Friday Filler – It’s a Game Get Over Yourself

Thank Grog It’s Firday,

Well…after a record setting period of “Lulliness,” EA has rewarded us with something clearly meant to be released weeks ago, and is now weirdly late, but also comes with all of the bugginess we have come to expect.  In other words…it’s a SNAFU all over again.  (For those not of military backgrounds…Situation Normal All F’d Up).

Back to “normal” in so many ways…

We got a mini update with bugs. We have people freaking out about the “fairness” of some people getting free characters that others had to earn/purchase/farm for.  We have people losing it over the server disconnects, and the fact that EA only “fixed” the Kindle problem back through the more recent versions of Kindles.

And then…right on cue…we have the “This Neighbor Tagged Me” freakouts back to tattling on those who purposefully or accidentally “vandalized” their towns.

I can’t do much about most of this…but I do have what I consider to be the “Final Word” on “bigbabytaggerwhiners.”

Get. A. Life.

Actually, if you are counting, that is three words…but just one phrase.

I’ve been blogging about this game for almost 6 years.  There are days when I look back, and realize that even after all of this time, it is still a “guilty, hidden secret” to most of the people I know.  If it wasn’t for the work we do in Uganda, many people would not have heard about TSTO and the community of players who have supported this venture since 2014. And they sure as hell wouldn’t know that I play a silly, mobile game, almost every 4 hours.

For the most part, I am able to explain to people who give me a sideways smirk when I talk about TSTO, that it is played by a huge range of people, including many regular friends who are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and active participants in life…not just “gamer types” whose lives revolve around gaming, and not living a fuller, rich life.

I want to believe this. I really do.  And, for the most part, it’s true. I have actual friends…real live people…many of whom I have met through this game. I treasure my relationship with Alissa, Joe and Safi.  But it is in part, because we all feel the same levels of “Oh…dear…GOD!!” when the players lose their heads over some problem in the game.

Ironically, it is those of us who dedicate so much more of our lives to the game than the players, who actually are able to keep things in perspective, and celebrate the REST of our lives together. We understand that it is indeed, just a game.

But at some point…you have to say, “Enough!!!!!” and put a policy into effect, just to save your own soul from rattling into that realm of darkness when you get so frustrated with the human condition, that you want to drive into the woods and never come back.

And that is what I am doing now…

This is my own policy. It is not endorsed by management (Alissa), but I suspect she won’t stop me from enforcing it.  From this point forward, any comment about “Vandalizing” or tattling on someone who does, will be deleted. Period.

Why?  Because after all of this time…the obsessive, weird, picayune, whack-job antics of someone who is so controlling and anti-social, needs to be expunged.

The argument about “Righteousness” and a “Five Star Rating” is over folks. There is nothing “Righteous” about calling out a fellow player, because your sacred five stars may slip for a couple of days.  Let me make this clear…THE WHOLE THING IS A MYTH!  Your neighbors “tagging you” has no lasting effect on your game. NONE.

Want proof? Here it is.

This past week…on Friday to be exact…I was tagged profusely by number of my favorite neighbors. I have loads who tag…but they usually hit sporadically.  In this case, I was tagged relentlessly for a couple of days. The result? I lost a couple of “Righteousness” stars. Boo hoo!

I loved it. These days, with huge lulls, and disconnection issues, you REALLY have to want to tag someone to take the time to do so. And boy…did they. Nothing says “I care” like taking the time to personally hunt down the buildings that can be tagged, and then tag three of them. And incidentally, one of my “worst taggers” is also one of our largest (if not THE largest) regular donor to our work in Uganda.  As in thousands of dollars over the years…

So, do I get all whacked out when I see her tag me?  No. To the contrary, my heart is warmed by her effort to say “hello” over the thousands of miles that separate us physically.

So…yes…I also lost some of my “Bonus Percentage.” This is the primary argument from the BigBabyTaggerWhiners. “YOU ARE COSTING ME BONUS PERCENTAGE!!!!”

Did I panic? Did I instantly go and buy a crap-ton of “Training Walls” to offset my dip in stars???


I just waited. Because I knew that within 4-5 days, no matter what else happened, the stars would reset...and I’d be back to full “Righteousness.” They always do!!!!! They always have…they always will!!!

And yes…like clockwork on Tuesday… BOOM. Righteous again.

