Halloween 2018 How-To: Act 1 Crafting

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah the Crafting post….where I give you the how-to and break down each and every item available to craft, so you don’t miss a thing!

Love it or hate it, EA has proven over the last couple of years that crafting is here to stay.  While the prizes themselves are pretty self-explanatory, collect this to earn these prizes, crafting is a whole other “animal”.  Crafting requires some self-direction.  You decide what you want and collect the items to craft accordingly.  Sometimes this is successful and sometimes it’s not. And, as with all things, for some events crafting is easier than others.

While we thought they finally did away with crafting after the last event, Moe’s Ark, it’s back and the same as always for THOH.  Now I know some of you still have questions so, let’s take a look…

By now everyone should know how crafting works.  But for those who don’t, I’ll cover the basics again.  But real quick, so I know a chunk of you will scroll down to the item breakdowns anyway…

And now onto the basics….

Crafting is triggered via the Holy Forge via the MAIN questline…Biting Back Pt. 6

Tapping the Forge will give you an option to view the crafting menu.  You can also access the crafting menu via the event hub menu by clicking the trophy icon and then the crafting icon…

The Crafting Currency is Incantations and they look like this:

You can earn Crafting Currency from:
-Clearing Minions (your town & neighbors)
-Dig Site

We’re back to leveling up for this one.  However, this one is a hybrid of leveling up and having to wait for a new Act.  Some items will be unlocked for Act 1, and you’ll have to level up to hit them, and other items will remain locked, no matter what level you’re on, until the next Act hits.

Each level unlocks more items to craft, for each Act.  You spend crafting currency to level up. And once again they’ve decided to stick with what’s worked in the most recent events, you do NOT have to choose between Leveling up and Crafting.  The currency you spend to Craft items will count towards the currency needed to Level up! 

Similarly…you DO NOT HAVE TO CRAFT ITEMS TO LEVEL UP. You can level up by simply tapping the green button next to the level up bar.

It still takes crafting currency, but it prevents you from crafting a bunch of stuff you may not want in order to level up.

Also, as I broke down earlier this week in the Tome Post Crafting Currency helps upgrade the Flanders Family Tome but you DO NOT NEED TO SPEND CRAFTING CURRENCY TO UPGRADE THE TOME.  It upgrades automatically for you without spending a single currency.  So relax when it comes to Tome Upgrading.

There are 10 total crafting levels.  You’ll start at Level 1 so you’ll need to level up 9 times (to reach level 10), in order to unlock all of the craftable items.  Here’s the breakdown of how much currency is required to reach each level and unlock new items:

Level to Reach Currency Required to Reach
2 600
3 1800
4 4,050
5 6,450
6 9,600
7 11,100
8 12,750
9 15,100
10 17,400

Levels 1-3 are required for Act 1
Levels 4-6 are required for Act 2
Levels 7-10 are required for Act 3

Note: You will also need to unlock certain prizes via the Dig Site (Relic prizes) to unlock various crafting items.  If it’s a duplicate item from the Dig Site you’ll need to unlock that first before it unlocks in the crafting menu for duplicates. 

And as with previous events, crafting ends when the event is over.  There’s no rush to get it done now (well aside from the Arrangement Bonus and the questline requirements), you can wait until the event is almost over to get everything your tapping heart desires…HOWEVER…you’ll want to craft items with the Arrangement Bonus in order to max out your currency rewards. So you’ll need to do some crafting before the event is over.

So now that we’ve gone over those basics, let’s get to why most of you are reading this post…the breakdown of each craftable item.

Let me preface this by saying, for this event most of the craftable items are decorations.  Therefore, what to craft and how many is entirely up to you…as to what you think will work best in your Springfield.  There are some great decorations that can work in a variety of ways in Springfield (depending on how you’re building your town) but it’s up to you to determine what works best for your town.

Now here’s the breakdown for Act 1 (when Acts 2 and 3 hit we’ll post about the breakdown on those items):

Item: Vulture Tree
Level Required: Level 1
Tree-Hugging +100
Arrangement Bonus: 0.40%
What Does it Do:
Animated when tapped, but basically it’s a tree.

