Moe’s Ark Act I – Prize Guide – Discount Lion Safari Entrance

There is a whole story arc that comes with the Ark, but none of it is actually related to the “Ark” mythology, thankfully. This all has to do with Moe’s ability to snatch animals, and have the good citizens of Springfield do their best to build, man, and promote the Springfield Zoo, which is not to confused with Moe’s Petting Zoo…even it had nothing to do with Moe being petted.

The first “Major Prize” on the Prize Track is the Discount Lion Safari Entrance
Let’s take a look…
First of all, like I said, I’m not wild about zoos, unless they really let the animals live in a more natural habitat, like the amazing Oregon Zoo, in Portland, Oregon, or the equally amazing (and much more dangerous) Wildlife Safari, in Winston, Oregon (keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times!).

But, neither of them have anything to do with the Discount Lion Safari Entrance…which is HUGE (as in pretty much out of scale), but really has little appeal, until you earn the “Big Cat Country” which doesn’t come until the 5th Prize.  So…random placement…no worries.

Here’s the breakdown on the Entrance.

Act 1, Prize 1- Discount Safari Entrance
Size: 3×10
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt and Over river|cobblestone|sidewalk|road|dirtroad|iceriver|klsroad
What Does It Do: Nothing. Just an Entrance sign that sits there. Does not award Amusement/Arrangement Bonus. Just a sign.

Dialogue When Placed:

Lisa: Dad! I want to see the good Lions, not these old tired ones.
Homer: Honey, these Lions are people too. You can’t say things like that.

And there you have it. A forced item that takes up another Item Limit click. I’ll keep it around for a bit…then like most of this event, it may find itself in a virtual zoo of another sort (storage).

Keep on Grindin’!! 

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  1. Discount Lion Safari Entrance

    It is BIG (and not in a good way, as it takes up too much space in my opinion), but the sign does sort of remind me of the 1970’s Lion Country Safari that was in Irvine, CA (if you grew up behind the orange curtain then you remember how much of an epic fail this place was (lol).

    It’s probably going to be Stored after this Event (or sooner if I need the space). You’d think EA would remember to scale things better by now, but nooooooo (lol).

  2. is Moe ever going to even be a part of this event?! seems weird he can’t even earn event currency (please help if I’m doing something wrong, thanks!)

  3. We have 2 wildlife parks i like to visit in scotland, the highland park with the new polar bear cub, and stirling wildlife park, i live 25 minutes away from Edinburgh zoo but havent visited for ages, dont like this event but i want teenage homer and mrs wiggan so will play

  4. In the hope of finding an answer here, I’ll post my glitch instead of immediately looking up the correct email address to contact EA. For a while now, maybe 1 – 1.5 yrs, I have occasionally played TSTO on two separate devices – an iPhone 7+ and an iPad mini. The iPad started giving me trouble at some point – it always downloaded the updates, and confirmed my age, every time I played. I switched to my iPhone and no similar problems, so for the past 3 months, I have exclusively used my iPhone. Both the iPhone and iPad always have the latest iOS updates. Slightly before this current event (Moe’s Ark), I have begun using the iPad again, and IIRC, the forced downloading of the updates didn’t start happening until Moe’s Ark hit. I’m not talking about the one or two needed updates to download the event at the start, I’m talking about *each time* I play the game after the event has already downloaded initially – and after 45 mins or so since the last time I played. My goal, ambitious though it may be, is to try to keep the rail yard working by visiting reasonably close to every hour when possible during waking hours. To be clear, the update downloads don’t seem to be required if I use the iPhone instead, thoughI have been sticking with the iPad for this event. Also, after finishing my session, I always fully close the app by double-‘clicking”, then swiping up – force-closing?

    Any similar troubles? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    • if you have iOS 11 it’s a glitch where you have to have at least 5GB free or it will delete game files it doesn’t think needs 🙁

    • You may need to clear some more space on your iPad, I know I’ve seen on this site many times people saying the game makes me redownload everything and the solution is almost always, you need to clear up storage space on your device and that should help it run more smoothly. This game eats up a lot of space so plenty of space is needed.

  5. MISSSING DONUT UPDATE: Well, just got off the phone with EA Help. They say that ALOT of players are affected by this. EA says its a “game glitch”, not a purchase glitch, so they have to refer cases to a LEVEL 2 TEAM. (what ever that means) So I have to wait SOME MORE before my donuts or refund happens. DO NOT SEND THEM MOBILE PHONE SCREEN SHOTS. They dont like them.