Not 5%.  But .5%…almost nothing at all. ONE HALF OF A PERCENT! And how did it effect my donut/KEM farming?  Not one bit.

It is tantamount to someone spilling a drop of “Cherry Squishy” on a newly washed car.  It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter. Get. Over. It!

Frankly…about 99% of what is wrong in this world, comes from people who are so rigid in their views, that they can’t allow others to just live their lives. I can’t control the politically obsessed types who have nothing more to do in their lives than whine over semantics.  But, I CAN control comments…on a blog…about a silly little game…over a matter that clearly doesn’t matter a bit in the real scope of things, and diminishes the “community spirit” of TSTOAddicts.

Psychologically, it is a pretty established fact, that control freaks who feel the need to bully others, or call them out, actually feel little or no control in their own lives. They are desperate to have a say about SOMETHING…and so they obsess on anything that gives them a sense of power…or self satisfaction.

I get it.

Life can just, plain, suck sometimes.

And this week, it did.

My friend Terri, who was truly one of the sweetest, most forgiving, upbeat, tolerant, and wonderful people I have had the pleasure to have known, passed away.
I know that many of you have been praying for another outcome. But, the cancer simply became too much to fight.  Every time we got good news that the chemo or radiation was working, it came back with a vengeance.

She had a wonderful day with her family on Mother’s Day, surrounded and serenaded by her grandkids. We were all devastated by the news. I had just talked to her on Friday, when she got home from rehab, and she was looking forward to painting again. She was brave, upbeat, and amazing. I can only aspire to have even half of the talent and humanity that she had.

It is easy during times like this to be cynical. It is easy to look at the world and ask, “With all of the jerks in the world, why did we have to lose someone who brought so much light, happiness and love?”  It’s easy to get pissed off at “God’s Plan,” and turn away from any faith at all.

But, from where I sit…life is still full of promise and hope, if we are only wise enough to start living it with value, openness and grace.

In so many ways…how you play this silly game is a reflection on how you live life.  Have you lost perspective?  Has tapping become more than just an idle diversion?  Do you actually worry about stars, and ratings, and “winning” to the point that you would shame another player in public?

It’s all about perspective.  And I admit, that after a week like this…I am working on that myself.

Live life. Get outside of your own head. Do something for others. Do something that changes the world for the better. Don’t spend another minute wasting the most precious gift we are given in this life…time.

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  1. I don’t know why I don’t like it, but I don’t. If someone tags me when they promised they wouldn’t, I unfriend them, I don’t go around complaining about it. It may not be a big problem but it is still a problem for me. It irritates me when I see it in my town.
    Keep the thread, just don’t approve any comments about it anywhere other than that thread.
    This is my game too, and I will play it the way that makes me happy.

    • And you can do the same…with or without the thread.

      And…I am pretty sure that those who are saying “first world problem” are merely asking for a little perspective in life.

      • But the thread has saved me so much time in finding other people who also don’t like tagging. It’s not politics, religion, or social justice. It’s just a thread asking for neighbors to respect your wishes and not tag.

        • Sorry. But, if it leads to people calling one another out over “righteousness” I’m just not a fan.

          And…how does it save you “so much time?” Because you don’t have to spend time hunting down and deleting taggers from your friends list? it takes as long to clear a tagged building as it does to clear a regular one.

          What are you talking about??? The choice to get perturbed…and delete…is yours.

          • No.
            Whether wilfully or not you are misunderstanding this. I do not cry and complain and comment when I am tagged. But it does disturb me. I’m not making a conscious choice to be annoyed by the tag, it’s just because I’m different to you. That’s fine. I respect your right to be different. But you are coming across as intolerant and not understanding people are diverse. If your complaint is against the moaning about being tagged that’s one thing. If it’s against people who just see things differently to you,then that’s another matter entirely.

            • To your point…I have said repeatedly, that you can play the game any way you choose. You can freak out or not, when someone tags your town. I’m fine with that. As you say, everyone is different.

              But to my point, there was no “graffiti free zone” as part of the actual game. And to the contrary, it was one of the FIRST features added, as a way of having fun with Bart’s impish demeanor. To turn this site, and the game, into a culture that singles out players, who often mistakenly tag, is wrong, and counter to the sense of community that we try to foster here.

