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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day, another event in Springfield as Halloween has fallen upon our pocket-sized towns! And it wouldn’t be an event without a Mystery Box, now would it?  Of course EA’s go a box for this occasion!  They have a box for everything! This time around we’ve got a box full of THOH items from Halloweens past…

This is a premium box full of your chance to get those Treehouse of Horror premium character/building/decorations you may have missed out on in the past.  By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside…

This Mystery Box is a great way to get items at a discount or something you missed out on from a previous event.

And…if you already have everything in the box you won’t see the box in your store. 

So for 50 donuts, you can have your shot at a variety of premium characters, decorations, and buildings from the THOH Events of the past.  50 Donuts is less than or equal to the initial value for each item. (unless it was a prize)

The Mystery Box Leaves Games on November 14th (when the event ends)

Here’s what you can win…

King Homer’s Skyscraper- Originally a prize, Details

Hellementry School- Originally 90 donuts, Should I Buy

Gate to Nowhere- Originally a prize, Details

Booberella- Originally 100 donuts, Should I Buy

Drive-In Theater + Space Mutant- Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy

Bad Dream House + The Raven- Originally 85 donuts (house) 35 donuts (raven), Should I Buy Bad Dream Raven

Shinning Bundle (Shinning Hotel + Shinning Maze)- Originally 110 donuts, Should I Buy

Hugo- Originally a prize, Details

Gingerbread House + Suzanne- Originally a prize, Details

Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop + Maude’s Ghost- Originally free but came back a few times for donuts, Should I Buy

Count Dracula- Originally a prize, Details

Frinkenstein- Originally a prize, Details

Death- Originally a prize, Details

Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy (or details) posts from the past so y’all can see how much they originally cost & what specifically each building/character does.

50 donuts is a MORE THAN fair price for most of the items at least.  So my thoughts are, if you have something in there you want…give it a try.  You’ll likely get something worth it. (even if most of the items were originally prizes, if they were to come back as premium items (which in some cases they have) they’d cost more than 50 donuts each)

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the THOH Mystery Box…

What are your thoughts on the Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far? What do you hope to get? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “Treehouse of Horror Mystery Box

  1. Bought two of these and got the Gingerbread House and the Bad Dream House, both I’ve always wanted. Debating on buying a 3rd of trying one of the other boxes.

  2. Ok folks. This is the reason you DON’T buy unnecessary stuff for the THOH event. Oh yes the stuff looks cool, but if it does not give you decent bonus or help with the event, leave it for next year’s box!

  3. Oh! So perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to ask! 🙂

  4. AWWWW if you have the Haunted House you don’t get the Raven by itself 🙁 at least is not showing up for me…

  5. Any opinions on getting the Hellementary School for 50 donuts? It’s the only thing left in my box, but I’m not rushing to buy it. Looks like it just pays cash/xp now, and doesn’t have a bonus %?

    If anyone is curious, the gate to nowhere is cool when it lights up for Kang’s task (10 hr).

    • It depends on if you really want it and have an idea on where to put the Hellementary School in your town. It would look good with the Hellscape if you bought it. 50 donuts isn’t a bad price for something that was originally 90 but it does only pay cash and xp every 20 hours with no bonus percentage and it has an 8 hour task there with Bart. In other words, you should buy it if you have the donuts or if there isn’t anything else that you want to buy in the store.

  6. Gonna wait for Christmas even if I would really like to have Maud

  7. I think this is the first box where I had ALL the items!

  8. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I paid soooooo much more than 50 donuts when I purchased these items a loooooong time ago and I’ve enjoyed having them in my town for a loooooooong time.
    It isn’t fair!

  9. I got the Gingerbread House + Suzanne. Hansel & Gretel was my favorite childhood story. So very happy with that. Also, got the Drive-In Theater + Space Mutant. And that completed my THOH XXV character set. A little bummed about not having the Shinning Hotel since I have the Shinning Maze (favorite horror movie).

  10. I’m a little bummed I can’t get the Bad Dream House. Ive been trying to get it for the past two years. I should’ve bought it outright three years ago 🙁

  11. Matthew Szekeresh

    I had almost everything already so my box was pretty empty. I was super happy I able to get the bad dream house with the raven and the drive in with the space mutant on my first two attempts. I’m a big fan of the mystery boxes.

    Thanks for running this awesome website.

  12. I was psyched to get Maude since I didn’t have her; just felt incomplete. As someone who just picked up the game a year ago, these boxes are awesome ways to get stuff that I missed out on before. I’m actually really pleased with most of these except the gate doesn’t really fit anything I want to do and the gingerbread house seems dumb. Love me some Hugo too 🙂

    • I put the gingerbread house in with my Christmas area. Looks cute with all the Christmas decor around it.

      • I’m sure it looks awesome there! I don’t really have a christmas area since I got the game at the beginning of xmas last year and never really made a special region. I expect that will change with the next event. I’ll be glad then to have the little house!!

  13. THOH Mystery Box

    Let’s just say I prefer the Premium Prizes here vs those in the Magical Mystery Box (the less I’m reminded about last year? the better) and 50 Sprinkles is a bargain! ⚰️🦇

  14. Its nice to have something, at least. I already had death

  15. I was pretty happy. I had 3 items. I really wanted the Gingerbread house because it would go well with Christmas or my enchanted forest (plus a witch for my other classic Haloween characters) Frinkenstein was a meh and King Homer was a straight to storage. I got Frinkenstein first, ok, and Suzanne second. 2 characters and a building for 90 donuts. I can live with that. Better than 150 donuts when I only really wanted the Gingerbread house.

  16. D.W. McZombiepants

    I got the Gingerbread House and the Witch, so I’m pleased. However, I still want Boobarella, but it’s a 1 in 4 shot. I don’t want the Hellementary School or the Skyscraper, so I’m conflicted.

  17. I don’t have this box! I know why… But I’m annoyed.

    I don’t have the Bad Dream House (but I do have The Raven) and I don’t have the Shinning House but I have a Shinning Maze (Doesn’t everyone?)

    I would have easily spent 100 donuts to get them.

    • KingJames37

      Perhaps EA will place both of those Buildings in the Vault? (they should for 1/2 off if you own what you have)! 🤔

    • I don’t have a shining maze but I’ve made several labyrinths (more meditative one path only things that look like mazes) around my springfield. I’d like a shining maze but I’m pretty much in love with creating my own 🙂

  18. Dang and I was thinking of getting the raven this year but now I can’t because I already have the BDH

  19. Love the mystery boxes and just recently started opening them and clearing them.

  20. The only item I have left in my box is the Gate to Nowhere. Since we are not doing that event anymore, what does it do now? Earn cash?

  21. Thanks for the post Alissa ❤ one has never too many mystery boxes 😂

  22. I have the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop, but not Maude – and Maude isn’t offered in my Treehouse of Horror Mystery Box. I’m totally bummed. Can EA fix this if I ask? 😉

    • Doubtful

      • I was stuck with a non-functioning Mayan Marge because they forgot that it needed to be bundled with Mayan Homer to work. They offered her again in the bundle only so I couldn’t acquire it from the store. EA tech support was able to add Mayan Homer to my game.

    • That’s too bad. I had the same issue with the Pet Cemetery. Hopefully EA corrects this issue in the future.

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