Game of Games – Calendar and Math to Get It All – FULL EVENT

So a little taunting (OK…a LOT!), and the fact that the writers had to “face the public” with their big E3 panel on Simpsons related games…and we FINALLY got a REAL Event! At some point it stops being a coincidence…and just a result.

I know many of you are complaining about the multi-event format. But, let’s face it…many of you complain about just about everything…and yet, continue to play. Go figure.

For the rest of you, I am happy to be doing a CALENDAR again…as it implies that there is actually an event that warrants the hours of work that go into it.

FOR ALL OF THE NUMBERS YOU NEED TO GET IT ALL (and there is a lot of stuff)…keep reading!

So…the primary number you need to know, is the same “magic number” that has become the norm around these TSTO parts. 4 hours. Log in and play every 4 hours, sending all of the available folks to do the primary task, and you are golden.  If you add a couple of the Premium currency earners…you will be Platinum, and finish EAsily.

Let’s take a look…

And for the “numbers only, hold the graphics” set…here is the “Non=Gregorian” version.

As you math wizards may see, I made it seem a little tougher, so you will finish a day (or a few hours) ahead of the cutoffs for each act. And, I am going to assume that the events acts overlap (Note from Alissa… they do), so you can keep working on one, while another starts. But, you know what they say about the word, Ass-U-Me.

In any case…it was nice to “dust off the rust” and do something fun for a good reason…AN EVENT IN TSTO.

Hard to tell what the “new normal” is going to be.  But, at least until July 10th…we have nothing else to complain about…except for the same old things…like ITEM LIMITS, which were not raised yet (still 13,000).

Keep on Tappin’!  Have fun!  Be happy…

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  1. There appears to be no 4th of July on this calendar. So, Happy First 5th of July! As there seems to be 2 of them. 🤷‍♀️😂🇺🇲

  2. JoshuaJMorgan

    Thanks so much for these posts, Patric, but I noticed that Dash Dingo is listed as “400” Total Cumulative Event Currency on both calendars, though the item itself is 400 event currency and it is the 2nd item for week 3, so it should be 650 since the 1st item is 250. This correction would move Dash Dingo from today, Thursday, June 27th, to tomorrow, Friday, June 28th on the calendar, which is where you’ve correctly listed it on the Non-Gregorian chart. And I guess the 1st item, Marching Band Arcade, would also move from the 26th to the 27th to match your chart.

    Thanks again,

    • Happy that someone caught that. I’ve been looking at it for a couple of weeks…and wondering if I needed to change it. Now…I don’t need to!

  3. It has been so long that i have not seen the kalender of events! Yay! I did not know that I missed it until I saw it again. This is very much appreciated. Thank you, Patric!

  4. I finished the Act I questline on Sunday, so looking forward to Act II.

    If I already have the Mapple Store… is that different than the Mapple HQ shown for the Act II calendar?

  5. Thanks for the calendar Patric. I’m on track to getting all the prizes before the new act starts since I got the dragon this afternoon. I plan on putting most of the decoration prizes in front of the new convention centre though I would’ve liked it if there were more blocko items to add to blockoland which could’ve been blocko versions of basic decorations like trees, lights, shrubs and fences.

  6. Meh

  7. So it looms like EA is actually going to stick with an unified theme throughout the entire event ?
    That’s a change from past were the end doesn’t mesh with the beginning (I liked the start of Battle Royal ….. but didn’t like the end)

  8. ScaryBountyHunter101

    Having problems with logging in,I keep putting in the right information but it’s still tells me an error occurred with the login, and I really want to participate in this event. Anybody else having this problem?

    • Reset your EA account password. Hit the “forgot password link” and go through the process.
      Sorry bud, that worked for me twice now

  9. Yay Calendar (thanks Patric!)👍
    Boo no increased Item Limits (well that’s EA for you (lol!) 🤪

    We can still Farm 🍩’s
    We can still obtain from a Mystery Box
    We don’t have to grind
    We can Tap, or not (so many choices, so few complaints)

  10. Oh a little Indian boy. He’s so cute & smart looking. My fav. I love kids.

    • OK. Not sure if this would be better if it was just “cute and smart” as the ethnic description isn’t needed?

      • What?? I know and have lived by many Indians my whole life and they are proud to be called Indians. Do you use the term African American? If so then you’re a hypocrite. Please dont use the Pc overuse of calling everyone you dont like racist.

        • Well…I get your point. Here in America the term cuts both ways. I guess I was hoping that cute and smart would suffice. That’s all.

          I guess the point being, if someone was describing me, I’d hope for “smart, old, portly…” but would leave out “pasty white Anglo guy” in the description.

