Friday Filler – When You’re Out of Ideas Offer Donuts

Thank Grog It’s Firday,

I’m not going to lie. This week almost did me in.  As Ringo Starr once screamed into a studio mic, “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!!!” (between Revolution No. 9 and Helter Skelter on the White Album). In fact, it is likely just blisters from juggling…and juggling…and juggling.

So when one of my true escapes from my “clown circus life” starts getting lazy, it really bums me up. TSTO/EA/Gracie is really dropping the ball in regards to content for this update…unless you are a new player…which I am not.

I hate whining at this point…as we should all just be happy the game is still around. But, come on… a dozen donuts instead of a Major Premium Character?
Have they lost their minds??????

Well…yes…yes they have.

The writing has been so loose on this update, that they have lost me. Although, the fact is, they are all but admitting that the premise is ridiculous, and the prizes are extremely random.

Bleeding Gums Murphy, was one of the most sought after, desired characters in the history of TSTO.  We whined about wanting him for months, if not years. Then, during the HomerPalooza event in August of 2017, we finally got him! For 165 donuts…which was “outrageous” at the time!

Oh…silly…silly…tappers. 165 donuts for a beloved character is pretty much nothing these days.

So…yes, I am happy that some of the newer players get a  chance to get him for FREE. I’ve said it before, I don’t regret it when they do retreads for newer players…even at a discount, or free…because I’ve been able to enjoy him for two years. And let’s face it…time is still the most valuable currency.

BUT…what IS weird…is that it seems they are going to make him a major prize for this Act, and then give the rest of us a dozen lousy donuts. 12 donuts…as in what I earn donut farming in about 9 minutes.  Big. Freakin’. Whoop!

That is certainly not motivation to tap.

And…the writers get it… I loved this line when we got the “Bleeding Gums Cloud”

Yes…I put Bleeding Gums Cloud next to the trumpeting angels…doing a heavenly jam session. I’m cool with that…as long as the LIVING Bleeding Gums doesn’t wander in, and mess with the time space….Ah..Never Mind!  It’s all over…they brought back the damn cat…Snowball One. Time space continuum blown to hell by a fur ball spitting cat.

I’m sure this makes sense to someone…but, when in doubt, go to the SOURCE of making sense of  silly cartoon plots…

OK…I get it.  It makes sense to people who can simply suspend any belief in anything that makes sense. It explains why the biggest blockbusters are comic book movies. I admit it. I just don’t go anymore if it is based on a comic book. Silly stuff.

But, then again…I’m tired. Really, really, really tired.  But, it was worth it…

This week…I was able to introduce “She who is the rehab queen” to her first shower in the NEW Walk In Shower Stall!!!  Woot Woot!

For those of you who love HGTV shows where they come in and demolish a house, and then fix it up…Here’s what it REALLY looks like. They have a huge crew…days and days…and the people who own the house are put up in a hotel.
Me…not so much.

Let’s recap the shower project…

1. Old, Hideous, ceramic shower, science experiment horror of an old shower stall demolished…and half of the closet…removed to make way for 48″ walk in shower.

2. Discover after removing layers of the horrible old shower stall…and revealing the Petri Dish of hideous mold and scum, hidden under layers of ceramic and mortar…only to find the the IDIOTS who built the house…cemented in the sewer and supply lines…requiring me to rent a jack hammer…to begin to open it up to be able to move the location of the drain…and re-pumb all of the supply lines and spigots.

3, In the middle of prepping walls for paint…the Carpenter Ant discovery…and then days and days of sheet-rocking, spackling, primer, paint, while spraying for the ants looking for the nest that is no longer…

4. Finally…the inaugural shower in the newly tiled, and cured walk-in shower stall. Yes…I had to give up 2 feet of my closet…and have been working 16-hour days as caregiver, construction dude, business owner, and web maven (while tapping once in a while). But the look on her face after a long, luxurious shower that didn’t require being lifted into the old tub enclosure in the guest bathroom?  PRICELESS…

So…yes…when EA/Gracie get lazy in the programming and story telling…and mess with the time space continuum, while favoring NEW players…it makes me a bit cranky.  If they really cared about the long-time players, they would RAISE THE ITEM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!

