Episode 40- 2018 TSTO in Review

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to Addicts Live!  This episode is a very special pre-recorded episode, so no live stream this week. 

Happy New Year Fellow Tappers!  We’re celebrating the start of 2019 by taking a look back at TSTO in 2018.  Join Alissa, Wookiee, Patric, and Safi as they dive into the hits and misses of mini and main events during the last year.  Find out what events we loved, which we hated, and what Alissa said about the worst event of 2018 that had the Addicts team stunned!
You won’t want to miss the hilarity that happens in this episode when the entire Addicts team is assembled!  So join us to relive all the fun and excitement of 2018!

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

As promised here are the show notes from the episode…

Poll results

Mini Events

Winner: Who Shot Mr. Burns
  Middle of the Road:
Winner: Buck Stops Here
Least Favorite:
Winner:  Super Powers (clearly it’s time for Superheroes to just go away)
Main Events:
Winner: Halloween
Middle of the Road:
Winner: Moe’s Ark
Least Favorite:
Winner: Bart Royale
Safi is going to do a full post about the weighted poll results.  That should be up tomorrow. 

Here’s the comparison of Bart Royale to Christmas 2016…


Event pages are here:  Christmas 2016 vs Bart Royale

Prize Comparison….

Building means it earns income, decoration means it earns nothing (at least when it was initially released.  May earn cash/xp bonus now)

Christmas 2016:

Christmas/Winter, 2016.

ico_cur_xmas2016_antlers_lgAntler Prizes
Goat God Statue (Decoration)
$5 Antler Rental Stand (Building)
New God Burns Costume & Statue (Costume for Burns)
Cult Flying Saucer (Decoration)
The Parson (Full Character)

Brooch Prizes
Devil Snowman (Decoration)
Ba’al Pit (Building)

Ravencrow Neversmiles (Costume for Lisa)
Wickerman (Decoration)
Star Snowsuit Magie (Costume for Maggie)

Bart Royale:

Bart Royale, 2018

Act 1 Prizes
Bare Bronze (Decoration)
Training Grounds (Decoration)
General Bart (Costume for Bart)
Pyro (Full Character)

Act 2Prizes
Outlands Gate (Decoration)
Outlands Watertower (Decoration)
Prepper Lindsey Naegle (Costume for Lindsey Naegle)
Outlands Simpsons House w/ Outlands Maggie (Building and Costume for Maggie)

Act 3Prizes
Ruined Jeb Statue (facade for Jeb statue)
Ruined Lard Lad Donuts (facade for Lard Lad)
Emperor Moe (Costume for Moe)
Water Baron Burns (Costume for Mr. Burns)

As you can see, yes Bart Royale had more prizes (because it was 3 Acts vs 2) but most of the prizes were decorations or Costumes for Characters/Facades for Buildings.  Basically, most of the stuff was a different look for something you already had.

Christmas 2016 had more income generating buildings and physical decorations.  Both events were AWFUL, but Christmas 2016 was definitely better than Bart Royale.  At least that was only 4 weeks and didn’t have an Arrangement Bonus Area….

And finally (as promised)…here are the photos of my Porterhouse Steak from dinner the night after we recorded the show (and yes, I sent these photos to Patric via text that night to make him just a little jealous)…

Wolfgangs Steakhouse…so good!

Oh and for those curious…this was the Addicts Christmas Present this year:

Department 56 The Simpson's Village Mutually Assured Destruction Village Accessory Figurine, 1.38 inch

And as a reminder, here were the gifts from previous years…


Image result for department 56 homer figurine


And that’s it from us.  Thanks for tuning in.  We hope you have a very Happy and Healthy 2019!  See you on the next show friends!

One response to “Episode 40- 2018 TSTO in Review

  1. Happy New Year’s / Happy 2019!

    Ok fellow Tappers …. who thinks EA missed out on doing something for New Year’s? (some of us Long Term Tappers have our Giant Ball that descends into a fire – lol, it’s fun to visit your Neighboreeno’s and watch it if you don’t have it – but kind of a bummer that Noobs did not get an opportunity to obtain it!) 🤷‍♂️

    Thanksgiving with Moe’s Family was fun (what a dysfunctional family LOL!)

    Halloween 2018 – a huge improvement over last year (lots of great Premiums!)

    Super Heroes / Super Powers – over it ! (along with Moe’s Ark / Moe’s Zoo!)

    Itch and Scratchy Land – epic fail! Stored all of the Rides and slowly turn this into a parody of Universal’s backlot! Too many glitches, too much lag no thanks to EA not thinking ahead of what would happen by moving Krustyland!

    Outland – I actually had fun with this Event, I kind of like having a dystopian section of my Springfield! Groundskeeper Willie has the best Visual Task here!

    Who Shot Mr. Burns? (I stored everything! so that’s still an utter waste for me!)

    Christmas 2018 – the argument over this being an actual Event vs several Mini Events combined is moot, because we got Crazy Cat Lady pulling a shopping cart sleigh with cats, Mrs Claus, Marge and Maggie pulling a sleigh of greyhounds (yep we got Santa’s Little Helper, too) and that was rewarding enough for me! ♥️

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