Item: Spooky Shrub 1
Level Requirement: Level 1 and Unlock from Relic Prizes
Cost: 150 
Size:  1×1
Conform-O-Meter: Tree-Hugging +100
Arrangement Bonus: 0.20% 
What Does It Do:
It’s a bush.

Item: Spooky Shrub 2
Level Requirement: Level 1 and Unlock from Relic Prizes
Cost: 150
Size:  1×1
Conform-O-Meter: Tree-Hugging +100
Arrangement Bonus: 0.20% 
What Does It Do:
It’s a bush.

Item: Transylvania Cottage
Level Required: Level 2
Indolence +10
Arrangement Bonus: 1.80%
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs
Build Time: 4hrs
What Does it Do:
Income earning building

Item: Stone Arch
Level Required: 
Level 2 and unlock as a relic prize
Cost: 450
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Arrangement Bonus:
What Does It Do:
Otherwise just a decoration
Unique?: No

Item: Transylvania Chalet
Level Required: Level 3
Indolence +10
Arrangement Bonus: 3,20%
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs
Build Time: 4hrs
What Does it Do:
Income earning building

Item: Ornate Ruin Wall
Level Required: 
Level 3 and unlock as a relic prize
Cost: 600 
Vanity +100
Arrangement Bonus:
What Does It Do: Nothing, another wall.  

Item: Summoning Circle
Level Required: 
Level 3 and unlock as a relic prize
Cost: 600
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Arrangement Bonus:
What Does It Do: Unlocks the ability to craft more Summoning Circles. Animated when tapped. 

My Recommendation on Crafting Currency…
Should you save or should you spend?  Max out your Arrangement Bonus and reach level 4, then start hoarding your crafting currency for Act 2.  That way you can get a good start on the new craftables once Act 2 hits.  But make sure you reach Level 4 before you start saving since Level 4 is the first level required for Act 2 craftables.

So again…don’t kill yourself trying to get all this stuff.  Sometimes less is more. Craft what you have a use for in Springfield….

Hope that helps some of you who have been stressing out over crafting!

And there you have it my friends…the details behind Act 1 of the Treehouse of Horror crafting!

What are your thoughts on crafting?  Which items are you digging?  Which would you pass on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

46 responses to “Halloween 2018 How-To: Act 1 Crafting

  1. Máiréad Elizabeth Harvey

    I like the fancy walls and tha arches also the chalet and vampire house. I like to have walls round my new areas. Not over impressed with trees and shrubs they seem too small.

  2. Anyone bought the Ghost pirate airship that’s on for 175 donuts? Does it come with Blackbeard this time?

  3. Do you think saved pickaxes would be transferred to second part?

  4. I only want to craft chalets, because they earn currency and have great arrangement bonus. The are 1050 each, so I only have 4 so far. When I max my arrangement bonus (btw, is there a limit?) I will craft cottages. The have the same $ payout, but smaller footprint.

  5. Hello, will Countess Dracula be able to earn event currency? Asked so that I can start calculating how much time I’ll be spending on the game for Act 2.

  6. my holy forge said i hit level 4 few days ago, and still i cannot do any crafts from level 4. All level 4 crafts keep telling me that i need to level up to 4. BUT its says right on my screen that i am level 4. Am i missing something? Did this article cover this and i am just confused? I want to move forward ..but here i sit, tap, tap, tapping away hoping each time i log in, that maybe this will be the time it allows me to craft level 4 items..

  7. Have I mathed right when I worked ut the best thing to make with the ratios is the summoning circle?

    • Yeah, the summoning circle is the best decoration to craft and the chalet then cottage are the best buildings to craft in Act 1 to get the most bonus with the crafting currency ratio. The stone arch is the worst item to craft multiples of in Act 1 if your trying to increase bonus because you can get 3 shrubs or 1 tree and 1 shrub but with 0.10% more bonus using the same amount of crafting currency to get the arch.

