Episode 68- Donut Devaluation and Quick Reactions to Springfield Choppers

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Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as give our initial quick reactions on the brand new Springfield Choppers mini-event, discuss some St. Patrick’s Day disappointment, and talk about the devaluation of premium currency in TSTO. Plus we share a little bit of community feedback on the event! You don’t want to miss this one!

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21 responses to “Episode 68- Donut Devaluation and Quick Reactions to Springfield Choppers

  1. Considering I donut farm (there’s no way I could keep paying for 150 donuts and EA allows it), and I am low income, it has to be a great character for me to spend $10. I hope Donut Homer comes back. I missed being able to get him.

  2. Homers visual task on the Harley Davidson hilarious 😂

  3. I hope more Tappers subscribe to the YouTube Profile (I enjoy the banter between Alissa and Safi) and you can leave comments on YouTube, too.

    It’s safe to say there’s only one Decor that is “meh” for this Mini Event (we all know which one, because it takes up so much real estate – lol!). And speaking of Real Estate? I’m sorry for those Tappers who still do not have the Golden Goose Realtors, but here’s where I wonder if it will return for real 💵! 🤔

    I’ll inquire, since it appears almost every Event has some sort of 🍩’s with Character deal and that could be the norm from now on ….

    _would you pay $5 for the Golden Goose Realtors so that you can obtain Land?
    _would you pay $5 for a Land expansion next to Springfield Heights?
    _would you pay a one-time $9 fee each year to be guaranteed 24 hours 7 days a week Network Access (without a Bart Screen) + something exclusive that would never show up in a Mystery Box?
    _what’s the minimum you would spend in Game App?
    _what’s the maximum you would spend in Game App?

    Keep in mind TSTO is still free to download, still does not rely on in-game advertisement, still easy to generate Simpsons 💵 ( does it has any value? yes, if it gets you the Content that you want), it’s easy to obtain 🍩’s (which gets you Premium Content) and this game app is still going after 9.5 years? (I started Tapping in February 2013!) 😉

    • They couldn’t guarantee a Bart free experience, but they could fix the XP counter to stop me calling them thieving barstools when I’m almost done collecting or I’ve hit SkyFinger and pop goes the server.
      The IGC counter copes, if you’ve not already hit max cash then when the game reloads it will have paid every cent, but if you’re level 939 and what is earned but uncounted plus what is showing in the counter comes to more than 2 million XP all you get is a counter reset to zero and an apology Bonut round.
      I might not need what I lost, but I took the time to earn and collect it and it makes me feel cheated.
      In the early days of the game there wasn’t anything like the earning potential there is now and getting two or more level-ups at once would have been inconceivable, but not any more.
      It’s an easy enough fix too, an internal counter that tracks all earned XP and a bit of code that checks if it’s enough to give you a level up reward and deduct the XP from the total once it’s paid out, then check if it needs to go again or show what’s left in your on-screen counter.

      As for the GGR, when it came back a while ago and I’d started a second town I instantly went and paid for a bundle of sprinkles knowing I’d need it. That’s one of those things players really should get, but if the idea is you can play completely free then they should be able to farm for it too, because it is a required item in a real sense.

      More land, that’s an odd one along with item limits, but my instinct is the same as above. If they expand then all players should have an equal chance to benefit from that. The idea of adding a donut cost to tiles was suggested somewhere a while ago but I don’t think EA will see any value in that.

      I’ll spend when I’m motivated and can afford it. I’ve got the Impound Lot in my main game from when Stonecutters content came back but I’ve still not got whoever it is with the 300 Ds bundle. I’ll buy Golden ScratchRs too now and again even though I’m no longer short on sprinkles, and if I have content to get on Black Friday then I’ll be after tokens if I can spare the money.

      What I won’t do is pay just for Set Complete tick, even if it’s the best character ever instead of someone obscure. Just my little town, started around Winter 2019, now has over 200 characters. A couple of days ago I became a B town billionaire, next tap this event is complete and I can decide what returning content I want and start on their side-quests.
      What point or motivation is there for me to add Wilbur ??

