Episode 54- Addicts in Toyland

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, festive, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa, Patric, and Safi as they breakdown the 2019 TSTO Christmas Event, Abe’s in Toyland. The Addicts crew talks all things Christmas, or lack thereof, Grampa Simpson, Death, and Mystery Box Mayhem! You won’t want to miss all the holidays feels of this episode!

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10 responses to “Episode 54- Addicts in Toyland

  1. I have been with this game since it hit Android, and it was great up until about a year and a half ago, when the non-stop 4-week events started, and all creativity left the game. At first it was fine, they still had some decent content left. But 2019 especially has shown that EA has abandoned this game, and they are just trying to ride it down into the grave with minimal effort before they pull the plug. This “Christmas” event has been especially disappointing. Unrecognizable characters, bizarre storylines that have nothing to do with Christmas, and the neverending 4-week “event” structure that has eliminated friends as a meaningful part of this game has shown me that this game is in hospice. I’d rather exit early on my terms rather than wait for the inevitable and sad end. This “game” is no longer worthy of being called a game, nor is it worth the 2.75GB it is taking up on my phone. Thanks to all of you for running this site, being friends with me in the game, and for going on this journey with me. It was fun while it lasted. Good journeys to you all 🙂

  2. All of my friends have disappeared from my game! What is up with that?

  3. Another Christmas without The Christmas Volcano skin… 😐.

  4. Although I will commend EA for running Game Apps that are free to download (most of them), offer in game purchases (all Game Apps have this option regardless of developer), no in Game advertisements (where EA does it right) …. the feeling is universal – Christmas Event 2019 is a failure!

    How about this for Monday Festivus …. give Tappers the Twitter handle, Facebook Page, legit Email for EA’s upper management! We can offer constructive criticism here as TSTO Addicts, but I’d rather get the message right to the source (and then go back to more activities away from TSTO!)

  5. Anyone else noticing that when you visit your neighbors that it shows actions are available but there are no actions to be seen? Started with last update. I am only able to complete actions in 1 out of 3 neighbors.

    • Jeffdawn64
      Hi, I’ve been having the same problem since the update for the Xmas event. A couple of days ago, I was able to collect game money in 2 towns before the glitch hit. I haven’t been able to tap anything in my neighbors towns since then. 😕. I dislike contacting EA so I guess I’m SOL. Oh well just a little gift from Ea to us for the holidays. Merry Christmas, and to all a good night. 🎄 😎

    • Yes a lot of people are having problems with this, it effects me with some neighbours and not with others. For the ones not showing buildings to be tapped try tapping the ones that can be vandalised this usually works.

      • Thanks gasboss775, it does work although I fancy some of my neighbours will take a dim diddly view of me vandalising their towns, but hopefully it’ll be solved with the next update.

      • Gasboss775
        I would but, It’ll make me feel bad because I got most of my neighbors from the NO GRAFFITI list. And everyone has been
        Really cool about for over 6 years. Jebees!!! I can’t believe I’ve been playing the same game for so many years.😱
        Whilst I am on the subject, I want to …..APOLOGIZE TO ALL MY NEIGHBORS. I have been visiting you guys every day, a couple of times. But I can’t find anything to tap. Hopefully, the latest Glitch Gift from our friends at eA, will be fixed soon.
        So please don’t give up on me. I miss you all. 🎄 Happy Holidays to all. And “Happy Festivas for the rest of us”😁🎉 I love that line from the funniest show ever. Do you all know what show it’s from?? LOL..😎

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