              Play any way you want. But tagging has been around, as part of the “neighbor fun” since the inception of the legacy programming.

              I am genuinely concerned for people who are this riled up about being”tagged” in an online game…when it has virtually NO NEGATIVE IMPACT on the game play at this point.

              • Unhappy Tapper

                It’s because the tone of the article and the replies to the comments have not only singled out the players whining and moaning, but have suggested that those who feel that way (and don’t complain or single people out) should “get over it” or “get a life”. I know you just don’t get that, but maybe you should try to be more accepting. Get rid of the thread or don’t, but stop insulting people for how they feel. Like it or not, Addicts thought the thread had validity at some point, so it’s very uncool to create a safe space and then insult people who chose to use it. It’s no wonder you have virtually no comments on any of your articles anymore. Anyone who disagrees gets pounded.

              • Good. Lord.

                How about some perspective??? “Pounded?” Uhm…no…just pointing out facts.

                So, my dear friend loses her life. And the most important thing that people are worried about here is whether someone can come to their virtual town…hit a spray can…and leave a tag that was created by the game-makers to use for this purpose…and can be cleared with one tap? Seriously?

                This really makes my point for me. It. Is. A. Game. It is not life or death. What changes in your life when someone tags your town? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

                Perspective. That’s all I am asking here. Perspective. And “no comments??????” Sheesh. Stats would prove otherwise…but, that is a fact that I completely don’t care about, at all………..

              • Unhappy Tapper

                Perfectly understood. Your poor dear friend lost her life. My sincere condolences. So you will not post one single complaint post or reply here ever again on this site. None. Not to complain about complainers or lazy EA programming, or anything else. Because…perspective, right? Or did you only mean “community” to be those members who share YOUR perspective?

              • I was going to just delete this… but, then thought you really, really, really deserve a response.

                So…me complaining to EA, about EA, or anything to do about the GAME would fall right into being “part of the community” as that is what a vast number of players do, especially during downtime. What is DIFFERENT…is calling out a single player…publicly…over something that has no effect whatsoever on the game, or any other player, simply to be a jerk.

                So…now that you have completely failed to understand why segmenting a group away from the rest…simply because they need coddling…after moderating more than a half MILLION comments on this site…perhaps you can understand why your OBSESSION with this silly, ridiculous topic, would cause me to single you out in a reply.

                Congrats on taking it to the “next level” of silliness. Tagging in a silly mobile game… dear God! Is this REALLY WORTH the time and trouble for you?

                In the time it took to write back…you could have cleared 200 tags from your buildings, and banished 5 players from your fragile life. Perspective.

              • I can’t imagine that this weird and aggressive-passive aggressive type response is what makes this place strong. I think it’s the people who put up with this nonsense, reply to it, and soberly don’t overreact. I would be bonkers if I were Patric and that is one good reason I don’t moderate forums like this,

                I think Patric deserves an apology; I dont know anyone in this scrum but frankly I have a hard time looking at weird aggression. Who knows, maybe my post will be deleted but if it shows up to counter your nonsense, rest assured it’s not because anyone on this site has any connection or sympathy with me.


              • To the contrary…I connect with you now. Thanks!

  2. So sorry for your loss and for Terri’s family. She was obviously an amazing person who touched many with her goodness of spirit. I had hoped she would survive- and sent good thoughts and wishes her way.

    When I lose someone dear to me, I try to honor them by doing something good, something I know would please them. Over and over, not a onetime action. It keeps their impact on me fresh and alive. A lifelong tribute.

    And- I’m with Merry, tag me, it’s fine, just visit me please neighbors.

    G/Stella Goldfish

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss Patric I wish all the best for you and Terri’s family in the tough times ahead.

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend Patric, so sad. Had a huge scare with my daughter who is only 23, only a week ago. Thankfully she had a successful op to remove a malignant growth near her heart & her consultant was confident she will make a full recovery.
    Just wanted to share some good news for a change regarding cancer.
    Couldn’t even play this game while I waited for the results, it seemed so trivial. As for tagging who the hell cares !!!

    • Oh my goodness! I am so very happy to hear your news, John. Yes…anything to do with the game fades pretty quickly in the light of REAL LIFE problems. I hope all goes well, and she has a full recovery!