      • Graham-S

        You made valid points, my opinions:

        _if you want me to pay a yearly flat fee? then No Bart Simpson Screen must be guaranteed!
        _if it takes real 💵 to get EA to do the obvious – more Land – then a $3 to $5 flat fee I’d pay
        _Noobs should have an opportunity to obtain Golden Goose Realtor (don’t ask me why EA won’t bring it back, I spent the sprinkles when it was originally available!)
        _I draw the line at Character w/🍩’s Deals (has to be a unique Character Combo, Voiced Animated Building permanent Visual Character Tasks)

        TSTO is far from perfect as a Game App, it’s still better than Family Guy and Futurama (I have yet to find a City Building Game App with Characters on par with TSTO). 9.3 years of Tapping and I must still be an Addict …. 😂

        • I suspect GGR is held for a rare re-issue on purpose. If it was easily available then players would farm and wait, worse if it became an in-store item you could get when you wanted.
          They probably try to figure when you’d most likely be low on donuts and have to get a paid for bundle to afford it.
          Catch 22 with that plan, by the time most players realise the importance they’ll most likely have a town big enough to afford RTTs.
          I jumped at the chance last time for my second town because it was a second town and I knew why I’d need it.
          That’s paid off and some, by the end of the month I’ll have enough tokens not just to complete all the land where tokens are a must but also about 280 tiles for cash I’d left on purpose.
          Next time they add land it’s already paid for, unless it’s that long awaited SH expansion and I need to go grinding 😊

    • “Only one decor that is meh”
      Which is the same as,….
      With one exception, all the decors are great
      Which is….
      Same as, with one exception, all our Hosts are great,
      BUT, given their population decline, that statement is less humorous than it once was,
      With one exception, all the commentators are great

      • Teacy-1ltwoody920

        Well if you listen to the podcast, or watched the YouTube video, then you know what Prize is “meh” for this Mini Event (it takes up too much real estate, has no Character Tasks!) 😉

        I’m with any Tapper right now on the TSTO Facebook Page trying to get EA to give the Ball of Death a permanent Character Task (or that’s going in the Storage).

        Enjoying my 2 Voiced Characters, 2 Buildings, 1 Chopper without having to eliminate Content in order to make room for New Content (Mini Events are the way to go!) 😀👍🏻

    • Oh, well . . .
      I’d added a reply covering your enquiries but I didn’t take a copy and I used a pseudo curse word that probably meant it failed moderation.
      I’m not starting over, so in brief the bit that got me ranting was –
      They couldn’t guarantee a Bart-screen free game, but they could very easily add a variable that knows what XP you earned and collected that it still owes you, and a bit of code that pays up if the game needs to reload.

    • Hello!

      Off the top of my head:
      – I would definitely be willing to pay $5 for the Golden Goose Realtors so that I can obtain land. GGR would motivate me to buy and spend donuts – as it stands now, I’m plum out of space!

      I’m much less enthusiastic about pay land expansion in Springfield Heights, unless we can get those land tiles without using lattes, furniture, pills, etc. I don’t like stocking up on all the SH currency items.

      Yes, a $5 – $9 annual fee for guaranteed 24/7 Bart-screen-free access and an exclusive item (every year…? Am I getting selfish?) seems reasonable.

      • atticus999

        Yeah a yearly one time fee (nothing too expensive, enough to get EA to keep Origin Account maintained properly).

        I’d accept paying to unlock a Land expansion, provided we didn’t have to grind for unwanted currency via Springfield Heights (I’m over that, too!).

        Golden Goose Realtors is the Holy Grail of Buildings in this Game App (dumbfounded that EA doesn’t just leave it available to purchase for 200 to 300 🍩’s).

        I look forward to Alissa and Safi posting another Addicts Live and talking about what Tappers are willing to pay real 💵 for and what they won’t pay for.

  4. Great Addicts live! I think if EA wants to do the cash for character thing, which if they keep it reasonable and put it in with the tray of donuts I have no issue with. I just think they need to be using better characters! Let’s face it I think there is a lot of us out there that would pony up 9.99us or 13.99can for resurrected Maude Flanders!! or Gil! Happy Saturday Friends and Happy Tappin

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

    • SnugsP

      It’s got to be a Voiced Character with great Visual Character Tasks (bonus 🍩’s are cool, but $9 has got to reward Tappers with a one of a kind Character Combo, and maybe lowering it too $5 would get more Tappers to purchase). 🤔

  5. I don’t mind the £10 for donuts and a character. It would be good if they offered characters that weren’t in the year book for £5each during the weeks off between events. I would buy the 30 or so I am short of.

    • If they did it as a stand-alone – £5 for just a character, or better still £2, and once in a while only then I would be a lot more inclined to consider adding them to both of my towns a couple of times a year.
      If it becomes an every event and mini-event thing there’s no way I’m getting 22 of them a year and it will deter me from getting any at all.
      I got Sven Golly and the SVP skin for cash, and I think there was a couple of others too, but when they came up it was something of a rare event and I only had one town.

    • Rigger

      I agree it’s got to be one of a kind Premium Content (something that will never end up in a Mystery Box).

      $3 to $5 would probably get more Tappers to purchase.

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