TSTO Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Grand Pyramid

This is one of those items that kinda gets lost in the issues that the TSTO programmers have with proper scale. Let’s face it…as cool as a “Grand Pyramid” is by name, it’s really more of a “kinda nice, but smallish Pyramid.”  I mean, it’s the same size as the Bazaar we just won! (10×10).

It does take you back to loads of other questions though…mostly about aliens.

I know. I’m not really much of  conspiracy theory kinda guy. But the whole question of Pyramid structures popping up all over the world at around the same time just seems suspect.  They all required amazing feats of engineering and loads of slave labor to pull off. In fact, I think modern man, even with all of our tools and resources would have a tough time duplicating something with such precision. It just feels like aliens had a hand. But, I digress…

Let’s take a look at the “less-than grand” Grand Pyramid in our games!

Act 3, Prize 4- Grand Pyramid
Size: 10×10
Build Time: 4hrs Earns: $90, 10xp/4hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt What
Does It Do: Task for Krusty there, Gamble with an Ancient Curse

Dialogue When Placed:
Krusty: Hey, hey! What have we here? A new casino in town? Teeny bet me I couldn’t stop gambling. Maybe I can win back what I lost to him at this joint. Willie: I’d not go in there if you value your life, clown. There’s a great big curse o’er this place, and all who enter it.
Krusty: Eh, I’ve already got eight ex-wives. What curse can be worse than that? TASK: Make Krusty Gamble with an Ancient Curse-8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

: That cursed casino wasn’t so bad. I’m covered in seeping boils, but I also got comp’ed at the buffet.
Willie: Lucky you! Seeping boils are the national dish of Scotland.

Aha!!!! So, when you read the dialogue and do the task, you realize that this isn’t so much Egyptian, as Las Vegasian!   It seems to be modeled in some respects on the modern man-made marvel, The Luxor!

It is amazing. Really!  And if you want to see King Tut’s tomb…down to the finest detail?  It’s the incredible “museum” at the Luxor.  I spent hours at this place, just marveling at what they had created.  Gambling? No thanks. Just let me gaze on something REALLY GRAND! It is the kind of place that makes me not worry about how much I lost at the blackjack table.  The money was obviously put to good use!

I saw King Tut’s exhibition at the Louvre in Paris…and I can say without a doubt, this exhibition at the Luxor is heads, tales and scarabs above the “real deal!”  And…no country had to lose their own antiquities in the bargain!

NEXT PRIZE UP?  (after the crafting currency) Womenhet! The lady so hot, they are afraid to let her walk around uncovered! 

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  1. I’m done all of the prizes but can’t find a post about how to get all of these mythical bonuts. Any links?

  2. Take a look at my design, you dont want to visit my pyramid.

  3. After the event is there anything to do with the old ruin relics? I’ve about 280, I’d stop getting then but you get wraps and I still need womantep.

  4. So here’s a question, which is taller? The grand pyramid prize of the pyramid that comes with Slave Master Willie?

  5. Trying to finish the act with Lisa and the Mummy, but it says all Lisa’s jobs are locked. Did I miss something? Thanks for any help.

    • You’ve probably already figured this out, but in case others are noticing the same thing, it’s because Womenhet the mummy is busy on another task, and she is needed to complete the task together with Lisa. Once Womenhet completes her other task you can then start the combined Lisa/Womenhet task.

  6. I will take the Grand Pyramid over Luxor – sad that King Tut Tomb exhibit was 86’d years ago and replaced with something very No Frills (sorry to say that Resort is as ghetto as Excalibur is now), because the owner (MGM) feels” if you want a cheap room? you can have a cheap experiences, too” (oh yeah, it’s $10 to park there now) 😫

    ♥️ sending Krusty to gamble at the Grand Pyramid 👍

  7. Speaking of conspiracies… check out the chem trails in your first photograph. 🙂

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