  5. I had no idea the tattling about tagging was a thing. I thought being the tagger was part of what brings your own righteousness rating down. So i stopped as soon as i read about it. And whenever one of my neighboreenos tags me, i just figure that person didn’t know how it affects the righteousness rating for both parties. Anywhoo, all the whining about tagging seems silly indeed. Here here for putting it to a stop on this blog. Thank you Patrick for shining a light.

  6. krustoferson123

    I always vandalize if there is a building that it opens to. I like the sound and animation. No I’ll will intended. Come vandalize me any time you want Patric krustoferson123

  7. Lindsey Riley

    Bless you huni, my nanna passed last week as a result of dementia 😭😭.. Games are just a bit of fun imo, family and life always come first xxx

  8. Sorry about your friend. I hate cancer! Lost some really good people because of it. That is something to be seriously angry about. Not graffiti in tapped out. I don’t mind getting graffiti. I admit when i started playing, i added friends from the no graffiti list. But now, it seems most of my neighboreenos have gone awol. I would prefer getting graffiti than not getting any howdydoodily at all.

  9. Keith1Roon991

    Sorry to here about your friend, cancer sucks, my wife has just had breast surgery to remove the cancer and she’s doing fine, sad when you lose someone special, my thoughts and prayers go out to all, as for the game it’s just a game, your right live life, tag me if you want, stay a while enjoy my town, 😁

  10. Sorry for your loss.

  11. I’m truly sorry for your loss Patric (I said it before, but it’s probably gotten deleted, because cancer has had a negative impact in my life – I still support f cancer dot org – some people have a problem with the f word, I have a bigger problem with cancer and how it’s taken too many for my life!) 😢

    As for TSTO ? Having zero expectations means I don’t really have anything to complain about (yes you still get the random Bart Screen of Death, EA doesn’t care, so neither should Tappers!), I accept it’s Mini Events from now on (no grind is good, I can complete everything and take the weekends off from Tapping!) and hopefully Father’s Day will get a good Mini Event, too (Mum’s have earned it, don’t forget the Dad’s!) 😀

    I really don’t care if my Springfield gets vandalized (I think the graffiti is hilarious! I’ve had zero impact on my % from graffiti by Neighboreenos!), I do care when I lose Neighboreenos (I miss having a reason to visit them during an Event, and those Neighbor Prizes, but obviously EA doesn’t care – so there’s no point sweating over it!), If the new Premiums are worth it? spend the sprinkles (if you’re not happy with EA? keep on Farming for 🍩’s and don’t spend any real 💰 !) 😂

    Enjoy time on Terra Firma while you can, spend quality time with family and friends, this is just a Game App (it will have a shelf life eventually!) and as always thank you to everyone at tsto addicts ❤️

  12. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    My bonus percentage is so high that vandals have no impact.
    Back when I only had a small bonus, the impact on me was huge.
    And, I was trained in those early days it was considered mega uncool..

  13. blastoma? but nothing's wrong with my feet!

    F*** cancer.
    4th family member diagnosed, lost 2 already.
    The anxiety of am I next is momentarily silenced because of the news of another loss but it comes back.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend; in the small amount I’ve seen since I joined, she sounds like a really wonderful woman.

    I agree with your caution to let the game be a game. Not a chore, not an obsession, not more important than civility, even in the shelter the anonymous internet allows. If we remember from time to time that the people we interact with on the internet, at the end of this system of tubes are not just typing machines 🙂

    I think it’s okay to be passionate and focused as long as it doesn’t veer into something unhealthy.

  15. I always found it interesting that the game is based upon a show where one of the main characters is a vandal. Hey, he spray paints something every opening credits.

    Yet somehow, people who play this game get upset when someone spray paints them in their game.

    Yes, this is a good distraction, but every once in a while we are reminded that there are more important things in life. Time to go give the kids a hug for no reason other than that they are there.

    Patrick, thanx again for your comments. And I am sorry for your loss.

    Keep well.

  16. Omg no. Im so sorry….was really banking on no news is good news. 💔
    If i can navigate without getting bumped, i will vandalize your town in her honor.
    Prayers to her family and friends💜

  17. I am sorry to hear your sad news and my thoughts are with you and the family of your dear friend. In two weeks it will be 7 years since my own mother passed and I did not get to spend that last special time with her as it was quite sudden and unexpected. Hopefully Terri’s family will receive comfort in the knowledge that she spent some of the last precious time she had with those that loved her.
    As far as the game goes I prefer to tap on certain buildings I like and that is my way of saying hello. I don’t vandalise, but I don’t mind being vandalised as I realise it does not really affect my game.

