Love Springfieldian Style – Full Event Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

Well…frankly, when I look at all of the teasers, and all of the content that is coming with this event, I have to ask one question, “What’s Not To Love???”

It started off with a tool that we have been asking for since…well…since TSTO came into our world!  The Full Town Photo tool…is just perfect (as long as you have the memory to make it work).  I do. I love it. I’ll talk more about it in the Friday Filler.

But, what you all came here for, is the Calendar. And the fact is, because I love this event, and love you guys, and pretty much am just loving life right now, I went out of my way to go ahead and create a HUGE Gregorian style Full Event Calendar, so you can stay on track, and Get It ALL!
I guess this buildup may seem a little much.  But, it took hours to connect all of the graphics with some sort of math that makes sense.  Granted… “hours” was only two…but, still.

The fact is, this event, just like the Christmas Event, is really kind of a no-brainer.  If you check in every four hours (does that sound familiar?), and do the tasks that are associated with that cycle, you should be able to reach all of the goals pretty easily…even without a bunch of Premium Characters. I’ll get into that in a minute.

Here is the Expanded Full Event Calendar…

OK…so maybe I am pushing things a bit, and throwing a bit of panic your way…but realistically, 217 currency ducats every 24 hours, means you will have to hit 54.5 each cycle…4 times a day.

I have 11 characters that earn 6 Poems (currency for the first act), and so that, is 66 every 4 hours. I’ll be ahead…even if I hadn’t bought Lil’ Vicki (I did, she reminds of Shirley Temple) or Flander’s Freaky Folks, Nedward and Capri (I did…they both earn separately), which actually earn 9 each per round.  So…yes…use all of the characters at your disposal, every 4 hours, and you’ll hit it easily.

There are some hilarious items coming…and they have also made it EAsy, but allowing you to keep working on Acts I, II, III, even if you haven’t finished the one before.  Act IV is the only one that has a hard cutoff…but, as you can see from the calendar, it’s a bit of a “Dog” anyway!

Dive in… put a little love in your life.  Just enjoy the sweet, sweet rewards of tapping 4 times a day. (if you tap more than that…you may want to seek the help of a certified tapaholic therapist!).

More on the Photo Tool…and the strange Land Conundrum associated with the Golden Goose Real Estate on Friday!

45 responses to “Love Springfieldian Style – Full Event Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

  1. I like these multi part events. I don’t feel the pressure to finish act 1 before act 2 starts. Can miss a day early on and not have to rush before the next act starts. One final deadline.
    Also looks like some great items this time around. going to have to make some room.

  2. Wow I’m even more excited about this event after seeing those prizes.. I bought the Flanders folks and a lucky dip in the mystery box (got Le Krusty Burger, which is pretty darn cool 🤗) after buying the special bonus donuts for a tenner… Thanks for the rundown and hope everyone has a great event.. I definitely will 😊

  3. Will the Flanders pair earn through the entire event, or is it act based like Christmas?

  4. Shady and the Vamp is the target for Valentines day or is it a suggestion for a present?

  5. Thank you so much for the calendar! Every day my schedule is different—sometimes I can tap 6 times a day, sometimes only twice. The calendar helps me know if I’m keeping up.

    I just appreciate y’all so much! You have added a lot of enjoyment and community feeling to the game. Happy Hearts to you!!!

  6. Love all the prizes but I’m already struggling with the space, now I need to add Shelbyville and Old Springfield! 😖

  7. We don’t need no stinkin caledar.

    Just joshin. Thanx for ur work!😋

  8. Some nice prizes, just need some space to create a shelbyville, old Springfield and a school/college campus, release the Springfield hights please EA, and a train with real railway lines lol

  9. ☯️Gladly eating my words as quickest Item Limit update just squeezed thru😝

  10. I didn’t know where else to put this at it concerns the previous event.

    In one of my extra spring fields I was unable to complete all the stages of the event, but it let me finish off the task to get Alice Glick, which I completed and got Alice, however she doesn’t have any tasks available, in each case in the list of jobs for her it says requires “quest,” I’m not sure how this can be resolved I presume it may be related to not completing other parts of the event on time.
    Can this be fixed, or shall Alice be doomed to springfieldian purgatory forever?