    • Actually I have the Chalet higher, as it would take 2 Circles, and 1200 mats, to get the 3.2% bonus of the 1050 cost Chalet. But, the circle has a smaller footprint. Hmm…

  8. I think I will recommend not hoarding axes.

    I will be continuously buying those Transylvania Cottages and boosting my percentage base to the max. Here’s the reasons why:

    1. Max bonus percent early– means more you can craft later.
    2. When Act 2 starts, you will automatically boost up to the level you should be from what you have crafted. (Even though it will still say lv 4, everything will unlock up to the level you crafted when the act hits)
    3. Especially for newer players…you will want a lot of those cottages after the event is over for the cash they will generate. I crafted 58 Spooky Cabins on one Halloween. Paid out $200 for 12 hours. They are a big help. The Cottages pay out $150 for 8 hours, so they may be a better deal. And they are essentially free.

    I also, recommend crafting at least 1 of each item, so you’ll have it for posterity in case EA decides to throw it in a mystery box at some time in the future…making you pay donuts for it…or missing out on something you would have a better shot at getting.

  9. Un-related to crafting but… people might want to pick up the Tween Lit premium character.

    Part 2 of the quest line sends Youngsters to 8-hour task with 360x event currency payout along with premium-XP payout even for non-premium characters. And it’s a dual-part quest requiring the Slick character to complete an 8-hour task while he already has a 12-hr task.

    There’s MASSIVE potential for jumping ahead on the event earnings here.

  10. Has anyone experienced this problem? I just reached the 2nd last prize -1000 crafting currency. So I crafted enough prizes to get me to level 4. Well the game decided not to upgrade to level 4 and kept me at level 3 saying I need 2250 crafting currency to get to level 4. So I have to start over again to get to level 4

  11. Gil’s offer is currently charging only 165 donuts at the moment despite being advertised as 199. Voiced character – Woot!!

    • I paid 199

    • I paid 199 too. The popup said 165, but 199 definitely deducted from my donuts anyway. Still totally worth it to me, but I’m a character junkie and I had more donuts than I thought I would at this point in the event.

  12. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Alright, point me to where you have already answered this question.

    Act I, the arrangement bonus appears to top out at 20%
    Will this increase in Act 2 and Act 3?

    As always, thank you for your assistance.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      I researched and found an answer.
      Yippee, now I know.
      At least I know the information that I discovered, be it correct or incorrect.

  13. SATAN appeared!

  14. They say there are some more bundles or deals but i see none

  15. I am really glad that the crafting for this event is much better than last year’s event with only 1/3 of the items being new and the rest were returning and unique items.

  16. I tried to buy the devil today for 199 donuts

    I rejected the offer at first to hear Gills sad story.

    Then bought it manually through the menu.

    When asked to confirm the purchase, it asked if I wanted to spend 165 donuts.

    I said yes!

    I didn’t track the number of donuts that actually came out. Is this a glitch…or a rebate on a Gil deal?

  17. Ethan, The crafting level totals are cumulative, not what you need for each new level. To get from level 3 to 4 you need 2050 more, not 4050. 4050 would be the total you needed to get from level 1 to level 4.

  18. The craftables and seasonal store items all make great castle ruins. Really liking this year’s Halloween. I almost want to add a Belmont to the whole thing. 🙂

  19. I started saving. This weekend i should have the dracula women. Maybe i start saving pickaxles too. Only a good 25000 to go.
    And the devil is helping too now

  20. Do anyone know what the maximum number of pick axes we can have at a time is?

  21. So will the pick axes remain for act 2 and 3 … In other words should I start saving my pick axes as well for the next act?

  22. I find it interesting that the arrangement bonus per Incantation cost isn’t linear. For example, if you save up 1050 Incantations for the Chalet you get a 3.2% bonus. If you used the same 1050 Incantations on bushes / trees, you would only get a 1.4% bonus.

  23. Im sure i missed reading it but whats the arrangement bonus% max for Act 1? Im at 13/20 and want to know when to start hoarding….im almost at level 4 i think? Is it just 20%? Sorry if i missed it. Im very tired with a migrane this morning….lol Thanx ever so muchly…..

  24. Thanks for the post Alissa! <3
    I'll try not to stress over it XD

  25. Is only 2,050 for me, not sure if it changed or I got lucky but I don’t really mind!

  26. Saving for act two

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