Friday Filler – Dear EA…Meet Safi!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Yes…it has been a week to remember.  Wife got a new hip (I’m on CareGiver Mode)..I am almost done with the 2nd bathroom remodel (I’m also in builder/fixer/painter/plumber/carpenter mode), and TSTO/EA continues to keep feeding us characters and content. Two of those make me happy…

I know some of you love this update (CJBrown, you know who you are…). But, I guess I have to just “go with the flow…and throw in the towel” as it comes to anything resembling the Time Space Continuum.

And man…. EA…have you met Safi??  He’s the one who has been doing Bracket Battles to bring us ideas of the most anticipated and coveted characters and content in the game. In short…he is doing YOUR JOB…but you are apparently ignoring him.  But, I’ll get to that. 

First, the Time Space Continuum.  This well established bending of Einstein’s general theory, states pretty clearly, that you can’t have multiple versions of different ages of someone wandering around in the same Time Space. In other words, if you are being true to how linear time works, you can’t be an active part of a one reality in the present (you) and interact with a version of a younger you (also you).

Haven’t the writers seen “Outlander??”  The main character has two husbands…one in the 17th century, and one in the 1940s-60s, and a whole lot of sex, which brings about a daughter who is born in this Time Space, but was actually fathered by her hot, other husband in the 1700s.  Now THAT makes sense!  But, I digress…

What doesn’t make sense is Teenage Homer, umpteen versions of grown-up Homer, and a new Baby Homer all wandering around, performing tasks at the same time…in the same Springfield. It’s nuts, I tell ya!!

And of course, it wasn’t just Homer…there are scads of “youngun versions” of people of all ages.

Of course the only one who isn’t a “baby” is Smithers…who is a teen. But, what also annoys me, is that these “Babies” are really more old toddlers…or Pre-Schoolers (what is the correct term for a child who is not a “baby” but is old enough to know where the peanut butter snacks are hidden…but isn’t in real school yet? Toddler just doesn’t seem to cover it).  I KNOW what babies are supposed to look like. Only Bart and Lisa remotely resemble what a real toddler looks like.

I got this text from Katie…guilty as charged!  As soon as Jake could walk…and run…he is persistently sneaking into the snack cupboard for a treat! Genetics…don’t fall far from the Peanut Butter Ritz crackers!  But, I digress again…

I’m not buying the concept or need for a bunch of Baby/Toddler/Teen versions of the characters.  Especially after Safi has done so much to work out these amazing BRACKET BATTLES!!

I mean…come on, EA!!!  Safi has already done all of the heavy lifting for you!  I realize that comedy writers aren’t exactly known for their math skills…but, Safi is seriously skilled in the art of all things numeric…so you just have to READ HIS POSTS!!!

I mean…we were all pretty clear on this…the most desired character is currently…

Look at all of that Math!!  Nothing says “this is real” like all of those votes and percentages!  So…BRING HER ON!  Let’s get back to the REAL  Time Space Continuum…where Dead Versions of People (DVP) and Live Versions of People (LVP) from the Past can be the same person…and exist at the SAME time, in the same Time/Space!!!

Man…this would make Young Einstein freak the freak out!  It’s one thing to have different versions of living people interacting with themselves (but I still call BS)…but it is completely different to have a Live and Dead version of the same person wandering around. And…even with Safi’s Math…I am hard pressed to buy any of it.

But…it is the Simpsons…it is a silly game…and the fact is, I have stuff to do.

So…I’ll leave it up to you.  Does the Time Space Kerfulfium bother you?  Do you want Maude back to life?  And do you think Outlander is should be renamed “Outlandish?” (even though I am enduring my wife binge-watching it during her convalescence)???

Keep on Tappiin’… what choice do we have?

Oh….Wait….One more thing…

Yes…I realize that I am dodging my real emotions.  Yes. I realize that I am perhaps misdirecting my anger toward something I CAN control…(My silly little game, EA and the writers). And yes…I realize that there are likely many of you reading this, who come here to be happy…to get away from the mayhem and chaos in the world.