But the good news is…this update is also so, freakin’ easy…I don’t have to care. So I don’t. Real life…way more important.

I’m glad everyone gets Bleeding Gums Murphy. He is the heart and soul of Lisa…who is the heart and soul of the Simpsons.  She needs him around…even if he is just a mirage.

If anyone wants to get DEEP into why people are inclined to make up creation myths, religions, governments and community structure…I very, very much recommend the amazing book, ” Sapiens- A Brief History of Humankind.”   Trust me…you will never look at politics, religion, or our role on the outcome of our species and this planet the same way again.  Brilliant, perspective-creating book!

OK.  Back to finishing the paint…installing the newly plumbed vanity, the mirrors, medicine cabinets, and then onto the flooring.

All is well…moving forward…always moving…forward. 


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  1. Glad to hear your wife is doing well and prayers for continued healing! As for the construction, what a nightmare! But, I envy your skills, as I am not handy at all…and my bathroom needs to be remodeled.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done.

    Considering your work with claymation and raisins I was surprised you wrote: “I just don’t go anymore if it is based on a comic book. Silly stuff.”

    • There is a huge difference between a silly clay character…and a billion dollar franchise based on a never ending cast of super hero’s. I loved the Batman franchise…I like Iron man…Black Panther was fun…but who can keep up with lol of the Spider-Man guys? So many faces to try to erase and remember.

      But yes…the kissing in the rain scene with Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst is etched in my mind.

  3. I agree about the content and measly 12 donut compensation. Now my game has been crashing after a few minutes for the last few days (IOS with latest update, BTW). I want to hang on for Baby Bart but, I don’t know. EA can’t find its butt with both hands.

  4. Patric
    You have done a better job then any subcontractor hired to do it (and you definitely built it up to building code, which we know subcontractors never do 👍) and seeing Gracie smile means post-surgery recovery is eminent. ☺️

    “That is certainly not motivation to Tap” – this is how I feel when prior Events had worthless Decor as Event Prizes (I literally had to make a decision if it’s worth obtaining Event Currency, or just Farm for 🍩’s and reap the rewards from the Mystery Box).

    I am enjoying this Event, because I can gain everything in 2 Days without really trying (I will not disagree with anyone who says “six 🍩’s?” or “twelve 🍩’s?”- because that is a small amount compared to what most who Farm will earn in minutes), then concentrate my attention on probably the busiest year Las Vegas has ever had (new Raiders Stadium, new Dome Shaped Concert Venue, two more Resorts under construction, a Google Facility managing cloud storage, Amazon expansion, etc).

    I did install a walk-in shower (bathroom no. 1) and let a contractor install a walk-in bathtub (bathroom no. 2), except I wasn’t under the gun …. but let’s hope nobody on TSTO Addicts has to endure any home construction projects.

  5. Used Donuts to complete act 3, took 20 minutes and about 100 Donuts, made that up with rat truck’s, just because I could, no longer designing as I have no ideas, my towns a zombie apocalypse just now lol, my wife finished the radio therapy treatment this week and is now on rest mode for a week or 4 😁😄😃, wish there was more to these events but it is what it is, my time in the game getting less and less.

  6. Caption this:

    Picture number 2 of Patric – “how am I going to tell my wife that I just lost my wedding ring in that new cement floor?”

    Have a great weekend and good luck with the rest of the project!

  7. We have a saying around the shop, probably stolen from someone older and wiser: If it was easy, everyone would do it.
    Nothing like sitting back and admiring a long, difficult job well done.
    Those ‘suprise’ problems just make it even better when you’re finished because you can rest easy knowing that they’re finally fixed and fixed properly!

    • I Gree with the fixed properly part… but could have done without a couple of surprises…like the ungrounded light fixtures that literally shocked me…surprise!! Had to rewire…


    Absolutely and Undeniably one of best scenes in Simpsons History!!! Glad to have part of it in my town!

