Moe’s Ark – Act II Prize Guide – Great Plains

FINALLY!  Something that requires us to upgrade a ton with the currency we have been collecting since Act II started.  You have been collecting and saving the currency...right? Cause you’re gonna need it!

In any case, yes or no, The Great Plains is a place and a placeholder that allows you to add animals, and upgrades to make it even “Plain-ier”…even if you are almost out of room in your Zoo Zone.

It pretty much is just the start of something bigger…

Like the real plains…which can go on and on forever. Like this event.

Let’s take a look at the details. 

First of all…let’s be clear. These are NOT the “Great Plains” that were settled by pioneer folk in the Good Ol’ U S of A.  Nope. These are the kinda plains that you’ll find in Africa, and are full of the kind of animals that you only find in a zoo here. But, if you are like me, you may be out of land to place your plains in the Zoo Bonus Area, and may have to locate your plains elsewhere.  And there is nothing plain about that kinda brain damage.

However…its all good fun…with a ton of animals and expansions to follow. So…there is NOTHING plan at all about these plains. In fact…they’re kinda Great!

Here are the details. 

Act 2, Prize 5- Great Plains

Size: 12×12
Amusement Bonus: 4.5% when placed in Bonus Area (good luck with that. Are you good at Tetris?)
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
All upgrade components are Vanity +100 and can be placed grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt

Questline When Placed: Big Ol’ Watering Hole Pt. 1
Ralph starts

Ralph: Rhinos are my favorite water animals.
Wiggum: Ralphie, that’s a hipp… oh never mind. Look at the Rhinos swim!
TASK: Upgrade Great Plains- x2
TASK: Place Great Plains Extension-x1
After part 1 is complete there are 4 more parts (to reach Big Ol’ Watering Hole Pt. 5) that will appear in sequence (without dialogue) to upgrade Great Plains.

See the upgrade post for details about Great Plains upgrades.

So…yes,,,just like the enclosures before this, the Great Plains start small and can be made Greater and Plain-ier at your whim.

There a ton of upgrades and animals…so it really IS GREAT to have these Plains!

NEXT UP…another Free Land Tile (that you can’t use near your Zoo Zone) and then the FINAL PRIZE…  T-REX!!!

62 responses to “Moe’s Ark – Act II Prize Guide – Great Plains

  1. “Make it Greater by making it Plain-er”
    Hilarious. Lol.

  2. Been forgetting to send springfielders to the plains to volunteer.

    When I send them to do tasks through the gate, there are only 3 options. I have to scroll down to get to the plains option

  3. Hi, I know this is unrealted to the post but is there going to be any buildings like this in act3 which allow other characters to do zoo tasks?

  4. I have a friend who has both Willie and the Se Captain but they don’t show up to volunteer at the Great Plains. Yes he’s scrolled down but there’s no one available in the job slots. Any ideas?

  5. Anyone having any lag issues on Android? Apologies if this is the wrong place or I have missed something. I have disconnected my go kart track, log and roller coaster 😐

    • Unfortunately, in TSTO, there are all sorts of ways the game can lag. It usually has more to do with device memory, and re-booting all of the way down, usually helps. But, there is no doubt that the game is rapidly exceeding the legacy code. A LOT of animation…with a LOT of land and items.

  6. That is so cool! I was so confused earlier when some people were complaining about the giraffe acting like a groundhog as mine was standing tall and normal. I just figured out that 2 of the slots are normal and 2 are giraffe-groundhogs. Also the buffalo and zebra are either standing or sitting depending on their slot. I never noticed this many differences in the other enclosures…maybe I should go take a closer look!

  7. I’m really enjoying the Animals obtained via Leveling Up the African Plains. Just got the last Prize in Act 2 (T-Rex), we’ll see how much Bonuts I can Kem Farm this Friday.

