchy and Scratchy Land which is completely full with no spare land available.
    Sorry I hope this makes sense..

    • I am not aware of the limit of the bug but you can probably put something else like some statue. They are cheap and will occupy the tiles while you build the zoo somewhere else.

    • Yup, I get you…no way to expand the nine tile area in the corner since all the surrounding tiles are not free for purchase (with or without vouchers). I suggest moving so ething out to the boonies that will fit and not need expansion anytime soon…dump/recycling area? Then you will have some usable land back in your town.
      Ideally, you might want move something out there that is near open land, so you can build your zoo as large as you like…but you might have to do the group-storage shuffle to acheive it. 😁

    • I moved mine before I even saw the post not to move it, but luckily I didn’t lose the land because I moved other things (5-6 casino buildings that will go somewhere eventually) into that space instead. Just move a few unused buildings or decorations in that area and you should be ok!

  21. Jeez the critters are hard to find 😖

    The notification lies that there are none in your town when you clear the zoo visitors. There are also no game notifications at all to indicate a neighbour has dropped them. 😡

    Also after experimenting with those critter frog spawn from hell with a few of my neighbours I can chat to at touk.. I found that I can drop to thier towns but when they drop to mine they do NOT appear and my town should be full up but it isnt…whereas other neighbours have been able to drop off and me to find them no problem. Frustrating. 😫

    Bring back the jumping jelly beans from Terwilligers!!! 😄

    • This seems to happen with each event…don’t know if there is a lag or what, but most of my drops are never found. They need to do away with the 4hr “find em or lose em” limit…who cares if they pile up? Easier to find them if you’re knee deep in frogs (something biblical there, I think 🤔).🐸🐸🐸

      • This is the beauty of having only one street in springfield and one street in springfield heights. I can find all the toxic tadpoles in seconds, and friends can find their tappables in seconds when they visit my springfield.

        • The frogs in my town are everywhere except the roads🐸🐸👀…they seem to prefer open green spaces🤷‍♀️.

          • Wow that is weird. I am only finding them on streets. My twin and i send them to each other. She finds them all on her streets too. 🤷‍♀️

    • I haven’t found a single tadpole/toad/whatever in my Springfield yet. Of course, it could be that nobody had dropped any!

  22. Is there a way I can select all characters that will do the job? I have to tap each one of them separatly so annoying.

  23. Thanks for the Calendar!
    I once saw the outside of that Ark (it wasn’t open yet) and it is Huge!! But sorry to say I need to add one slight correction to your travelogue, for anyone who may want to follow your Kentucky travel highlights… Dollywood is in Tennessee (about a 4-hr drive between the two).

    • Ding ding ding…you win!
      I put the Dolly reference in there to see if people were reading or paying attention.

      Yep… in fact the First rest area we crossed into in Tennessee, was a replica of a small cabin, with Dolly Parton inside… At least a cardboard version of her.

  24. Dollywood is in Tennessee, not Kentucky.

  25. Thanks for the calendar. Looking forward to “Should I Buy posts”.

  26. So they released several small items (fences, walls, lion statue…) and not increased item limit? That really makes sense *facepalm*

    At least there is the instant clearing of tappables, since removing crafting would let us with no easy option to find them (apart from occasional daily challange).

  27. KY can keep it’s Ark
    NV still has the Lil’ Ale’ Inn near Area 51 👽😅

    So glad we don’t have to Craft
    Fortunate that visiting Neighboreenos is kinda worth it
    Increasing Bonus % quickly looks like it would take sprinkles 👎
    (that’s my No. 1 complaint! so far the grind isn’t irritating!)

    Now, many of us remember Moe’s Petting Zoo from years ago ….. and this looks like a return of that times 6 (or however many zones you end up with animals to toggle). Is that worth the Grind? Only time will tell …. I’m not going to spend Sprinkles trying to get everything in each Act 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. I totally want to see the Ark, and Mamoth Caves, so I guess I’ll need to save my pennies for a trip to Kentucky.
    Is there any chance this event will fit within the land given? I like it so far…it seems more “contained.” I’m still a little overwhelmed arranging ISL and KL. I don’t like to “plop” but my theme parks are still in disarray.

    • It should fit, as long as ou don’t go nuts…LOL!

    • Oh… I thought the original post was gonna link the ark to… “the washing away of our beloved tapping game”? Is this event… prophetic in nature???


    • I live in KY and have been to Mamoth Cave several time. I recommend the Historic Tour or the 4 Mile Tour if you are hard core. The 4 Mile Tour does have a pinch point that large people might have trouble getting through. But it is a beautiful area to just walk around in during the spring and fall.

      Look up Floyd Collins and black explorers of Mamoth Cave. Very interesting history’s there.

  29. Seems like someone was reminiscing about that Mie’s exotic animal event we had a long while back…and gave them another shot at it? Seems completely lame.

    We grumbled forever about eliminating crafting, well…they seem to have fine it but, haven’t replaced it with anything! So little to do 😢

  30. Thanks for the post Patric!

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