Moe’s Ark Act 2- Prize Guide – T-Rex

We are finally at the final Prize of Act 2,  which as I have intimated in other posts, has absolutely nothing to do with the Zoo…or the Great Plains…or Baboons or much of anything with this event. is a FULL CHARACTER!
Woot. Woot.

T-Rex is from a completely unrelated, yet pretty darn funny episode that pokes fun at Portland Hipsters. And let’s face it…there is plenty to laugh about when it comes to Portland Hipsters.  You don’t find these types in almost any other place in the world (except maybe Georgetown/Brooklyn, NY), but you will now find at least ONE of the family that moves in next to the Simpsons in the episode that brings the “Coolest” kid ever… T-Rex.

No. He isn’t a dinosaur. He is a kid. And now…you HAVE HIM!

Again…with the woot, woot! (which is an expression that nobody who is really cool would ever use).

Let’s take a look at the 6th and Final Prize in Act II… T-Rex!

Act 2, Prize 7- T-Rex

Has 4hr tasks to earn Event Currency, Baboon Country and Great Plains.

Cool Hand Rex Pt. 1

Skinner starts
Skinner: Our new after-school program is designed to HELP students, not keep them prisoners.
Milhouse: Then why are all the doors and windows covered with bars?
SkinnerWe’ve always had those being that Springfield Elementary was once a federal prison.
T-RexThis is lame. I’m bustin͛ out of here!
TASK:Make T-Rex Post Photos on Poser-4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Cool Hand Rex Pt. 2
Milhouse starts
Milhouse: That was cool, how you just squeezed between the bars!
T-Rex: Because we’re kids. Our bones are still bendable. What do you want?Milhouse: Could you teach me to be cool like you?
T-Rex: You? You’re going to take a lot of work. But, why not. I don’t have anything else going on.
Milhouse: Great! Milhouse Van Houten reporting for my first lesson, sir!
T-Rex: Not today, I need to turn the compost, or my Dad will kill me. I’ll find you tomorrow.
TASK:Make T-Rex Turn the Compost- 8hrs, Earns Event Currency

Cool Hand Rex Pt. 3
T-Rex starts
T-Rex: Milton, you ready?
Milhouse: Actually, it’s Milhouse.
T-Rex:Let͛ s go with what I said. So, first thing I want you to do is get me a Krusty Burger.
Milhouse: How is that going to make me cool?
T-Rex: I’ll be happy if you get me a burger. If I’m happy, I’ll think you’re cool. You get it?
Milhouse:Yes! If you think I’m cool, everyone will think I’m cool.
T-Rex:Let͛s not get ahead of ourselves.
TASK: Make Milhouse Get a Krusty Burger for T-Rex- 4hrs, Earns Event Currency
TASK: Make T-Rex Show Off His Classic Anime Collection- 4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Cool Hand Rex Pt. 4
Bart starts
Bart: Hey Milhouse, I haven’t seen you in days. Where’ve you been?
Milhouse: Oh, hey Bart, I’m working my way up to be the coolest kid in school.
Bart: What fantasy land are you living in?
Milhouse: My normal one. And you’re just jealous ’cause T-Rex is way cooler than you.
T-Rex: Hey Bart, it’s been awhile. How’s your lame Dad?
BartI don’t answer to losers or written tests at school. Milhouse, let me know once you drop the dead weight.
TASK: Make T-Rex Go to Van Houten House- 4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Cool Hand Rex Pt. 5
Bart starts
T-Rex: Milhouse, we have to do one last thing before you’re officially cool.
Milhouse: I don’t know how much more of this I can take.
T-Rex: Truly cool people don’t give up at the end of the race. Now, I want you to egg Bart’s house.
Milhouse: What? But Bart’s my best friend. I can’t do that.
T-Rex: What do you care about more? Your stupid friendship, or being cool?TASK: Make T-Rex Go to the Simpsons House- 4hrs, Earns Event Currency
TASK: Make Milhouse Go to the Simpsons House- 4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Milhouse: I can’t do this, Bart is my best friend. I don’t care if I don’t get to be cool.
T-Rex:I knew you were just some lame nerd.
Bart: You’re the one that’s lame. Milhouse chooses his friends over cool. Which makes him cooler than you.
Milhouse: You think I’m cool Bart! Wow! This is better than any school assembly lesson with Officer McNice!
T-Rex: Guess I missed the assembly “cause I’m too cool for friends.

During the event his 4hr and 8hr task will earn even currency . They will switch back to regular currency when the event is over.

And there you have it….DONE!  Finish the Questline…and it’s on to BONUTS!
Keep on Grindin’!!!

