Friday Filler – Finally…back to normal?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Man.  What a week!  I know you are probably tired of hearing me say, “what a week,” but I am tired of having the kinds of weeks that make me say, “What a week!”

After months of nastiness, the U.S. is finally through the midterm elections, and we can get back to normal…complaining about TSTO!

I was just fine with ignoring politics…at least for a bit…and then I got this bit of a reminder about diversity in Springfield (which seems to be a hot topic these days), from Lisa and her new buddy, Womenhet.

I’m not going to drop a “SPOILER” here, because I won’t really reveal anything to anyone who has already acquired Womenhet (as I did on Wednesday).  But, Womenhet actually makes a reference as to whether “her kind” is welcome in Springfield, and Lisa made it clear that Springfield was one of the most diverse communities around! 

Now…what’s interesting, is there was a line added after the Event went live…so yes, it appears that EA/Gracie are hearing our comments about Apu.

But, the real case in point is that I also admit to having been a bit of a whiner about how many weird, non-Canon, types have been added to the game.

And just as I was going to do a bit of a head count at the Census…I stumbled across this scene.

Whoa!  So…nothing says diversity like a Super Hero, a Dead President,  and DEATH!  All just wandering around in front of city hall…and drawing the attention of Lady Justice….enough to get her to pull her blindfold off and take a look.

Unfortunately, it seems that Justice is no longer blind… and perhaps for sale.  But, I digress…

The thing that all of this brings to mind, is that after yet another hugely divisive time in our history, it may be more important than ever before, to start remembering what makes us the same…and not the infinitesimal differences in DNA or birthright.  It seems silly to cap the influx of new characters in our game, just because they weren’t here in the beginning.  I mean, as you recall…at the beginning, NOBODY was here…right? 

And a Lisa reminds us…

So…let’s extrapolate a bit, shall we?

WE are SkyFinger…WE are not minions… WE get to choose who stays and who goes. And let’s be honest about it, if we are going to be fair, we should be choosing to uplift people, not keep them downtrodden or invisible.  Some people have overstayed their welcome…but that is an entirely different discussion, for a different place.

Bottom line… Diversity in culture, diversity in talents, diversity in thought, have all made this country and our Springfield’s want they are today. WE are Skyfinger!  Enough chatter about who is in power…WE are. 

I was happy to see a few “undead” show up. The fact is, with so many ghosts of former humans, good and bad, showing up in our games, we might as well go all out to be welcoming…right? 

I have completed my Egyptian display.  It’s pretty cool…and gives the Mummy and his hot Mummy Mamma a place to hang.

Here’s to the “others.”  May they be welcome in our towns… because they are part of US now.

20 responses to “Friday Filler – Finally…back to normal?

  1. Ah yes. The egyptian museum section has now indeed grown. It is welcome add on. Fits nicely to the western town with the rocks and sand.
    And now just had a 1.5gb update…. white stuff up ahead?

  2. A fine essay, Sir …. an inspirational Egyptian section of your Springfield, too … Happy Veterans Day to all (may peace prevail) 👍

  3. Diversity in culture, diversity in talents, diversity in thought, have all made this country and our Spring field’s want they are today

    totally agree we should all embrace diversity and respect others views and opinions life choices and ethnicity and cultures.

  4. Off topic but when is black Friday due to hit the game, got some sprinkles to spend 😃

  5. Might be a good idea to take out the character’s I don’t like from the game, loss of revenue but that’s ok, but I like alot if the different characters and there visual tasks so wouldn’t be many, I have a large area dedicated to the Egyptians which I think look good and enjoyed doing, best act out of the three, still got a few sand dunes to craft to finish it of. Apu should stay in the show and the game it’s just stupid in my opinion.

  6. Where did womenhet go? After final goal complete she has disappeared from my game…


  8. Well said sir 🍻

  9. BTW, I missed it… what was the comment from EA about Apu?

  10. Amen, brudda!

  11. Thanks for your post Patric 👏

  12. You must have a lot of time in your hands to care about something canon in your springfield…

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