  6. I visited the Wildlife Zoo once when I was a kid. Pretty cool. They warned that the rhinos occasionally attacked cars. Of course they might have said that to make it seem more exciting to an 8 year old. I still have the key chain somewhere.

  7. Josephine Kick@$$

    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
    wEArs (sic) my dang lions 😂

  8. Was the “Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times” in reference to the moron that tried to challenge a bison at Yellowstone the other day? 😂

    • There are loads and loads of instances like that. My favorite are those who want to “get a closer look” at the grizzlies. But, Wildlife Safari has had their own events of people getting close to lions…because they look docile. Until they don’t.

  9. Love the Oregon Zoo!! It is absolutely beautiful!!

  10. Has anyone bought the 300 donuts for 9.99…..and NOT had problems? And the ones with issues….have they been resolved? I got paid today and wanted to treat myself to some virtual donuts to go with the REAL donuts i just bought for breakfast……..🍩🍩🍩☕

    • Hello ST, bought the 300 discounted donuts and this is the first time they were not handed over right away. After some consultation with the peeps at EA here they came back and said it is ‘bigger thing’ and being worked on. The 300 DD’s would be added within 24hr after the problem would be resolved.

      • It’s funny how the 300 donut deal offered to constant players is glitched, but the 2400 deal to casual players seems to be fine. Another great way to reward your loyal players EA.

    • I was more p-ed off by the fact that the game I have on my company phone (which I hardly touch) was awarded 300 free donuts instead of the 60 for the regular die hards and (!) got a premium figure there for free (the hunter with his tree house)

      Not to mention the 2400 DD for $20 or E22….. Being a dedicated fan is not a good thing it looks like

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I bought mine, but went through the store, not through Gil. I had no problems with it that way. It was also before the update they did yesterday, not sure if that made a difference. Good luck 🙂

    • I bought them on day 1 of the event and only just got the added to my account today by a support rep. I’m assuming that the discount donuts are a one-time purchase but, because of the error, it’s still available to me. I wonder if I’m pushing my luck if I buy it again…

      That being said, I recommend waiting for now. Someone please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t get the impression that the issue had been resolved yet.

      • Manny, they told me NOT to purchase anymore donuts until this glitch is resolved

        • Yeah, they didn’t come right out and say it to me, but I read between the lines to err on the side of caution for now. I wonder if I’ll still be able to buy it once the glitch is fixed or if the truckload will revert to full price.

          • I just bought the 300 donuts for 50% off “again” as it was still available to me because it didn’t work the first time. Thanks for *another * 300 donuts for $20 EA! Between this and the lion statue glitch I have more donuts now than I’ve ever had.

    • I bought the $10 offer with 300 free donuts yesterday and I managed to get receive my reward with no problem. I didn’t have to email EA. Maybe it was the recent patch (which also took away the butterfly garden/lion statue XP increase, sadly)?

    • I just posted THIS not ten mins ago. I have the problem, too:

      “MISSSING DONUT UPDATE: Well, just got off the phone with EA Help. They say that ALOT of players are affected by this. EA says its a “game glitch”, not a purchase glitch, so they have to refer cases to a LEVEL 2 TEAM. (what ever that means) So I have to wait SOME MORE before my donuts or refund happens. DO NOT SEND THEM MOBILE PHONE SCREEN SHOTS. They dont like them.”

    • My issue remains unresolved. They told me to wait 24 hours, then after that another 24 hours. I just got off the phone with them now and they just gave me more of a run around. I contacted Apple after I hung up on them and asked for the payment to be cancelled.

    • Yes i was credited right away. Bought them Thursday though instead of Wednesday.

  11. I really like the entrances – they permit for more customization of the areas beyond – but I say boo to all Items made in Character scaling. They always look so out of place with the vast majority of our Springfields, which are typically dominated by Trees, citscape – Buildings and Roads – and the like.

    These decisions have never made sense to me, excusable perhaps where there is an interactive animated Job associated with them.

  12. Yep the sign is pretty much a 2nd zoo entrance sign……. I’m hoping this lion habitat entrance sign is not a sign of things to come in the other acts.

  13. I created 2 entrances to my zoo. One through Krustyland and the other from the outside. So I appreciate 2 entrance gates.

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