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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

It’s Halloween in Springfield! Thoughts on the 2018 Halloween event? Thoughts on Halloween in general?   Now that we’re approaching October do you have costume ideas?  How will you be celebrating?

ICYMI Addicts Live was back yesterday with an all new episode!  Check out all of the Hallo-weenie Fun here!

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

131 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Oh nooooooooo…my graveyard reset levels to the beginning!

  2. Ok. So I’ve gotten the patch yesterday and it looked like the tap and wait lag has been fixed but now there’s a new problem, I have dozens of minions that I tap but they don’t disappear or pay out. ??? The only way I can clear them is to use Flander’s Family Tome. Meanwhile I keep tapping the minions for insanity’s sake.

    The lag was originally on my android phone not my Ipad, however the minion issue is now on both devices.

  3. Seems like the laggyness (real word?) has been fixed with latest update. yEA! fingers crossed

  4. Alissa is you husband ever on air for MLB Network? He has a great job.

  5. As the debate about directions raged on during the latest Addicts Live, I thought maybe I could put it to rest. Cookie Kwan’s territory is the West Side/Springfield Heights, so if that is the west, then the water is in the south. This means the area away from the water is correctly identified as the northern or “top” of your town and would be the natural location of Canada and the North Pole. Sorry, Patric.

    • Pfffffffffttttttttttt…………… It has to do with screens…and how you scroll… I don’t care how you label it…but the right side of the screen and the left side of the screen are still the same. The town is at a diagonal…so, North/South etc. is silly. The huge body of water could just as easily be a great lake.

      But, for me…because I live near the REAL SPRINGFIELD… everything “left” of the mountains it North…the Ocean is West…the rest is accordingly. So…for me…Canada is just at the edge of the mountains…and Sprinfield Heights and the “North Pole” are on the other side. My weird “Dystopian Land” and “Heaven-ish” are pretty much out on their own…waaaaaaaaaaay “South” (upper right hand side of the screen).

      But…time/space/land is relative. For sure.

    • I have to agree…I’ve never seen a map where North is to the left. The standard for all maps I’ve ever seen (and for our planet) is:
      South…to the bottom (ocean in our game)
      West…to the left (the Heights)
      North…to the top
      East…to the right

      Of course…it’s not like anything else in the town is reality based, so you can can chuck the compass and call it anything you want in your own town. You can even give the directions your own names…
      That-a-way, Back-that-a-way, Over-there, and Way-over-there…
      It’s all good in a fictional town👍🎃.

      • Please explain what ocean is to the South of Springfield?

        • The ones in me and ebron’s fictional towns and not the real one. 😋

        • The Southern Ocean? 🌊❄️🌊 Of course, it’s south of everything except Antartica and there are no penguins in my town, so probably not. Maybe the Luna Sea? Would describe most of the silliness in our little pocket towns. 😄

    • The voice of reason! 😂♥️

  6. Anybody crafted the “Transylvania Chalet” yet? I’m deciding whether to save up currency for it vs. the lower-cost, lower-payout things like shrubs. The “Transylvania Cottage” has a 4 hour build, then turns into a paying building (150$ and 13XP / 8 hours) in addition to the bonus percentage for the event. It also has a better bonus % / event currency ratio – as does the Chalet. But you have to wait to save up the currency, and you have to wait through the build itself, before you can start taking advantage of the higher bonus %. Thoughts, y’all?

    • fernlingHC

      ♥️ My Transylvania Cottages (any Building that offers Simpson $ and XP is worth crafting) 👍

      I should have a Transylvania Chalet crafted tonight (and multiples if Crafting allows that) 😀

    • I’m probably not going to get the chalet at all…nothing remarkable about the building, and it doesn’t fit very well with the rest of the stuff. I can see a lot more uses for multiples of the arches, and I love the vulture trees (especially two or three shoved together). So many unused buildings already in my inventory…think I’ll stick with decor items. Even if your going for income buildings, I’d stick with the cottages and let the chalet fade away…👻👻👻

    • Looks like the best buy for currency spent/bonus% earned

    • The Chalet has the same build time and earnings. It is slightly bigger AND has double the bonus fangs.

  7. Once again the game has missed the opportunity to add the most terrifying character ever to our collection. I speak of Snorky the dolphin. Clowns of the sea my arse. These vile beasts are just awaiting the chance to pounce and I know what their plans arrrrgggghhh


      Snorky was a price during the TOH XXIV event in 2013 and is a NPC

    • We already have Snorky in the game but he is an NPC. I think he should be a full character. Some possible tasks could be “Reclaim the Land” for 24 hours (maybe at Town Hall), “Practice Tricks” for 12 hours (his tapping animation could be used for this), “Rule Springfield” for 8 hours (an outdoor of him wearing a crown, sash and holding a sceptre), “Eat Some Food” for 4 hours (probably at The Frying Dutchman), and “Clown Around” for 1 hour (possibly at the Aquarium or the stunt show from Krustyland).