But, they have finally broken my head. “They” being the idiots in government who allow the madness to continue.  I wish I could be more specific…but the fact is, there is so much madness…in so many sectors…each and every single day…that my head has finally snapped, trying to swivel around to gaze at the latest horrific act, or statement, or ignorant tweet that comes across my reality.

I have one salvation… I know how to say, “Pffffffffftttttttttt!!!!!

To all of the leaders who do nothing but offer “hopes and prayers”..while doing nothing. I say, “Pffffffffffffttttttttttt!” To all of the sheeple who blindly make excuses for them, I say “Pfffffffffffffffttttttttttt!”

‘Nuf said…you can sort out who is who on your own.

Now…for those who need a lesson in saying “Pfffftttt…”  Here’s our newest expert! My grandson, Jake.

OK…now you can go back to tappin’…

Oh…wait…here is another tweet…Oh…Dear…God…. Pfffffffffffffttttttttttttttt!!!!

40 responses to “Friday Filler – Dear EA…Meet Safi!

  1. Something I would like to see in the game is a little edit in the job manager function of the office of unemployment and that is to have a collect all button instead of a go to, this would only affect the characters that have had their task set by the job manager.

  2. Hey Patric,
    I hope your Wife recovers from surgery with no complications (those Jake images are priceless, if only we could all stay this innocent as Adults) …… and I hope you managed the continued remodeling without further incident (those ants, ermigawd, that was proof of poor contractors work and it’s not fair to your household).

    Remember my “zero expectations” from EA (and I firmly stand behind that). Well, if we get actual Characters versus Character Skins (or NPCs), then I will consider that better than “zero expectations” …. does it feel odd having a variant of several Characters (Adult, Teen, Toddler)? Absolutely, but I have still “zero expectations” , so anything above that is appreciative.

    Yet, I think we all should have seen these variant Characters coming from EA when we had Act Prizes that were the Adult versions of Lisa, Bart, Maggie (SciFi 2016 Event) ….. and this doesn’t leave EA off the hook (if an existing Character is already voiced in TSTO, then so should the variant – it’s kinda L-EA-Z-Y not to follow that logic).

    It’s Saturday, which means I should make like a Toddler and be pampered, too (oh who am I kidding, it’s been non-stop busy working another huge Las Vegas Event, and I wouldn’t have it any other way but to stay busy in my 50’s and/or fight with my health insurance about a new knee) 😅

  3. I got BOTH hips replaced before turning 55 (genetics) — they’re “easily” recoverable. Best of luck in her recovery and hope it goes as well as mine did.

    • She is doing great! Ahead of the recovery track…

    • My husband has his hip surgery on Monday. Any advice? He is 52 with severe osteoarthritis.

      • Yes…follow all of the protocol…be sure to do the exercises…take it slow…absolutely stick to the regimen. Elevate the legs…ice…get up and move…and just realize it’s going to be a few weeks before you won’t need 5e walker.

    • Rhubarb_Runner

      Glad to hear you are doing better post hip replacement ☺️
      I’ve had my left knee replaced (at 52)
      I will eventually need my right knee replaced (probably within another year after I’m 55)

      I will never stop skateboarding, but I do have to warn those kids that arthritis will creep up on you (thank you Tamaflex from GNC for keeping my joints jn order) ….. and give some of us seniors a safe space in the spam pit.

  4. Maybe out of topic, but maybe in there next event they could plan to use the space on the other side of that montain a little better, like Springfield Height part 2 where we could finally use those lands, I always find it weird that it does extend as far back as the rest of Springfield.

  5. Umm…how did I do this?

  6. Doh’ You have peanut butter Ritz crackers in the US! Mmmmmmmmh! Peanut butter crackers….. who cares about the rest ….

  7. My new favorite word = kerfulfium

  8. Either way….it’s new stuff. Kinda i guess. Lol. But those kids look so freaking cute. Plus i really want Everybody was kung fu fighting Smithers. Best event? Hardly. But cute and fun 😊
    We have sooooo many skins. Seriously.
    Forget Ferris…..SAVE SAFI!!!!! He knows all.

