Friday Filler – Getting Over Yourself – New Rituals

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Well, well, well… Last week’s Filler certainly stirred up the pot, and showed a rather contentious side to our little community. What started out as my hope that people would stop worrying about tagging, and more importantly, stop using the comments section on this site to attack and belittle one another over tagging, became a battlefield of denial and bewilderment.

Then…it became a territorial debate about whether we should abolish or keep the “Add Friends – Graffiti Free” section on the site.  Which turned into a broader debate over cause, effect, intent and entitlement.

So many ways to say the same things…

But, before I get to the solution I am going to propose…I want to list a handful of facts.

1. Tagging was/is part of the native/original code. It was meant to be part of the game, and therefore part of the fun.

2. Tagging, at this point in the game, does absolutely nothing to hurt you…even though you may temporarily lose “Righteousness Stars.”  One Half of a Percent in your XP bonus doesn’t change a thing…as the game only regulates in segments of 5% or more for your ability to get Bonuts (Free donuts). They return to 5 stars without you doing anything…except waiting.

3. It takes the same amount of time to clear a tag, as it does to clear a building for rent or menus...there is NO Loss of time due to tagging.

4. There is apparently a measurable, vocal subset of tappers, who admit to their inability to see this topic rationally, and will argue vehemently to keep the option of finding friends who won’t tag as one of the threads on this site, even after admitting that they “don’t know why it bugs them.”

All of that said, I HAVE A SOLUTION!  (I already said that…I know…but after reading the facts, I assume that half of the “No Tag” folks have once again stopped reading…and are freaking out, and ready to hang my head on a pike).

Here is my solution.

I would like a section in the “Add Friends” section that is labeled, ” Add Friends Who Love Graffiti!!!”

This allows us to coddle the folks who freak out over Bart’s graffiti (and to be fair, according to the game, it is BART who does the actual tagging), while opening up the possibility of having a bunch of friends who LIKE TO TAG One Another, to feel equally coddled.

Seems more than fair.

HOWEVER… I will STILL DELETE any comment on the board that calls out another player over tagging.  But, I will treat this equally!

So…If you post, “Don’t Add So-and-so because they tagged me, and I said I didn’t like tagging…waaa waaa waa!”  I Will DELETE IT.

Conversely, if you post, “My Neighbor So-and-so DIDN’T TAG ME and I LIKE TAGGING!! I will also delete it!

Got it?

Sounds silly??

That’s because it is.

But, in the comments yesterday, our dear friend Ebron posted that she is now starting a new ritual of tagging ALL of her neighbors.  I loved this. And she DID. And I laughed, knowing that she most likely had to “stand in line” as a ton of my neighbors had already tagged all of the tagable buildings.

I truly hope that Alissa will soon add a section where all of the people who love tagging can reside…and laugh every day, as we aspire to losing our “Righteousness.”

While there may be a handful of certifiable nutjobs on this site (myself included), I have to once again marvel at the amazing generosity of some, as we once again, REACHED OUR GOAL in time for this term’s School Books and Supplies for Buyijja.  This was 100% TSTOAddicts Fueled!

I know I just wrote that I don’t want to single people out in posts…but THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST.  This money was raised by a small handful of Tapper who “Get It,” and care more for the future prospects of others, than about the details of a silly game.  They are special. They are my friends. They are amazing…

Mary Martha
Jackie (2)
Mark Wilson
Russian Tigger

If you think that you need to continue to debate the “tagging” bit… don’t bother.  I offer up the suggestion for “equal but separate” ways to find neighbors, as a way to say, “You win. I’m burned out on the crazy…”

When I look at the stats… this site, has moderated 533,500 comments over the years.  More than Half a Million.

I have posted more almost 5,500 replies…which says nothing of the tens of thousands I just read in moderation.  That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the posts/comments I made on my old site, TSTOFriends, before coming back here almost three years ago.  So…yes…that gives me the right to have an opinion, and once in a great while, hit the NUKE button on a comment.

But, the reason I preach for perspective in life (and certainly this silly game), is because life is precious. It is more than getting 5 Stars and claiming “Righteousness.”  It is trying to live a life that is worth living…doing for others…and HAVING FUN with like-minded people who “get it.”

Every time I want to walk away…I see the actions of the “good ones,” (including our leader Alissa, and our good friend Russian Tigger), who choose to be more than just another tapper, who can’t get the game to be everything they need it to be, in order to have a life fulfilled.

Thank goodness for all of those of you who “get it.”  It keeps me from walking away from something that is not only part of my life, but important to the lives of more than 270 kids in Africa, who need our support to have a future.

This place is amazing. If I had a can of spray paint…I’d write it on my screen.


55 responses to “Friday Filler – Getting Over Yourself – New Rituals

  1. I went and tagged an unnamed long time “friend” the other day. Next time I logged on that “friend” had tagged me.

    I want back to tag them again, but had been unfriended.

    I feel just terrible, oh wait, no I don’t. I am actually kind of glad that I was unfriended if that’s all it takes for it to happen.