  8. here’s a lovely glitch that i just got, my tome is at level 7 (1/2 way to 8) and it only reads it as level 1 when i click on the tome itself. somehow i lost all of my bonuses and ended up getting my level 1 crafting locked with the exception of the vulture tree. i’ve tried logging out and back in that didn’t fix it. any suggestions welcome.

  9. Just noticed and probably already mentioned. When you send characters on jobs via unemployment office. The cursed town folk that have been turned into Minions are left over. Don’t get sent on jobs.

    However if you click their “search for” icon ( top left corner) they get set free from curse. Then can be sent on jobs. Anybody confirm that?

    • Yes though it takes a few seconds for their task list to load

    • Yuppers…
      Also, if you tap the Evil Homer icon in the left corner when it pops up and get the weird “task bubble” with no tasks and just a black line at the top, hit the “back” arrow in the left corner and it will pay out as a tappable and clear Evil Homer. 🎃

  10. Been on a rearranging kick using the group storage and it’s been working out great: I managed to open up space next to my “monsters Halloween” for the new update and moved my “sea world” area next to my zoo! Still some work to be done, but excited to have my areas grouped into zones again! Loving the update and thankfully free of all major glitches! Now I just need to figure out where to put my cardboard and recycle castles (I’m a completest and hate having things in storage)

  11. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but it’s possible to put a road down the center of Dracula la Land. Just place your road and then position Dracula la Land over it. Sorry don’t know how to post pic. Looks cool though, Gotta take my happiness where i can since I’m one of those who is locked out of the event store and some key craftables. It’s diffently taking some of the fun out of this event. 😟😟😟

    • Here’s a pic with the road running thru…

      • Thanks ebron. Looks great! I’ll have to download that app.

        • I usually just upload a photo to imgur…here’s how….
          First…Open a browser page and go to TSTO Addicts.
          Next…start a post at the site.
          Now, open a second browser page and go to Imgur upload.
          Here’s the link:
          (You can save the page as a bookmark for the future).
          When you get to the page, choose “browse”, choose a screenshot from your photos file (tap it) and hit “done”.
          Once the upload is complete, double tap the address line (at the top of the page) and choose “select all” then “copy”.
          Go back to your post on the original page.
          Start a new line in your post, then double tap the cursor.
          Choose “paste”…the address on the Imgur page should now show in your post. Don’t worry, the picture won’t show up just yet.
          After your comment has been approved by a moderator, the picture will show in your post. Have fun! 😁👻🎃

      • ebron

        That looks sweet thanks for the idea !😀👍

    • I’ve intentionally not been sending some characters on jobs so they can be cursed

  12. How come we are not seeing new Addicts posts on Facebook?

  13. Has anyone else had problems with visiting friends? I am not able to tap some people’s minions. And when I went to look at how many in tapa i had left it gave me a weird error.

    • There seem to be two types of minions: generic ones, which can be tapped, and cursed characters, which cannot be tapped when visiting neighbours and which may cause problems in your own town. I know that when I use the Office of Unemployment to send my characters on jobs, the ones that are cursed stick around and my game locks up for a long time; completely shutting down the game and restarting solves the issue.

      And the EA developers seem to have neglected to add a message for when you no longer have any event-currency taps remaining while visiting your neighbours, so that the code (UI_THOH2018_OutOfFriendActions_PT1) is being displayed rather than the corresponding language-specific text.

      I think that the theme for the next major event will be “How the Glitch Stole Christmas”…

      • “How The Glitch Stole Christmas”,,,,, that sounds like THE perfect Xmas event for this game!! Lol 🤗🤣😉

      • Alan

        ‘How the Glitch Stole Christmas’ 😅

        I would not be surprised if EA rolls and trolls with that this year 😀👍

    • I haven’t been able to tap neighbor’s minions either.

    • I had that issue as well. I was able to tap on them in each friend’s town until I got to one in which tapping on any of them did nothing. I went to the next friend’s town and it was working again. This event is very BUGGY.

    • I have a sort of similar thing — but! What I’ve noticed is that I can only tap neighbor’s minions when they are on PARTICULAR TYPES OF ROADS. If they’re on Krustyland roads or cobblestones or anything other than “standard” roads / areas, they’re un-tappable. I just have to hunt them down in a smaller area of town, apparently.

  14. I spent 3 hours this morning compiling this week’s list and accidentally deleted it so really late today.

    Anyway happy Sunday y’all

    Random songs for a Sunday. Love to see yours. Just set your player to random, no skipping…