  11. 😎👍😎Great Cranky summary, as always…

    Wise to be wise & Logical to be logical… & to be able just chill & enjoy ‘Lovely’ stuff like this groovy game based on such a swell show, which actually has imparted much humorous wise intellect & logic over the years…
    And as I’ve enjoyed taking reflection when in finer moments of mood & clarity to mention on occasion:
    …All allowing one to ‘Stay Sane in an Insane World’… ☯️😎🤟😎☯️

    …😏aside of course from the highly illogical lack of any Item Limit Increase⚠️🤔😈

  12. It is so much easier to do the events now, but the calendar is still appreciated.

  13. Patric, I love your Gregorian calendars. I find them extremely useful, refer to them often during events and appreciate them very much. I was so glad to see you’re still doing them. As for the photo tool, I think it works differently on different platforms. On my ipad, I just click on the little photo icon and in less than a minute, a photo of my entire town appears in my ipad’s photo gallery. Easy peasy.

  14. the prizes look fun. Now we have to make room for a Shelbyville and old Springfield… hooray!!

    • Also thinking of bringing Old Springfield out of storage, but may have to wait till they offer all the rocks and stuff again. Was a minimal player back then, and not much got bought the first time around.🤔

  15. Love the calendar and the prizes look great and nice to finally see Gloria can’t wait see what her line will be since she was at one point engaged to Mr. Burns and before that was with Snake. Seeing some Shelbyville stuff will make for some interesting decorating especially if they add more to it.

  16. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Who is this “Shirley Temple” that you mentioned?
    Sounds like someone only old fogeys, who once used rabbit ears to capture grainy black and white movies, would remember.

    I thank you for the post. AND
    Neil Sedaka thanks you for the post.

  17. Now, to figure out where I want to put Shelbyville!

  18. Thank you Patric, all kidding aside I do enjoy your calenders. I know the routine by now, log in every 4hrs, if you get premium charachters you’ll be ahead…
    Still, I like to check, double and triple check to see where I am along the way just to see where I am compared to where I “should” be. 👍

    • BTW Act 3, 1st prize Contraception Overlook … Looks a little familiar, Tounge Kiss Point recycled? No, wait it’s different, Tounge Kiss Point has a motorcycle parked at it instead of 3 cars!
      Nothing like taking the EAsy way out. 😩

  19. Thanks(again) Patric!

  20. Has anyone found a solution to the super zoom issue on Kindle? It makes gameplay painful.

    • Not being able to re size view on my Fire makes collecting very time consuming. This sizing only affects Amazon devices? Will submit problem to EA…

      • EA responded to me the zoom feature is disabled. I can no longer find Maggie. I can no longer defeat the robots. I can no longer view more than a couple of buildings. I am disappointed and will play tapped out a lot less

  21. I’ve always considered Valentines’ Day to be one of the more “meh” events as a rule, but there’s some great stuff coming with this update.

    Shelbyville Bundle! We’re finally getting some more Shelbyville content!

    (If we’re getting Springfield Union Station, though, I hope they release some actual railroad content to go with it even if it’s just another train or something… it’s going to look a little odd just sitting there with no track, as if Dr Beeching made his way to Springfield…)

  22. Thank you Patric. My finger is up for the tapaholic therapist 😖🥴😕. I am 54 and a tapa-tapa-holic! Is there a tapaholics anonymous? Although I must say, the last two weeks I have been so severely ill that I did not check in more than twice a day! I am still very unwell, and I will not lose sleep over the Simpsons.

  23. Where does it save the town photo to anyway?

  24. Thanks a lot Patric! I bought the Flanders’ right away, just in case. But I agree, without premiums it’s possible to finish everything with EAse 🙂

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