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Moe’s Ark Act 2- Prize Guide – T-Rex

We are finally at the final Prize of Act 2,  which as I have intimated in other posts, has absolutely nothing to do with the Zoo…or the Great Plains…or Baboons or much of anything with this event.

But...it is a FULL CHARACTER!
Woot. Woot.

T-Rex is from a completely unrelated, yet pretty darn funny episode that pokes fun at Portland Hipsters. And let’s face it…there is plenty to laugh about when it comes to Portland Hipsters.  You don’t find these types in almost any other place in the world (except maybe Georgetown/Brooklyn, NY), but you will now find at least ONE of the family that moves in next to the Simpsons in the episode that brings the “Coolest” kid ever… T-Rex.

No. He isn’t a dinosaur. He is a kid. And now…you HAVE HIM!

Again…with the woot, woot! (which is an expression that nobody who is really cool would ever use).

Let’s take a look at the 6th and Final Prize in Act II… T-Rex!
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Moe’s Ark – Act II Prize Guide – Great Plains

FINALLY!  Something that requires us to upgrade a ton with the currency we have been collecting since Act II started.  You have been collecting and saving the currency...right? Cause you’re gonna need it!

In any case, yes or no, The Great Plains is a place and a placeholder that allows you to add animals, and upgrades to make it even “Plain-ier”…even if you are almost out of room in your Zoo Zone.

It pretty much is just the start of something bigger…

Like the real plains…which can go on and on forever. Like this event.

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Moe’s Ark Act II Prize Guide – Slimu Auditorium

I’m not going to go into the tragically sad reality that surrounds the history of the killer whale on which this prize is based.  But, you can find it here…

Needless to say, it may be the reason that the animators chose to just animate a shadow of a whale in Slimu’s Auditorium. Or not… After all, the animators and writers  aren’t exactly known for being PC.

Whatever the case…the 3rd Prize in Act II is in fact the Slimu Auditorium…which is really more of an homage to what was, rather than what is, as the flags wave, and a shadow swims…but there is no jumping.

Which is weird…because we already have a jumping killer whale.
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Moe’s Ark – Act II Prize Guide – Squid and Sailor


I think we warned you that this event was going to get weird before it was over. And, this isn’t even the half of it.

The Squid and Sailor go with the rest of the animal-based items like Shamu and Bubbles the Chimp. And, because we don’t have any more land awarded around the original “Zoo Zone,” you are likely (like me) going to have to find a place to put your “Aquatic Related Clutter” far away from the rest of your Zoo enclosure.

But, it is…as they say…what it is.

Here are the details for Prize One in Act II…
the “Squid and the Sailor.”
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Moe’s Ark – Act Two Calendar – and Numbers You Need to Get It All!

Whoooohooooo! We are finished with Act I, and ready to dive into Act II…which coincidentally has a giant killer whale auditorium and squid associated with it, so be careful where you dive!

For all of you who are tired of animals, you are in luck. We are going to be moving (at least for a bit) into the slippery, slimy world of sea creatures, as well as some long-missing characters from our “Springfield Proper” (the original parts that make up the actual Springfield) in our games.

While she is not part of the actual Prize Track…Ralphie finally gets his Mom back! Whooot Whooot! She doesn’t show up on this calendar, but is projected to show up on the 18th (Gil Deal). So SAVE YOUR BONUTS ( a lot of them…as she is 300 donuts).

T-Rex may have only been in one episode of the show…but he is the Main Prize in this Act.  Go figure. And when you figure out how EA and the writers are going to pull all of these disparate characters together, let me know.

Meanwhile…onto the math and the calendars.
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