    While I save Leveling Up Currency for Act 3, I am taking heed to those who suggested a break from Tapping is good and I will be doing so over the Weekend (it’s working out best to play the Game App on weekdays only). 😀

  8. I kind of like the giraffe that does a prairy dog impression, this actually might be a habitat I get a 2nd of….. it’ll be a pain upgrading the 2nd one though to unlock animals. & yes I razed some sh overflow buildings to expand my zoo

  9. Pity the extensions don’t have animals on them but like the plains 😃

  10. It’s “plain” this is the best prize.
    No lion about it 😄

    • I agree, it’s “plain” to see this looks like a nice prize,

      I like the whole Zoo event, I love all the animals,
      I can’t ‘Bear’ it 😛

  11. I don’t have room for expansions. I didn’t buy the rock formation or the Great Plains and am at 34.6% but finished and got T-Rex this morning. I really wish I could add land where ea won’t let me. I’ll just keep going, clutter and cram all I can in a small space and maybe move it all later…….if EA ever lets us buy land again. I’m farming, have over 6,000 donuts and $1,121,657,457 in game cash. Let me spend some of it already. Geeeeez

    • Feel free to send some my way XD

    • Same here, zoo is super full already and I have no room to expand. Lots of $$ I could spend but don’t have any land tickets.

      What now? Just store whole sections of Springfield while waiting for some more land tickets? That does not sound very smart … why would I keep donating if I can’t even place the buildings I buy?? Am I missing something here?

  12. Anyone know if its worth spending donuts on Crocky Waters?

  13. Why do the baby rhinos look like they are emerging from eggs? Does EA think they are reptiles or dinosaurs?

  14. You would think in an everything about animals mix event that the Springfield pet shop would make an appearance, but nope. Fortunately it appeared in my vault and I purchased it cuz mr teeny and stampy need it to have a decent task list. It was a bonus when I found out jub jub was not an npc and is in fact a full character, I was very pleased about that.

  15. Ooooops, I meant just upgraded babbon country not cat country.

  16. Knifey Spoony right now in the store. Is there someone who already got him? Is he voiced, because I need a reason to buy him 😂, thanks

  17. Collecting and saving currency? I just finished upgrading big cat country yesterday and am about to unlock great plains, there has been no chance for saving 🙂 I have moved Slimu to my boardwalk to make room for great plains. Have a great day.

  18. Upgrading is soooooo slow, even with all available characters. In past events, didn’t the bonus % apply to crafting ? 7/14 for 4 hours is ridiculous it takes forever to get 2000 or whatever.

    • Uhm….this is THREE acts long. You aren’t supposed to be able to just bust through the whole thing in 1.5 Acts. Right? Chill…enjoy the grind.

  19. Lol. Tetris indeed.

  20. I dont have this yet

    • TallSpiderCandy

      Even though I have some premium characters, I feel like I’m behind

      • If you like the decorations that upgrades give you (which I do), then the only way to really get enough of them for designing is to pay the 100 donuts for 10,000 upgrade-currency.

        Even buying every premium character won’t generate enough to get multiples otherwise. I have already spent 200 donuts in order to ensure I get 3x sets of the various Cat Country upgrade pieces, because they match beautifully and fits in with a lot of the other existing nature decorations.

  21. If you pull out anything without a bonus percentage you can easily fit everything in the space.

    • Great idea. That is exactly what I did. Butterfly garden, Bird house, Slimu, marine décor, put it all outside.. did manage to find space.

    • Also place them so they are barely in the zone to get the bonus. Especially the big items so the bulk of them are outside the bonus area.

  22. TallSpiderCandy

    This one is my favorite 🤓

  23. Curses! Why having elephants in my town is so darn difficult? 😫

  24. I love the look of this section!

  25. Is Great Plains supposed to have jobs? My “Find Building” Screen for “Springfield Zoo Entrance” indicates “Jobs Available,” but then if I tap “Go to,” there is no “Volunteer at Great Plains” listed. (Sorry if this is covered in the “upgrade” post. The above link did not work for me….

    • Never mind–I am a big dumb-dumb. Jobs are available–I just had to SCROLL DOWN. ::hides::

    • Willie and Sea Captain have jobs there. I send them every day. Try tapping the Springfield Zoo Entrance and scroll down till you see Great Plains listed.

      • I’m so glad you mentioned that. My husband and I looked at each other after getting the Great plains and thought how strange, no jobs? Then it dawned to SCROLL DOWN and we saw the Great Plains ‘start’ link and the two jobs. Very easy to miss… but for some, that could be 100 currency or more every 4 hours! Every bit helps! EA Programming should’ve configured menu better, but at least we know the trick! SCROLL! LOL

        • I agree. It was strangely not obvious that we could or should scroll down. I actually came to this site to figure out what I was doing wrong (needing to further the event tasks?). No answers to be found because the answer was to *scroll down* sigh.

    • Hahaha I did the same thing

  26. Error 404 on your link.

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