          • Indian is not a derogatory term. Ppl that think it is have a wrong mindset. It is a heritage description to be proud of , all similar terms are, as is African-American. Just because some ppl use terms negatively doesnt mean the term cant be used positively anymore. Thats letting bad win. I see a cute Indian boy dressed smartly. Why you see nastiness is on you.

            • I Don’t. And it’s cool to be proud of heritage…if it’s your own. For others to use it as a descriptive modifier…less so.

              • I see nothing wrong with the original comment. No different than calling me an Italian.

              • Well…I guess if you were portrayed as a cartoon…and you were sporting a red, white, and green hat…while giving someone the “evil eye,” I would agree. I’d say. “hey! Cool! We got another Italian stereotype in the game!” So…I stand corrected? I should have just let it go…because it is indefensible from both sides, “Freedom of Speech” being what it is online.

                Mia Culpa…

              • I mean… the jokes they are a plenty lol

                But i guess my point was just the way it was used, in context, I didnt see anything wrong with it. 🤷‍♀️

              • Okay, I’m sorry. You were right and I was wrong. Even though I meant no harm, I should have left that adjective out. I watched Bart’s comet last night & saw Report Card is a cute all American boy. I can’t wait to see his visual jobs.

              • No worries…a good discussion to have. I live with my teacher/counselor wife, who is constantly grading my “cultural competence,” and it is admittedly a moving target.

  11. New event! New event! New event! New event!

  12. Yippee! New stuff to design!

  13. Thank you for the calendars. It keeps my, otherwise chaotic, life on track!!

  14. Anyone else missing Their entire friend list? I’m still getting friend visits to my town so I’m hoping a fix is coming.

  15. Cool stuff to earn, I like a lot of them, lol, might create a games theme town with all these new buildings, your design skill are improving Patric, to much time on your hand lol, good job

  16. Thanks a lot Patric ❤

  17. Paid for donuts. It’s the least I could do. Glad to be playing a scene!

  18. People complain about everything these days. They even complain about people complaining about stuff…

  19. Thanks for the calendar Patric!! It’s been awhile since we have had one, looks great!! Do you know if we will be able to buy more crowd of gamers like we could at Christmas with the carollers??

  20. Thanks again for all your work and the calendar!

    There’s some fun dialogue and the prizes will be welcomed.

  21. Holy crap! Calendars! I remember those! Sweet!!!!!

  22. I like the caricature banner at the bottom of the calendar! Nice work, guys. And thanks for the hard work, laying all the info out for us.

  23. Get off my lawn.

  24. Happy for the new content, but I don’t like the format of this event, you just come every 4 hours and that’s it, I preferred when there were stuff to collect, and you could built decorations, when it felt busy, here it’s a bit boring.

    • To each their own. I like having more “life currency” to spend…while still being entertained.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I would like to see a different event format, but this is still good and the dialog has been great.

        I agree about having more life currency. Besides, it’s summer and that means more time outdoors and less time online. Cause before you know it, you’ll be slicing the thanksgiving turkey !

        • My daughter already keeps telling us that it’s almost Christmas…

          The cool thing about TSTO is that it’s always evolving. So what you see as a format today may not be the format in a year.

      • Are you still being entertained though? Just because I’m not ready to throw in the towel on a game I’ve loved for years, doesn’t mean I have to love every single thing in it. Having and expressing an opinion isn’t the same thing as complaining, so I didn’t really appreciate the way you worded that in the post. This multi event is not fun. Period, full stop. The content is good, and that is all that is good about this event. The game play is mindless and boring. Yes, I’m grateful for the event, and for the new content, but I’m not going to throw out life currency as a platitude to excuse the lazy programming. We can all reclaim life currency by simply not playing or reducing our expectations of getting all the prizes. Or spend money/donuts to compensate, etc. We don’t need EA to decide how to dole it out for us, and we certainly don’t have to find ways to make ourselves feel better about an event that simply isn’t fun.

      • Are you actually entertained though? I mean the content is good, but that’s as far as I’d go.

        • I am entertained by the writing…because I actually take the time to read it, and don’t just power through it to get to the next task.

          For me…while I like variety and neighbor visits…I often found the grind to search out “tappables” tedious and overly time-consuming. Even with this format…with KEM farming, resetting all of my characters every four hours, and the occasional neighbor tag-fest, it is standard to spend at least 20 minutes, “doing the basics.” That is more than an hour and a half a day…not counting moderating, designing, and writing posts. That’s enough “entertainment,” thanks.

          • As you say Patric, we all have different opinions & just because some don’t like the format at present, it doesn’t mean they are negative or necessarily moaning.
            I’m entertained to an extent but not nearly as much as when I first started playing this game.

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