29 responses to “Moe’s Ark Act 2- Prize Guide – T-Rex

  1. Ugh. I had to bite the bulletin and spent 30 sprinkles toner T-Rex. I only did it to avoid being offered the character later on in a mystery box.

  2. I was busy this act and am short the stuff to get trex. Should I spend the 60 donuts to get him or skip it?

  3. I was super busy this act and am short. Should I spend the 60 donuts to make sure I get TRex or just leave him?

  4. As a consolation for giving us a random character, I was hoping we’d at least get Patton Oswalt’s voice into the game. Oh well…

  5. Patric was right about character gumbo with this event. Can I feed this kid to the zoo animals? Ha.

    All the thematically appropriate ones are premium (Kitenge, Joan, Knifey, etc). Oh well.

    • Aha…you are noticing the trend? I have a feeling that this is going to be the way it is for the foreseeable future.

    • Yep, anything themed and relevant is definitely a Premium you got to spend Sprinkles on (the days of having a top-notch Premium as an Event Prize have been long gone!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. Right, this event is really weird with the unrelated content. I don’t know why they didn’t just use episodes that have to deal with the zoo? The Simpsons have been to the zoo many times… the Canyonaro episode first to come to mind and Reverend Lovejoy saves Ned in baboon country, we have that but could use a cool train like in the episode, but whatever.

  7. Just been logged out of the game and can’t log back in 🙁 Anyone else having problems? I’m in the Uzk

    • A day or two back I fired up to see the what’s your age as well as needing to log in, and apart from delaying me a little it wasn’t an issue.
      Currently tapping on a Kindle here in the UK and think it was due to an OS upgrade. It’s been fine since.

  8. Am I correct in thinking that we must continue to grind to upgrade the Great Plains before the act 3 begins? At what point should we start saving our daily challenges. Seems weird to keep grinding after receiving the final prize.

    • The upgrades are totally optional, after placing the first one. BUT…the task will remain on your task bar. I am likely going to skip most of Act III, because it really goes off of the rails…and I like my zoo layout. But, I’ll write about that more later.

      • You have me worried…lol….. But on the upside i go camping this labor day weekend and am not sure how much tappa time im gonna get. Hope fully no big loss based on your upcoming buzzkill info…….lol

        • Look…I am here to “tells it like I sees it,” and understand that some people love it all…no matter how ridiculous. And Act III is just that. BUT…I’ll play…and post…because our Head Addict Mom is giving birth any day. It’s the least I can do.

      • I think that’s an honest assessment …. I’ve got just about everything I want by the 2nd Act. Except for Land Tokens, I am truly debating if I won’t even bother with Act 3.

        I would rather Kem Farm and prepare for Halloween, although we did get a Character that helps earn Event Currency (which makes me feel that EA is paying attention to the complaints) 😅

  9. Its okay… im not bitter… i never liked him anyway

    Patric, have you bought the three eyes whale?

    • Uhm……. No. I only have one of the “regular whales,” even though they have a big multiplier. The whole whale bit is a slight to the players…raising the bar on what they will spend. Remember when 300 donuts used to be ludicrous?

      • The three-eyed whale is for pleasure only. I like that it shoots pink jellyfish from it’s blowhole. I also enjoy the whale song and diving of the other whale. – It is for items like these that we KEM farm.

        (BTW – my non premium game received T-REX today. Good timing.)

        • Well… yes…I would never consider it unless I donut farmed. And then to your point, would it give me pleasure? Nope. I have several Premium items I have passed on during this update…even though I farm. The whale is at the top of the list.

          • I’m farming and would get it for 75-100 donuts, but no way for 333. The same for the regular whale 300 is way too much even the vault discount is not worth it. Thou I bet it would go good next to the 3 eyed Sushi stand on Squidport.

            • Agreed… the Whale is actually a derogatory term that EA used the first time around, as a description for someone who is basically stupid enough to buy anything offered. They referenced that the game is basically fueled by “whales.” Adding one with three eyes who blows pink jellyfish doesn’t exactly endear me to the cause.

            • I agree!

              I am not spending over 300 Sprinkles on what looks to be a Premium that will show up in a Mystery Box at 70% by New Year’s!😅

              There have been some cool Premiums. Tappers may find themselves preferring to Kem Farm and buy Premiums vs Grind for Act Prizes (I’m really just earning Land Tokens at this point).

          • I blood mobile farm from time to time and I agree I’ve found the same situation in this event, choosing to pass on some of the premium offers including the whale because they don’t interest me and like you I would get no pleasure from having them in my Springfield.

  11. Thanks for the post Patric! 👏

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