    I think I might go and tag some more “friends” to see if I get the same response!

    Patric, you are causing quite the controversy

    • Actually…I think I am helping to single out my neighbors nicely. Tagged ‘em all…so far, no repercussions. Love my neighbors!

  2. I’m fresh back from being denutified at the denutery! I’ve missed my neighbors. Please come back Patric and Ebron, if you have room. Can’t wait to start tagging with a vengeance!

  3. I usually don’t tag because I picked up a lot of friends on the No Graffiti list. Every now and then I would tap the wrong spot and accidently tag someone, and felt absolutely terrible. Now, thanks to this post I feel absolved from my tagging sins. Thank you! 😋

  4. Gillian Cover

    When I first started playing, I had no clue that tagging was a “bad” thing. In fact, in my ignorance, I went out of my way to seek the buildings that were taggable, believing it was helpful both to me and my neighbor. I even lost a neighbor or two and couldn’t figure out where they went or why they disappeared. Soon after, I discovered TSTO, and realized what had happened and that tagging was a no-no. I even began looking for neighbors exclusively on the “I swear on the life of my firstborn not to spread graffiti” page. I still don’t tag, but I don’t get all bent out of shape if I receive graffiti. It really doesn’t effect my game status at all. I enjoyed this post! Kudos to you, Patric and Ebron. I wish you were in my neighborhood so I could join in the fun.

  5. Lisa (Kyle b.)

    Oh this is too funny! I love it! Ebron and Patric’s little tagging “mini event” is better and has more friend interaction than EA’s! 🤣 (sorry EA, I do appreciate the mini event though!)…if only Ebron and Patric could dish out some in-game prizes and a leaderboard for most tagged or something…oh well, seeing ebron’s/patric’s/bart’s tag in my town is reward enough. And sandytoes got me, too! To *all* of my neighbors, feel free to tag me…because I’m comin’ fur ya😂

  6. Mr_Martypants

    I encourage tagging. I have all my taggable buildings lined up next to the Simpson house to make it easy (with a note). Being tagged reminds me to visit neighbors. If a neighbor doesn’t clean up a tag over a period of days or weeks, its a good indicator that they quit playing.

  7. Andrew Greenwood

    Sorry to interrupt the current topics, just a general shout out to the community.
    I just got the sconewall bakery through the yearbook, but didn’t receive any prompt for the new skin for smithers, or any new quest line.
    Any ideas thanks.

  8. I like this idea! unrelated I cannot find anything on fleet-a-pita “farming”. it just popped up in my “shop”, I guess bc I finally got Luann from the yearbook. and the truck was for free! when I placed one, I realized I got 27k XPs. for 5,600 cash, it seems like a pretty decent return. and it’s instant. I’ve been kem farming for a while now, and always put about 110, so I spend a lot of cash, but usually only do it for 10.days with collider on and then take a break again. with yearbook out, I’ve been farming like crazy though. and the FPs seem a lot easier lol. has any body done some sort of math (safi?) on pros cons of this?


  9. I gotta say….since last weeks post on this I have felt freed….free to vandalize! I feel so…….bad! Being bad feels good!😈😈😈Happy to see my buildings get it in return too! I don’t think ive been hit this much in the years ive been playing as just this past week! Lol

  10. When you really thing about it all. What does it matter if you tag or not. Over the past year or more having neighbours has become irrelevant. Even those last events that you could go to your neighbours and collect items was pointless as they limited to a certain amount and that was it.

    So for those who are so opposed to tagging.. just remember, we don’t need neighbours to complete events. If you unfriend someone in this day an age, it becomes your loss not theirs.

    If someone tags me.. I don’t really mind, It’s part of the game and how it was designed to be played. Bart is a graffiti artist, let him do his job.

  11. Oh look, we’re back to Salem in the 1600s again

  12. I LOVE tagging & being tagged. I will spend ages in a neighbour’s town trying to find the taggable buildings they have hidden😂. If they don’t like it, simply unfriend me. It’s not compulsory to keep the same neighbours. We’re not conjoint twins or anything. I love to see who’s visited my town & I’ve noticed the same people tag me religiously. They are my absolute favourite neighbours. Keep it up I say. My motto is:
    ‘A tag a day, keeps the boredom away’…..😂🧡X

  13. And verily, from the polished floors of Springfield Elementary to the politically flawed of City Hall; from the window bars of Springfield Police Station to the windowed bar of Moe’s, you will know us by the trail of red.

    All ye trendy lefty Tappers who aspire to trendy leafy towns, hark! That is the laughter of the mighty Righteous. Our laughter is not canned; our vengeance is canned. And it shall rain down with furious anger upon you bigbabytaggerwhiners who attempt to poison and destroy our brothers and sisters — the Angels of the Vandal, the Brethren of the Righteous.

    Heathens, seek ye not shelter and solace among the foul and sulphurous creatures of the Add Friends — Graffiti-Free post, for the Righteous walk among you; expose us, reject us and ye shall be Deleted. Boo-hoo! Waaa waaa waa! Get.A.Life.