    1. The Crystal Method “Emulator”
    2. The Smashing Pumpkins “Run2me”
    3. Cream “What a Bringdown”
    4. Ice Cube “Down For Whatever”
    5. Jefferson Airplane “Blues From an Airplane”
    6. Yuck “Another One”
    7. Black Flag “Slip On It”
    8. Donovan “Wynken, Blynken And Nod”
    9. Twisted Sister “Burn In Hell”
    10. Donovan “Maya’s Dance”
    11. Neil Diamond “Someday Baby”
    12. Alice Cooper “Why Trust You”
    13. Frank Sinatra “Christmas Dreaming (A Little Early This Year)”
    14. George Harrison “Beware Of the Darkness”
    15. Madonna “Holiday” (live)
    16. Sammy Davis Jr. “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
    17. Elton John “Hercules”
    18. A Tribe Called Quest “Steppin’ It Up”
    19. Erick Sermon “Smooth Thought”
    20. Culture Beat “Tell Me That You Wait”
    21. They Might Be Giants “What’s That Blue Thing”
    22. Method Man “50 Shots”
    23. Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts III” (part)
    24. Julie Andrews “Do, Re, Mi (Reprise)”
    25. Cyndi Lauper “Higher Plane”

    • 1. K.C.R. – Spiderbait
      2. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Side 4) – Genesis
      3. Platypus (live) – The Clean
      4. The Faded Line – Lamb Of God
      5. Song For Jeffrey – Jethro Tull
      6. Meat Hook Sodomy – Cannibal Corpse
      7. A Dead Song – The Birthday Party
      8. St Vitus Dance – Bauhaus
      9. Jimmy – Tool
      10. Take Off Your Skin And Dance In Your Bones/Immorality Dictates – Thou
      11. Acceptance (Aske) – Blut Aus Nord
      12. I’m With Stupid – Static-X
      13. Remain – Bailter Space
      14. Psalm 69 – Ministry
      15. Wide Open Wound – Nails
      16. Cindy Tells Me – Brian Eno
      17. Old Man – S.P.U.D.
      18. Suck (live) – NIN
      19. Hard Hat – S.P.U.D.
      20. Requiem – Killing Joke

      • What Bauhaus album is that? I actually know most of your list this week for a change

        • sonicboinyc

          ‘St Vitus Dance’ is from Bauhaus ‘s 1st album (and Peter Murphy no longer sings that song due to his religious change years ago). 😀👍

  15. I’ve had trouble for almost 24 hours now with my iPhone X + logging into TSTO. It seems to have a massive patch (?!) that just spins and spins. My wifi keeps kicking off (I’m traveling, so not much I can do about it), but still–frustrated. Anyone else blocked?

  16. Right guys I have a question.. in July I lost the ability to sign in and well to cut a long story of emails then many, many phone calls 3 weeks later they rollbacked my Springfield.. well since this Halloween update my game was laggy and kept force closing, which no big deal right! But… I have the dreaded unable to sign in thing again. So question is.. is this an issue they’re aware of or is it just mine… Again..😩

    • Can you sign in on another device? Sometimes this will de-glitch the game and you can go back afterwards and sign in again on your original device. Just ignore the “2nd device didn’t logout” warning messages, and continue on to play the game.

  17. I just turned on the XP collider and instead of getting $75 dollars from one of my spooky houses I get $41. What the heck?

  18. Helen Shard Pickford

    I got hit with no Halloween store on the 2nd day and locked items on prize list I contacted EA they said they will look into it when they have more reports of the the same complaint 😳 I love Halloween events and was really looking forward to it then this happens 😢😢

  19. Just dropping a picture of my current Halloween area. Added the Construction Site from a previous Halloween to the back of the forge…its seems to fit the area well.

    Doubling up the archways and combining two of the vulture trees helps boost the bonus without crowding things too much.
    (Up to 9.8% bonus…yup, donuts…I admit it…I’m a bad, bad tapper…I should be soundly reprimanded😝)

    • Man…. NUKING was the best thing that every happened to you! Every event… a new pallet!

      • And I’m only at 10,000 pieces😁…lovin my new way of playing. Hope all my neighbors enjoy it while it lasts…Halloween will have to make way for Christmas all too soon. I will post pictures in my Flickr album, tho, before it all dissapears forever.

    • Just finished DracuLa-La Land. Had a hard time fitting it into the scenery, so decided to surround it with castle walls…still a wierd piece, but it works ok. 🧛‍♂️😈🧛‍♀️

      • I just realized that you can run a road thru the middle of La-La Land…just like the Eiffel Tower. Have a cobblestone road running thru now instead of dirt…big improvement. 👍 Bravo EA! 😁👻

    • Oh wow, adding that construction site to the back of the current event building is a stroke of genius.

  20. So glad EA came out with a new “dig site”! I thave a theory that when this Halloween event is over, the prizes received from the new rig site will be from the Halloween 2017 event. So like the Wizard School walls, towers, and gates. I really hope my theory is correct because I’m so sick of those purple castle walls, towers, and gates.

    • I was so sick of purple and orange walls, I bought 400 grey zoo walls for future designs. Still using purple castle walls in some event designs, but anything permanent (other than the Magic School) now has been switched out to much nicer grey stone walls. 😄🎃

  21. Has anyone found a way to fix crafting level 3 prizes being locked even though you’re on crafting level 3? I can deal with lagging and other glitches…but not being able to advance is like what’s the use of continuing to play….😭

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      I don’t recall which is which, but, some Levels are not accessible until Act 2.
      That may be your issue.

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