  18. Patric, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend, Terri. She blessed many lives from the description you gave of her. Thanks for reminding players that TSTO is just a game. I love it, but I sure love my family and friends a lot more! Games come and go, but family and friends are forever.

  19. Patric – I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I was hoping the no recent news was good news, because sometimes miracles do happen. I wish you and her family and friends peace and healing during this very sad time and beyond.

    Re: The Game – I really hadn’t noticed increased ‘nagging about tagging’, but I used to care about being tagged in the early days when my bonus % was in just the double digits.

    I have a suggestion for the Addicts – remove the Grafitti-Free Add-Me thread. I believe that people put their user names there in good faith, which causes frustration when it’s not honoured. If tagging ultimately doesn’t impact the righteousness rating long-term, than no one should need to worry if they have graffiti-free or graffiti-happy neighbours.

    • I agree with you. But that is not my call.

    • Mr. Snrub Jr.

      I respectfully disagree, Bindi55, with the idea of removing the graffiti-free add me list. Those who use that list are stating a preference at the outset and if their preference is disrespected by a friend they added from that list, they can simply delete him or her.

      Imho, it is valuable to respect people who specifically state clear boundaries – in this game or in life in general. I respect the fact that they recognize and take responsibility for saying what’s cool for them or what’s not in their towns.

      People play this game for such a vast variety of reasons and how they take comfort and express freedom of creativity can be as idiosyncratic or quirky as is in the vast range of human encounters and activities. Their individual town represents a part of themselves; whether reasonable, controlling or whatever else it is their own town. They are absolutely free to call the shots there.

      Sure, some handle these issues more – or less – insightfully and deftly than others, but the loaded nature of tagging for some people is what it is; to deride the issue isn’t necessarily the most helpful or productive way to deal with it – be you tagger or the tagged.

      • Consider this…
        Had Alissa never created the “graffiti free” option on this blog…it would not have created the “I’m so eccentric about this NEW thing to worry and obsess about in a silly game club.”

        Think of it another way. We have this great community of people who share. We’re all in the same room. We all tap, and have similar goals…until one day, someone asks, “what is your religion?” And the next thing you know…the Catholics are in one corner, talking about the Episcopalians, and the agnostics are in another corner, with their backs turned, and the Lutherans are upset to have so few people in their corner…and they ALL forgot that we are here, trying to get along as best we can…and we were a LOT happier, before someone officially pointed out our differences.

        If you don’t believe in tagging…that’s your bit. If you do, that’s fine too. But to have a place that automatically separates us…or gives rise to others publicly shaming others, often after a mistaken “act of vandalism,” I’m for getting rid of the option altogether.

        I am going to lobby hard to see this option eliminated here…so that you can all act like sane adults, and deal with your decision to keep or delete a neighbor on your own.

        I see the whole thing as one more separatist action in a community that should know how to “play nice” with one another.

        • Honestly, I’m all for tagging, and I’ve let real life friends who play the game and don’t like tagging, know that I think they’re overreacting to a silly little game. But the thread IS here. I think it actually would be a good idea to do away with it, but I don’t like that this article came in like a bomb and basically insulted a big portion of players, with no warning that there was any shift in attitude from somewhere they thought was a safe place – a community. I get that it was more intended at the ones who complain and shame, but it’s hard to filter that message through a lot of angriness and what seems like being told how to feel. It reminds me of when people tut tut and say “first world problems”, to which I invariable reply “It’s still a problem. I never said I didn’t have any perspective.” So yeah. Let’s not let people complain and shame. But let’s not shame others for feeling the way they do either. Lots of people have all sorts of quirks, and that’s okay.

        • Just to touch on this (and add some history to it, links included!)…
          I’d just like to point out, since Patric was on his “Addicts Sabbatical” when the Graffiti free page was created, I didn’t create the monster.

