Christmas 2018 is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Christmas Event Ends TOMORROW January 2nd. 

And YES, this means that ALL of the prize track questlines (main questlines for Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4) will go.  So you need to finish up and unlock ALL of the prizes before tomorrow at 10a ET. 

This means that you will want to make that final push to gather up all the things you want from the Event before it goes with the Event.

As far as what is going to happen AFTER the Event… well, we can’t know… until it is over. Until then all we can do is speculate. So, patience. We all have to verify what happens after together.

But there’s a good chance you’ll see a mini event hit our games once this event is over…

Now as far as to what is going with the Event, here is a brief rundown…

  • Questlines linked directly to the progression of the Event will go. Like the Main Questlines that pulled you through all 4 Weeks.
  • However, the questlines linked directly to the prizes and Premium Characters you’ve won will remain. (so Jim Hope, Lee Carvallo, Young Marge etc)
  • The event removal will likely require an app store update to fully remove it from your game.  So don’t panic when the timer runs down and the event isn’t out of your game…  It may require an app store update to remove everything. (sometimes, in the past, with the Christmas Event EA sends the next update through the files and doesn’t require an App Store Removal.  That allows us to keep the snow, but have new content.  So we’ll have to see what happens this time around)

I know some of you still try to push that last few minutes of the collection as far as you can. However, with the last few events EA has really shut off the ability to play on “borrowed time”.  In other words, once the timer runs out the ability to collect prizes ends.  So don’t count on getting any extra time with this one.  Try to finish everything up before the timer runs out tomorrow morning. 

And don’t forget to buy the cash items in the store!  Once they’re gone they’re gone.

So finish up those questlines, relax, and wait to see what EA has next in store for us.

Oh and don’t be surprised if we see a mini-event hit tomorrow with the removal.  As we’ve been saying for a long time…mini-events are downtime.  There’s never going to be a period where nothing is going on in the game, they’ll constantly update to keep players engaged.  They may be small updates, designed to finish quickly and then enjoy some downtime before a timer runs out, but you’ll never see a massive amount of time without new content in this game.  You may get a day or two, but not weeks.

Are you sad to see the event go?  Or ready for it to finally be over?  How did you do with the prizes?  Get everything you wanted?  What are you hoping to see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

46 responses to “Christmas 2018 is Nearing the End…

  1. I still have quests to complete even with an update and the snow all gone

  2. Does Hissmass ever end? Homer has provoke cats top of list of things to do still. January 7th still no end.

  3. Am I the only one that still has Christmas with no update to remove it yet?

  4. I really liked this Christmas event! A surprising amount of dialogue, which actually made sense for the most part, no frantic tapping necessary. I especially enjoyed the latter, since the weeks leading up to Christmas are stressful enough as it is. I was also happy about the fact that they didn’t cut off access to the previous acts, which meant I could even complete the event on my B game. Plus, EA went back to letting us finish the task we were working on instead of the hard cut off from previous events.
    First time I enjoyed playing again for months!

  5. Ive been playing for years and love the game but even though i finished everything i didnt receive all the prizes???? Everything says DONE but some of the prizes never opened.
    Help lol

  6. What happened with the Grandpa event?

  7. Jiminy Christmas. That was dull and so uninspired. Why do I need/want six burning Christmas trees or four pile of presents? Even the characters received are trite. Booooo.

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