Build A Better Springfield: The Nuclear Option

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These days TSTO seems to be all about the downtime.  That dreaded word so many long-time players hate to see.  Let’s face it, these days even when there’s an event (or mini-event) going on there’s still LOADS of downtime in TSTO.  It’s funny because we used to crave downtime because the events were so intense we wanted time to figure out what to do with the items.  With event tasks becoming more mundane with every update, it can leave some Tappers frustrated at the shell of what TSTO used to be.

This game used to spark ingenuity, creativity, and fun with players.  If we wanted a design, or particular “look”, in Springfield we had to think of creative ways to make it happen, as we weren’t just given the item.  Things like drive-ins, parking garages, skyscrapers, and more…now they’re a staple in the game, but “back in the day” we used to have to come up with creative 3D designs to make these ideas come to life in our town.

It’s time to go back and see if we can reignite that creative TSTO spark for many of us…and bring back the reasons many of us fell in love with this game in the first place.

Over the next few weeks (or months), as time allows I’m going to be going back into our archives and breathe new life into design posts from 5-6 years ago.  Ideas to get the “creative juices” flowing.  Or, as Patric might say, this is my own version of DID…

So this site has been around for a long time.  6.5 years (almost)  Practically an eternity in blog years. Because we’ve been around so long, we have written a lot of posts….nearly 6,500.  That’s a lot of TSTO content.

We’ve written so many posts, that it’s often hard to find new content to cover…especially if EA is slow with updates.  Which can be frustrating for me.  BUT, it’s beneficial for you guys.  Why?  Because it’s likely we have a post for just about anything you can think of related to TSTO…

-Need a post about getting the Jebediah Springfield Statue?  We’ve got that! 
-Need a post about building bridges in Springfield? We’ve got that!
-Need a post about building a Mega Prison?  We’ve got that!

You get the idea…

So when I saw some of you talking about potentially nuking your Springfield during the downtime, I thought…we’ve got posts on that!

We actually have a LOT of posts about nuking your Springfield, how to recover from the nuke, and a bunch of dos and don’ts.

So if you’re thinking about nuking your Springfield and starting your design all over again, this post is for you!

Disclaimer: I am NOT advocating nuking your Springfield during downtime.  It’s entirely up to you.  Nuking is not something I will ever do to my down (unless I’m forced to).  I’m simply offering up some help for those of you thinking about doing it.

-Ok, so for those of you interesting in the nuke option.  The first place I suggest checking out on this site is an episode of Addicts Live we did back in January of 2018.  Episode 23, Happy “Nuke” year.
In this episode, Patric, Safi, and I give you the ins and outs of nuking your Springfield.  We talk AT LENGTH about nuking, how to recover from a nuke, and Safi even nukes his Springfield live on the show!   It’s a fun watch/listen, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Addicts Live! Episode 23- Happy “Nuke” Year, can be found HERE

-To go along with the Happy “Nuke” year episode, Patric wrote a Friday Filler summing up his thoughts on nuking.  Spoiler alert…he’s never going to nuke.  But it’s a fun read, and something you might want to check out.

Friday Filler- No Nukes is Good Nukes, can be found HERE

-Some more nuking pros and cons, this time from a community member perspective…Russian Tigger (our friend who writes over on FGA) wrote a post back in 2017 weighing her own pros and cons when it comes to nuking.  And the age old question of “should I, or shouldn’t I”.  It’s a fun post and really worth checking out if you want a different perspective on nuking.

From the Mouths of Addicts: I’ve got stuff It’s Multiplying Can be found HERE

Nuclear Option Vid SS

-And finally, perhaps our best and most in-depth post about nuking and the recovery afterward.  Back in 2015 a member of the Addicts Community, Sraige Arturas, wrote an incredibly detailed post all about nuking and rebuilding your Springfield afterward.
This is probably THE post to read if you’re thinking about nuking, or you’ve already nuked and you’re trying to figure out how to recover from it.  It’s an incredible post and very much worth the read.  Heck, you should read it even if you didn’t nuke, and you’re just looking for some good design info.

From the Mouths of Addicts: How to Recover Gracefully from a Nuclear Explosion in Springfield can be found HERE

Thoughts? Comments? Appreciate the design ideas and tips?  Any insight you gained from those posts, or from our thoughts? Do you do this in your town? Have you ever nuked your Springfield?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

10 responses to “Build A Better Springfield: The Nuclear Option

  1. Personally, I nuke about three times every year and the first time I did it I got number 52 (the Martian stonecutter) for free.

    Oh and by the way………..we DESPERATELY need a search bar for the inventory!

  2. I’m thinking about it… I might just nuke, in part because it’s one of the few things I haven’t yet done.

    I wonder if everyone would think I’ve gone stark raving mad if I suddenly did it in the *middle* of an event? Hmmmmm…

  3. Although I don’t mind the downtime, I do mind the [1] ‘more than usual’ return of the Bart Simpson Screen of Death , [2] lack on EA’s part at getting rid of the ‘load screen sounds’ (definitely signs that there is no designated staff handling these problems). 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Due to Item Limits (still not increased), along with running out of space, it’s not about Nuking my Springfield (I won’t do it!) that’s an option ….. it’s taking out those parts of Springfield Heights that are taking up valued space (if EA truly meant for Tappers to obtain everything for Springfield Heights? that large vacant space would’ve been made available by now!) 🤔

    So, please give me a week of downtime (minus the Bart Simpson Screen of Death) so I can make some changes to my Springfield (and get some free space back!) 👌🏻

  4. Figures. I nuked yesterday, before I saw the announcement of the new event. Oh well. I nuke at least once a year.

  5. Did it once and glad I did so. I build my town in sections. Based upon an event. So Christmas and Halloween are the largest.
    But now with all tiles open, I would reconsider nuking my SF upon retirement.
    Way to many clusters and trying to find everything again takes away from ones original idea and design.
    I have reshuffled a lot last year,thank goodness for the group inventory options. No nuclear option here for now.

  6. To nuke, or not to nuke, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the tapper to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous downtime,
    Or to take arms against a sea of inventory troubles

  7. I have been a plopper for years. Just jamming stuff into open space with no design whatsoever. I think nuking would actually be an option for me. Waiting to pull trigger.

  8. I had thought about it. I have one park I’d like to group store first but with the inventory system the way it is…no way.

  9. One problem with nuking is to find the things you need in the inventory. And Bart is back with his screen, I am not amused. If you find something you want Bart pulls rhe plug.

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