    Hail to the Vandals, for they shall be coddled for ever in the community spirit of the Righteous. So it is written. Let us spray.

    • This. Is. Brilliant!!!!! A very much needed laugh!

      And let it rain red upon those who fear it the most…those who seek order in banal blandness. I can hear the beat of Gabriel’s (Peter) drum!


    • The path of the righteousness tagger is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil addicts. Blessed is he who, in the name of Marge and Lisa, shepherds the weak through the alleys of Krustyland, for he is truly his Bart’s keeper and the finder of lost Springfield Elementary children. And I will tap down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and tag My neighbors. And you will know I am Homer Simpsom when I lay My graffiti upon you.

  14. Tagging is the only Neighbor/Friend action available in a long time.

    When was the last time we could tap characters in a neighbors town. Last one I can remember is Lawyers and maybe Hippies. Long term memory is sketchy.. short term still okay lol ..I think.

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    People who worry about getting tagged are people who take things too seriously. I tend to take things too seriously, so this summer, I’m going to take it easy and take things much less seriously. I’m done watching, listening, or reading the news, and outside of work, I’m going to try and enjoy summer the way I did as a kid. Just be carefree. Lounge a bit too much by the pool, take some time to hike in the woods, watch the birds.

    Cause summer and life goes by too quickly. Before I know it, I’ll be slicing the turkey at Thanksgiving. Man the years just fly by….

    Full disclosure: I’ve had a few manhattans before writing this.

  16. I have become a vandal and it feels good!

    However, if you get any complaints about me I am going to blame you!
    I got a lot of friends about 4-5 years ago from a thread promising not to vandalise so my defence will be ” it wasn’t my fault, Patric made me do it”

    If I lose a few I am not really worried as most no longer visit me anymore.

  17. Dearest Patric, Ecstatic that we met goal for our precious young students. Your idea of a “ Tag me, Please/ Friends who love graffiti “ is completely on point. Tell me what you want, not what you don’t want. Eliminates 90% of whining. Bring it!

  18. But can I still comment that “So-and-so tagged me, and I’m totally indifferent”? My whole world would come crashing down if I couldn’t let everyone know this. Haha.

  19. Being the loner I am…this is an aspect of the game I am completely…unfamiliar with…I don’t have any neighbors…imagine the time spent to advance along that prize trail. I think Stampy was my last trophy….after 3 years or so. 30 friendship pts every 24 hrs…over 3 years….5000pts…or so per prize…..any who……I don’t even pay attention anymore. Almost done with the yearbook…

    • Yikes! Let me know when/if you want a neighbor. Then I’ll tag your town. LOL!

      • I want you as a neighbor Patric! Same user name, all 1 word. Tag away!

        • Whoops, sorry for the double post. It was still in my text box and not showing up as in moderation until I reposted it. >_< Just means I want you as a neighbor twice as much

  20. Patric, I invite you to listen to a little known Taylor Swift Song called Shake It Off. It can be applied to your opening comments of this post 🙂 Haters gonna hate…

  21. I love to see “el barto” in my town…neighbor actions are way down nowadays. With no reason to visit,,it’s just not fun. Alot of us miss event related neighbor actions. Friendship prize track,,community prizes,,come on EA,we know y’all pay attention to the #1 TSTO blog,,,get with it & breathe some life back into these forgotten ideas!! Meanwhile,,,somewhere in someone’s Springfield,El Barto strikes again!!

  22. I’m on a no tag list, so I don’t tag anyone and tell my kids the same for the names from this site. I am fair game for them though and they tag me relentlessly 😉

    Idea for EA.. Some towns, money to tap is hard to find and takes a while. I’d love it if they had some kind of locator for easier tapping. I’m at my friend limit, so it takes me a while to go through everyone.

  23. Speaking of game rituals, this is one of my favorites…Chalmers as a part of the Zoo Exhibit all day, every day. 😁

    • Nice!

    • Ebron, this made my day entirely 🙂 Also, I love that you are graffito-tagging (that’s how my grandma would have said it and I just keep that verbiage as homage :P) every one of your friends. I have one that sometimes tags me but I like the idea of it being a thing one is known for.

  24. I’m such a little dickens!😈

    • And this is why we love you. ❤️

    • oktober10aussie

      I saw you graffiti tag my town the other day ebron! 😀

      I never knew of the whole tagging/righteousness thing. I saw threads about people who didn’t like the graffiti so I tried not to do it. I thought they just didn’t like the look of it or something!

      I’d feel really bad in some of those cluttered friend towns where I’d accidentally do a graffiti tag. To my friends who don’t like that…it was never intentional. Unclutter your darn towns!! 😀

      People are more than welcome to graffiti in my Springfield.

  25. If any of my neighbours don’t like being tagged FEEL free to unfriend me, I won’t be offended.

  26. I was delighted to get tagged by Ebron the other day!

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