Love and War 2021 Prize Guide: Act 3, All Prizes (Harpoon Hill to Downward Doghouse)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the event…time for another fun and exciting prize post!  Yes, I know they’re your favorite, don’t even try to deny it.  Ok, you can deny it.  I think we probably feel the same way about these….but they still must be done! Otherwise, what else would I refer people back to when they ask what something does 6 months from now?

Act 3 of the Love and War event consists of 2 new decorations, 1 building, and 1 new animated task. (oh and one Mystery Box token…)

So let’s take a look at the prizes on the Act 3 Prize Track: Harpoon Hill, Marge’s Enjoy the View Task, Tunnel of Love Cave, and Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio…

First up, Harpoon Hill…

How You Unlock it:
Heaven and Hell Pt. 1
Make Marge Think of a Plan- 4hrs
Make Homer Go to Moe’s- 4hrs
Collect Beer Barrels- x115.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the hill…

Other Details:
Item: Harpoon Hill
Size: 13×17
Build Time:
Nothing, a decoration
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does It Do?: Marge uses this for her “Enjoy the View Task”.
WDTCF: “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife” S15, E10

Next up, prize 2, Marge’s animated task to Enjoy the View…

How You Unlock it:
Heaven and Hell Pt. 2
Make Marge Get Back to Writing – 4hrs
Make Esme Delacroix Collect Her Fee- 4hrs
Collect Beer Barrels- x115.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the animated task…

Other Details:
Task: Enjoy the View
Length: 4hrs
Requirement: You need to have harpoon hill in order for this task to work.

Here’s a look at the task..

And finally, prize 3, Tunnel of Love Cave…

How You Unlock it:
Heaven and Hell Pt. 3
Make Homer Catch Captain Mordecai Up – 4hrs
Make Captain Mordecai Listen to Homer- 4hrs
Collect Beer Barrels- x115.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the cave…

Other Details:
Tunnel of Love Cave
Build Time:
Nothing, it’s a decoration
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed:
What Does It Do: Animated, unfortunately, there’s no task there
WDTCF: S30, E10 “Tis the 30th Season”

And finally, prize 5, Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio…

How You Unlock it:
Heaven and Hell Pt. 5
Make Homer Take in a Yoga Class- 4hrs
Make Captain Mordecai Ogle Women- 4hrs
Collect Beer Barrels- x195.

Once achieved you’ll unlock studio…

Other Details:
Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio
Build Time:
Consumerism +10
Can Be Placed:
Task: Milhouse has a 12hr task here, Take a Yoga class
What Does It Do: Animated when in use
WDTCF: S27, E13 “Love is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4”

And that’s it my friends, the details on all of the Love and War Act 3 prizes!

Up next? Nothing, you’ve finished Act 3.  Nothing to do but wait for Act 4 to start up on Tuesday.

Thoughts on act 3?  How are you doing with the prize track? Still, working on it? Sound off below!

16 responses to “Love and War 2021 Prize Guide: Act 3, All Prizes (Harpoon Hill to Downward Doghouse)

  1. Veganella Luxellence

    What a terrible, terrifying task! Why can’t Marge harpoon Homer in the butt instead of murdering an innocent whale? I hate animal cruelty in real life and on the show.

    Thank you for the warning, I’ll make to stuff the hill in storage and make sure never to send Marge on it. I wish we could sell all the event junk we never use, for a few sprinkles as a payback for the hours of event farming.

  2. Is the Tunnel of Love Cave animated when tapped? I noticed some minor constant animation around the boat, but didn’t see anything else when I tapped it.

  3. It would have been nice if you could put Harpoon Hill on the beach and have the water blend in with the ocean. That’s where a whale would be, not a lake, d’oh!

  4. The Tunnel of Love Cave appeared in Season 30, Episode 10 “Tis the 30th Season”. It was an attraction in the Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park and Resort. It was also the same episode and location the Hall of Vice Presidents and Aaron Burr appeared in.

    • I forgot to mention the Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio appears in Season 27, Episode 13 “Love is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4” . It was the yoga studio that Professor Frink went to meet women after he used science on himself to to make him attractive to women. (This was a response to Alissa who wasn’t sure what episode the Tunnel of Love Cave and yoga studio appeared in)

      • Thank you 🙂

        Maybe I should email you when I don’t know where something is from! lol

        • No problem, Alissa. I remembered the episode Downward Dog appeared in but I didn’t remember where the cave appeared in until I seen a YouTube video with the Tunnel of Love Cave in the show as the thumbnail so I did spend a bit of time trying to find the episode it was in until I googled “The Simpsons Tunnel of Love”, found the image on a wiki and found out the episode.

  5. Harpoon Hill (Decor should come with the Character Task or it is worthless, a Character Task as a separate Prize tells me EA is running out of ideas!)

    Enjoy the View Marge Task (remember that Christmas how everyone hated Star Maggie sacrificing her plushie to Odin? that’s exactly how I feel with Marge Simpson harpooning a whale!)

    Tunnel of Love Cave (it’s a HUGE Decor, there are no Character Tasks, such a missed opportunity and this is so L-EA-Z-Y!)

    Downward Doghouse Yoga – I like how it’s animated when in use, a shame only Milhouse has a Character Task here (it’s the only Act 3 Prize worth your time, in my opinion, the rest was crap!)

    • I wish the Enjoy the View visual task had been Temperance using the platform on top of her house.

      • I wish Temperance at least had a permanent task at her house since other than the end of her questline, she doesn’t have a permanent task at her house. I think Temperance’s “Do Laundry” task should take place outside of her house instead of wherever Temperance is.

        • Santos – exactly!
          Temperance with a Visual Character Task in front of her House (how hard would that be to do EA? I guess it must be difficult since you couldn’t even offer Up Character Tasks for the Tunnel of Love!) 🙄

      • It would have made sense to have Temperance chasing Captain Mordecai with a Harpoon for his discretions …. I’ve lost interest in this Multi-Act Event (not one thing in Act 4 interests me, it’s just another Marge Simpson Variant + another House for Artie Ziff + 12 🍩’s + it’s going into Storage + EA it’s running out ideas so they think a Visual Character Task is a Prize when that should already be given for a Building). 🙄

      • Veganella Luxellence

        Please, yes, Temperance doing something in front of her swanky house would be delightful.. and Temperance meeting Marge outside for a five o’clock tea … so of course we won’t get it, because when has EA been delightful to us faithful paying customers?

  6. Harpoon Hill and Tunnel of Love Cave are way too big. I like them, but sadly may have to store them since my town is so crowded at the moment. EA really needs to start giving us more land. I’m starting to shrink down some of my nicely decorated areas. Springfield Heights area is so small, that would be a great place to open up new land to us players.

  7. Why was the dam the only water feature that was ever able to actually connect to water or not? They obviously have the capability to program that. I would enjoy things like Harpoon Hill or Memorial Bridge more if they didn’t have to sit separate from other water all the time.

    • Hear, Hear! I still have no idea how to incorporate the Memorial Bridge.
      We know from the gondola’s the programming exists to place things on inland water. Why not other boats, jet ski’s, piers etc.?

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