Friday Filler – Living in a World of Diversion

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

OK. So…I will avoid politics, because frankly, this isn’t the place.  While we cling to TSTO and this place as a diversion from the “real world,” the fact is, the real world goes on, and on, and on…no matter how many new ways we cling to, hoping that “getting it all” with every update, will give us some sense of satisfaction.

People are suffering. And the there is simply no way to gauge personal suffering of others, as the one thing this pandemic has done, is to isolate us away from one another for our “safety.” But, I have to admit, there are simply times when as a 66-year-old guy, who has lived a very wide and fulfilling life, I take the “risk” of going against the grain, and do things that others would not.

Remember the good old days, when “running with scissors” or “swimming before an hour has passed after a meal” were considered risky behavior?  Who knew that not washing your hands every time you touch something that isn’t from your “safe bubble,” or gathering with friends for a drink, without vetting where they have been over the past 14 days, would become “risky behavior?”

But, count me in.  I’ve been that guy. Almost all family…but my family probably isn’t a good indication of “super safe,” either. I missed them. So shoot me…or cough on me, or lick my fork before I eat my chicken salad.

What do I miss most during this pandemic??
The list is actually shorter than many would expect.

I don’t miss going to the office. Because I’ve worked from home since 2009.  What I miss is telling people that I work in my sweats or shorts. Hell…everybody works in their sweats, shorts, or less these days.

Do I miss going out to dinner?  Nah.  I have always been one who only likes going out, and overspending, overeating, over-drinking, with a large group of friends, on rare occasions. Most of the restaurants we support, are doing great with “take out,” and the food is the same…without having to dress up.  I have been to a handful of outdoor eateries, and have eaten on the patio of our golf club. But, because I am a social person, find myself yelling conversations across to other tables, who are happy that I don’t approach within their “safety bubble.”

Do I miss shopping at the mall?  No. And for that matter, I have really enjoyed picking up my groceries weekly from the “drive up,” without having to cover miles of aisles looking to see if they are out of something. I am a very expedient shopper. I am an “in and out” guy, even during the Christmas season. Online ordering is so “me!”

Yes. I admit to using Amazon far more than I should.  What would have been a visit to the local “specialty store” is now a click and next day with Amazon Prime.  Yes…I feel guilty that someone is packing, shipping, and delivering to my door.  But, I know that the same process was happening with the box store, they were just paying to have someone stock the shelf, and wait for me to come by to find out that they were sold out.

I think this cartoon pretty much sums up my feelings currently, about a lot of things…

Sports? OK. Yes. I miss sports. Mostly. But as much of a football fan as I am, the prospect of sharing space with drunken-malletheads, was not my favorite way to blow a day in before the pandemic.  If I am going to share space with drunken malletheads, I’d rather do so from the comfort of my home theater space, with my own beverages, and my wife, who may or may not leave the room when my screaming at the screen becomes too intense.

As far as risking the lives of the players for my entertainment?  Sorry. No. Not until they do more studies on the long-term physical impairments that seem to linger in the respiratory system.  Hobbling a player for life…for my entertainment, doesn’t sit well with me.   Golf. Yes. I get it. It is a game made for social distancing.  Three-hundred-fifty-pounds kids…lined up face to face, and grunting into to one another on every play? Not so much.  I hate a fall without Duck football. But, I’ll survive.

But, come on. Baseball has been just weird.  And Basketball in a “bubble” during the dog days of summer?  Nah. Just don’t need it. But, I can see now, that Hockey may finally just become a year-round sport.  The season seems to be about 10 months long anyway. Why not just let them all wear goalie masks…and claim the last two months of the year. Who cares?  I don’t watch it anyway.

Movies.  Yes. I admit to missing the “wide screen/auditorium” experience.  What I don’t miss is $12 popcorn, and $9 drinks.  And, whodathunkit? Drive Ins are on the way BACK???  Even Walmart is turning some of their parking lots into Drive In movies.

Drive-Ins used to be my favorite “dating location.”  I can’t begin to tell you how many movies I didn’t watch, while entertaining in my car. I love the idea of turning large empty places into drive-in movie screens.  I wonder how many will show up in NYC?

What I do miss is “normalcy,” in schools.  My wife is an elementary counselor. They started the “teacher prep” this week, and it doesn’t look pretty.  Here, they have already committed to distanced learning until December.  I imagine that is when they will pull the kids in for State testing, to see if they were actually able to learn anything online.  I suspect that it will be challenging, to say the least. I don’t have anything funny to say about this. Sorry.  But, it is the only option being presented currently.

Of course, as I wrote about last week, the kids in Buyijja, Uganda have even fewer options.

Until some of the amazing tappers here at TSTOAddicts, came along to offer hope.

I am RELISTING the AMAZING TAPPERS (along with a handful of friends and family)… This is the LIST OF HONOR…(read from the bottom if you want to honor those who donated first!).

AND SINCE THE LAST POST ON TUESDAY We have had even more tappers add their names to the honor roll! (this list is as of Thursday Afternoon)

Jessica who also wrote, “I donated because I believe every child should have support to have an education and hope for the future. We did home education packs weekly with posted out supplies for a special needs 6th form and it worked well. I hope these packs provide not just learning but stimulation and the sense that they are valued and thought of to the children of your school. Thank you for using the TSTO Addicts as a platform to tell us about your valuable real world project.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Jessica

If you want to add your name to the list… YOU CAN DONATE BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW! 

Thank You doesn’t even begin to cover the depth of gratitude I have for these amazing people.  Join their ranks…


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  1. Looks like no-one has much to say in this one…

    As usual, I agree with most of what you’ve posted 🙂

    What I miss most, I’m pretty sure, is all the science fiction conventions we’d have been to – especially one we’d been hoping to go to in New Zealand last month!

    We did manage to get away for a few days last week, but it was all a bit quiet, and a lot of the museums and the like that we’d have liked to visit are still closed.

    But we got to visit a couple of wildlife places, being 6 feet away from a flying Sea Eagle was well cool.

    Stay safe and sensible folks, and this too will pass.

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