On Labor Day…a Chance for a Labor of Love!

I know…it seems like all I do is ask for help and support for the kids in Buyijja. There’s a very good reason for that. They need our help.

And, as I have mentioned before…it is the ONLY thing that keeps me blogging about TSTO.

For 4 years, the School Books and Teaching Supplies have been funded in large part by the generosity of Tappers!  I’m not kidding… we’ve done wells, water tanks, bathrooms, and all sorts of other projects.

But at the root, is the ongoing support for education. This will make our 12th term of School Books and Supplies!

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Fall Term 2018 School Supplies

Our original project was a simple one; help provide supplies and books to a rural village school that had none. Since our first gift of books, supplies, teaching aids and workbooks to the Buyijja Model Primary School in June of 2014, the school has grown to more than 280 students. The need for these supplies is ongoing, as the school has three terms.

We feel that education is the lynch-pin toward improving the lives of all children. And the RESULTS are amazing… After just two terms of funding, the Buyijja Village School went from 24% passing their Semester exams to 93% passing! It is obvious the difference that basic teaching supplies and books make. We have started countless children on the road to success.

Creating successful lives, and a road out of poverty through education, hope and opportunity, is also a road to world peace.  Terrorism is born from desperation, not politics. Hope is at the root of peace, and these gifts of unconditional love are the start.

Now, we need to keep the support coming. Education is the only real solution for the overall enrichment of the next generation. There are countless staff and teachers who are giving of their time tirelessly, to populations that often include as many as 40% of their students being orphans. The worst thing we could do at this point, would be to suspend support, after building up hope. Please help us sustain their future.

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In Peace, Hope and Love,



As a special bonus… a “Golden Oldie” from Mrs. Miller’s class a couple of years ago.


10 responses to “On Labor Day…a Chance for a Labor of Love!

  1. Always willing to help Patric, sorry it couldn’t be more this time.

  2. Oh man… now I wish I had the money I splurged on tea back to donate. I don’t get my disability cheque again until the last Wednesday of the month, unfortunately. I’ll try to squirrel away some money for next time. Roughly when would that be? I do much better when I can plan things in advance. (case in point I’ve got a list of gift ideas for my family’s Christmas going already so I can start buying a few things with said cheque. It’s less stressful to spread it over 3 months). I can’t promise it’ll be much, especially given the US exchange rate with respect to Canada, but I really do want to help.

  3. Happy to help such an amazingly successful campaign.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Speaking of Labor Day what’s the latest on Alissa?

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