    • sandytoes74

      EA should cut Safi a check
      I still wouldn’t mind a “back to school” Event in TSTO (everyone remembers what that felt like as a kid, or has kids and they’re dealing with it as a parent – especially going to the stores and getting back to school stuff – ermigawd! what a nightmare! (but worth lampooning in TSTO)😅

  9. The resurrection of Maud has good potential as a storyline. I fine with the new event. I think if the picked other more obscure characters it would be better. Duffman, Bumbleman etc

    As for Outlander Pat. My GF loves that show. I deal with watching myself because after the show I always have a 🙂 on my face..

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Yeah, the whole “thoughts and prayers” nonsense is so fake. That said, this community seems very genuine, and I appreciate that.

    As for our govt, Demopublican, Republicrat, They all stink.

    To all my fellow TSTO’ers I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer weekend. Don’t think about politics. Don’t look at your phone.

    I have to wash my car tomorrow. Inevitably, my wife will come outside and ask me what I am doing. That’s when I’m going to blast her with the hose…heh heh. Yeah, I’m still a little boy at heart who wants to enjoy the last days of summer .

    • It’s funny Pat has gotten sneaky lately. He texts me to say the post is done. I read it and scheduled it. Then he sneaks in and adds more stuff to it that I likely would’ve had him remove originally… 🤦‍♀️
      Not the place for any of it.

      • Uhm… not sneaking. Just an afterthought edit. I often re-read and edit after they are scheduled. I caught five typos…but was unfortunate enough to have the news on when I was doing it.

        • Dont news and blog… it’s bad for my health 😉

          • Ah…..come on…I offset it with baby laughter! Most people don’t read that stuff anyway. Especially when there is a laughing baby video right below it. But to ignore the past two seeks…well…kinda outside my ability.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          I’d like to edit my post: I’m going to use water balloons instead of the hose! Heh heh heh

          Going to take a break from tsto as I finished act 2 this morning.

          • Great Idea! I am still remodeling and being Nurse Rachet…so, TSTO is waaaaaayyyy off my radar this weekend.

            • Nurse Rached was a bully who had patients lobotomised because they stood upto her and made her life difficult. Better not to be her for your wifes sake. Hope her hip feels ok soon.

  11. I can agree with your rant in two places. 1) The writers would be wise to pay attention to Safi’s works. It does not make a whole lot of sense to give us multi versions of the same characters when there is a plethora of unique characters that have yet to enter our game. 2) It can be downright “silly” to have multi versions of characters occupying the same area or potentially interacting with their altered state of being.

    That being said, I’m really not bothered by having multiple versions of characters in our games. I just enjoy having new content in whatever form it comes in although some of the content does make me raise my eyebrows for a show that appeals to multiple age and maturity groups.

    Personally, I would think it would be an honor to receive advice from my older self or give advice to my younger self. I also think it would be interesting to see how my life would be different if I chose something different at each juncture of my life for better or for worse. But as it is, I’m generally happy with my choices in life so I could take or leave knowing how my life could have been different. But still I wonder. Lol

  12. First, Homer destroyed the town in a nuclear explosion that created multiple universes (our towns). The destruction of normal time/space allows us to visit these universes and causes buildings to be created either instantly or after a few hours. It also destroyed normal time as no one is born nor dies, they just appear out of thin air from the destroyed time/space/universes hole.

    Contrary to your beliefs, these “people” are not sharing the same time space but are different versions from different universes. I.E., baby homer is from form universe A1, teenage Homer is from B2, your homer is from O1, etc. That is why doing something to baby Homer will not effect older Homer, they are two different individuals from different universes.

  13. Once more, my most desired characters:

    Spinal Tap
    Doctor Zeus
    Mitch Marner

    And recently added,

    Troy McClure

    OK, I want a Troy McClure event, with all thing Troy McClure.

  14. I’m not crazy about having multiple incarnations of the same characters, but I do like Colonel Burns mansion…

  15. I think the term you’re looking for, one age group up from toddler, is “pre-schooler.”

    • I would agree…. except that these days, loads of kids go to “school” way before real school (hence the term Pre-School), but as they are actually learning as much as we used to in Kindergarten, I don’t really think they are “pre-schools) but more like “young-schoolers.”

  16. Whatever you think about the current release, TSTO has got to be saner than just about anywhere in the world right now!

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