          We addressed vandalism way back in 2014 in a number of posts. including this one with pros and cons to it:

          It was such a hot button issue, and people were already yelling at each other on the regular add me feed we created a vandalism-free thread here (the very first one), which explains why we did it:

          Since creating it we’ve had to police it like crazy. Over the years people were INSANE about it, and if someone vandalized someone else they’d freak out and curse and scream and yell. I can’t tell you how many comments we had to delete, how many times we had to put up notes in the post about being respectful, etc.

          This behavior was called out in this post:

          It’s been touch and go with the vandalize post over the last 5 years. However, these days friends barely come into play in TSTO, unless you’re a newbie. So the friend feeds aren’t very active, this includes the vandalism page.

          If you’re worried about righteousness, you shouldn’t be. If you’re worried about the bonus %, you shouldn’t be. If you’re worried about being worried about someone else freaking out over being tagged, you shouldn’t be.

          Bottom-line, it’s a game. Have fun and play, any way you want. But don’t freak out over stupid things like being tagged when you don’t want to be, or people freaking out over being tagged. It’s all trivial and nonsensical.

          And after 5 years, odds are the vandalism thread will be shut down eventually, it’s just not an important part of the game anymore. And really unnecessary. (i’ll probably put up a poll before i do anything, let the community weigh it)

  20. Rusty Shackleford

    Well I wish I could stay connected long enough to tag my neighbors, or have them tag me. I’ve had only one neighbor visit me per day.

    So sorry to hear about Terri’s death, sounds like she touched a lot of people. Her blessed memory will live on in those she touched.

  21. Hi Patric, just reading another great tgif post.
    I just want to say how sorry I am to hear about your friend Terri, I have read your previous posts & thought everything was going ok.
    She will be missed among the community. All the best mate.

  22. Why bother having an add me vandalism free thread then?

    • I agree.

      • Your post here is fine.
        You’ve made your feelings plain.
        What I don’t understand is why you would provide a facility for people who have differing views and then rampage through it deriding them.

        • I think it’s more about the people yelling that someone vandalized them.

        • Hopefully corrected soon. But there is a difference between helping like-minded people find one another (even if it is to separate themselves needlessyly) and those who call people out, deride them, and shame them in public. I refrained from printing usernames of those who do this regularly…but, trust me. I am watching now.

  23. As Patric said, “Get a life” or as my mother was quite fond of saying when I was younger…
    Go find something constructive to do!

    Sorry to hear of Terri’s passing.


  24. Another way of looking at I bought a character vs you got a character free. How many movies has a person seen in their life for free? How many songs has one heard for free? Believe me someone did purchase a ticket for a movie, or bought a (insert media choice here) for a song.

  25. When I was first playing I thought when I was tagged it was like getting bonus xp and game cash from buildings you normally don’t tap. Now I can’t remember when the last time a neighbor visited. Jagmjagm if you want to add me.

  26. Sorry for your loss.

    To worry about .5%, 5% or even 50% is ridiculous now. If you happen to be one who suffers from not having all stars buy training walls, they are easily hidden.

    To worry about anything is a waste, it only hurts yourself. If you can do something, then do it, don’t worry about it. If you think your situation is bad, probably 90% of the population would like to be in your position.

  27. Completely agree both my hubby and I play and we tag each other everyday, we always say thank you for the love notes and move on. Shows we were thinking about the other at that very moment.

  28. I am so sorry for your loss, Patric. I am so heartbroken when I hear about someone that has lost that fight.

  29. Well said Patric! I for one am behind you 100%.

    I am so sorry to hear about Terri and I am so happy that she and her family were able to celebrate Mothers Day all together. She (from your sharing with us) had a light that will be with the world forever in the form of her art and memories that all of you share with the people you know. Thank you for sharing her journey and letting us know.

  30. I’m inclined to say that if someone consistently tags you and you don’t like it then unfriend them in the game and you will be free of the tagging forever 😀

    If it’s a real life friend or Facebook friend and you don;t want to unfriend them then talk to them – I’m sure they would stop if you POLITELY asked them to as they probably don’t realise you have an aversion to tagging.

    • Or…like I said…you could just get over it. Life is too precious to let silly stuff like tagging bother you.

      • I like getting tagged! Xp from a building that doesn’t normally give anything is a win for me 😁 I have never noticed my bonus % change because of tagging.

        I like to look at things from many sides and was offering suggestions to those that didn’t like it 😊

    • Seems the obvious solution, Magical. ^^

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