    • ………………….SHOUT OUT TO SANDYTOES74……………………………
      Welcome to the neighborhood. I noticed you left a calling card behind. LOL btw. I love your ¥ Coffin Island ¥ that should really be said in a loud echoing scary voice. Haha. Nice surprise when I opened my game. It may be a small gesture but you made me smile. For that I thank you.😀 💝

    • Really addicts? Not angry just disappointed. Only 3 of us like Bleeding Gums jamming with Lisa. Am I at the wrong site?

  9. Props to you and all the handy guys(and gals) out there! I also have a hubby that can fix any and everything. I’ve lost track of how many times he’s changed my brakes in the 19 yrs we’ve been married. Lol
    We also have a house where you want to find the previous owners and have their heads examined in regards to their “repairs”.
    I really like the bulk of the prizes throughout this mismatched event. The kids are so damn cute. It does look like they are throwing darts at ideas (automatic…BUTT. fluorescent….BOOGER)….but at least we get stuff. Lol
    Wifey looks happy and healthy💙 Nice job!!!!

  10. Oops ! Almost forgot . I agree with your comments concerning the direction this once truly enjoyable game has taken. It makes me sad that all good things must eventually come to an end. Though the people at eA are sure being sadistic about it……I suppose it’s

  11. My dear, dear Patric. alas, it sounds like you’ve been to hell and back. And you still haven’t finished!! But , like you said the smile on your lovely wife’s face is indeed “priceless” I’m sorry to admit this but your post had me LMAO. My tummy hurts from laughing 😂😉. I really do enjoy reading your rants. Plus your commentaries. Have an awesome ANT FREE weekend. 😎

  12. So happy to see your wife looking so beautiful and healthy! There’s nothing like a shower after surgery. Great job, Patric! Keep up the good job of caregiver. Having had recent surgery, I know how wonderful it is to have a super hubby. 🥰

  13. Patric, I feel your pain…and your exhaustion.😵
    It’s been 6 weeks since I arrived at my parent’s ex-home and I’m proud to finally say “It’s Empty!”. The last 32 trash bags of god-knows-what was picked up this morning in the Bagster (a really cool fold-out dumpster that actually holds 3000 lbs). I’m heading home tomorrow (yay!) for a few weeks of R&R before returning for the start of more fun and games – painting everything inside and out, landscaping, and a new surprise…upgrading the aluminum wiring which is no longer up to code. I shouldn’t really be complaining…you have been both contractor and labor and I’ve been lucky enough to find some really good help both inside and outside of the house.
    Today I’m taking a break…no projects, no visitors, no supervising anybody…and tomorrow I sleep in my own bed and get to pet my kitty. I hope you get a chance to kick back for a bit, also…sounds like you’ve earned it.👍😁

  14. Hey Patric,
    I just discovered a possibility to raise the item limit “manually”. Bridges (=roads you place on water) are considered as items in TSTO. So you can just tear down the bridges you have, decorate until you hit the item limit again and then rebuild the bridges you had. It works, surprisingly! 🙂 ..btw. Good job! The new shower looks good!

    • Yeah…I wrote about that a few weeks ago. I’ve purged a few…but I really like the look. Just give me some more items EA!!!

    • Are you saying that they can be replaced even after the item limit has been reached?

      • Yes… But this creates a continuous loop, we are having to delete and replace over and over again every time you want to place an item. Just not worth it to me. Yeah he just needs to raise the item limits. Very frustrating.

  15. I completely agree about this current event: silly, random, but easy. I really miss events that require crafting and neighbor visits. EA is phoning it in these days. You, on the other hand, are clearly a superhero for getting that bathroom reno done. We had to pay a small fortune to have someone do ours. Now go put your feet up!

    • It’s called sweat equity, and I’m happy to do it…and save tens of thousands. Happy Ininherited some skills from my Dad. I like using this side of my brain…and brawn!

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