Rise of the Robots Premium Dialogue: Robot Rumble Announcers

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Robots are coming, the Robots are coming! Get ready for a dystopian Springfield, as the robots try to take over!  Can they be stopped?  It’s up to you to save Springfield in the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns…Rise of the Robots!

The first act of this event ushered in one new premium character…well two, but they act as one…to help navigate this event.  The Robot Rumble Announcers are a two-in-one all-new premium character for Springfield, they’ll not only help to earn event currency but also come with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for the announcers, here’s the full dialogue for Two Men and a Desk

More details on the announcers can be found here

Two Men and a Desk Pt. 1
Announcers start

Rumble Announcer 1: Contractors broke ground on my new backyard pool yesterday. Pretty sweet, right?
Rumble Announcer 2: Wow, that’s brave. A fad like battle robots could dry up any second, and you’ll be stuck with that home improvement loan.
Rumble Announcer 1: What are you talking about? Even if the robot thing goes away, there’s plenty of stuff we could announce and do commentary for!
Rumble Announcer 2: Maybe you’re right! This could be an opportunity to escape our sick addiction to robot violence. Where do we start?
Rumble Announcer 1: How about sumo wrestling? Its like robot rumble but with fat guys in diapers instead of robots, and belly-bops instead of buzzsaws.
Rumble Announcer 2: This quasi-ceremonial ritual could be a way out of the hell we’ve made for ourselves.
Rumble Announcer 1: I both want that and don’t want that, you know what I mean?
Rumble Announcer 2: I hear you!
Rumble Announcer 1: Boo-yah!
Make Rumble Announcers Call a Sumo Match- 4hrs
Make Sakatumi Wonder Who These Clowns Are- 4hrs
Rumble Announcer 1: Who can resist the glorious slap of flab-on-flab action, am I right?
Rumble Announcer 2: Indeed! We have a heated match here, as the guy in the red diaper appears to give some form of atomic wedgie to the guy in the blue diaper!
Sakatumi: Hey! It’s called a mawashi! How about a little cultural respect, you jerks?
Rumble Announcer 1: The sumo wrestlers now appear to be more upset with us than interested in shoving each other, which seems to be all there is to this sport.
Rumble Announcer 2: I don’t think they liked that last call, Steve.
Sakatumi: HYAAAAH! GET ‘EM!
Rumble Announcer 1: Run for it!

Two Men and a Desk Pt. 2
Announcers start

Rumble Announcer 1: With her first throw, Janey lets the lucky go, landing in the number-three square!
Rumble Announcer 2: That’s an unfortunate bounce for her, Steve. She’s gonna face one of the more challenging hops if she manages to make it to the return.
Lisa: Are you guys seriously announcing hopscotch?
Rumble Announcer 1: We’re multitalented.
Rumble Announcer 2: That’s right.
Janey: Make them go away! They’re creepy.
Rumble Announcer 1: Look, just make with the hops, kid. We’re streaming this to ViewTube.
Make Rumble Announcers Call a Hopscotch Game- 1hr
Make Lisa Go Get a Teacher- 1hr
Make Girls Try to Play Hopscotch- x2. 1hr
Miss Hoover: I’m afraid you gentlemen are going to need leave the playground.
Rumble Announcer 2: With all due respect, ma’am, we’re professionals, and we never leave a game uncalled once we start.
Rumble Announcer 1: That’s right! Besides, who’s gonna make us leave? You?
Miss Hoover: No. He is.
Willie: I’ll gie ye a skelpit lug with me rake, ye gommy nyaffs!
Rumble Announcer 1: Ahhh, crazy Scottish man! Run for it!

Two Men and a Desk Pt. 3
Announcers start

Rumble Announcer 1: This is going to be pretty exciting, Dave! With a wall full of new comic books to choose from, new comic book day has never been more unpredictable.
Rumble Announcer 2: You said it, Steve! Publishing delays from the holidays mean we’re getting TWICE the number of House of Axe-related titles this week!
Milhouse: What…what is happening?
CBG: Eh, these jokers wanted to announce so I made them purchase five comics — each!
Make Rumble Announcers Announce New Comic Book Day- 8hrs
Make Nerds Ignore Them and Buy Comics- x3. 8hrs
Rumble Announcer 1: We’re seeing a lot of action around this new issue of The Collider!
Rumble Announcer 2: Who can resist this new edgy anti-hero take on the villain?
Rumble Announcer 1: Though even a group as relentlessly gullible as comic book fans aren’t going to fall for the dreck in the latest Infinite Fatal Crisis Metal series!
CBG: That does it! No one gets to make fun of comic books or comic book fans in my store!
Bart: But you do it all the time.
CBG: “Besides me” was clearly implied at the end of that statement.
Rumble Announcer 2: Come on, now. A bit of gentle ribbing is all part of the job.
Rumble Announcer 1: I think we should go, Dave. It looks like he’s putting on a karate suit or something.
CBG: It’s pronounced kara-te! And it’s a gi, not a suit! And…it’s your lucky day because it appears to not fit anymore!

Two Men and a Desk Pt. 4
Announcers start

Rumble Announcer 1: You were right. I never should have signed the contract for that pool!
Rumble Announcer 2: Without fighting robots, it’s back to the Garden Center for me. No one can afford a pool on what the Garden Center pays!
Rumble Announcer 1: I know a guy who can help you fake your death, if that helps.
Cletus: Hey! Are you them ‘nouncer fellers?
Rumble Announcer 2: Ah, man. Why, are you going to chase us off? We’re not even announcing anything!
Cletus: Chase ya off? I need you fellers to announce my latest bizness vencher!
Rumble Announcer 1: You do? Really? We’re in!
Rumble Announcer 2: Okay, but if anyone starts playing a banjo I’m running for it.
Make Cletus Live Stream Raccoon Rumble- 12hrs
Make Rumble Announcers Announce Raccoon Rumble- 12hrs
Rumble Announcer 1: *sigh* I can’t believe we’re announcing fighting raccoons.
Rumble Announcer 2: Look, you want to be able to use the pool or not? Shut up and announce!
Rumble Announcer 1: Hold the phone! Bandit just hit Garbage Gladiator with a vicious after-the-bell take-down!
Rumble Announcer 2: And now his claws are out and he’s going in for the kill!
Rumble Announcer 1: And here comes the blood!
Rumble Announcer 2: Look at that stuff flow!
Rumble Announcer 1: We’re back, baby!
Rumble Announcer 2: Boo yah!
Rumble Announcer 1: I feel bad about myself.
Rumble Announcer 2: Boo yah!

And that’s it my friends, the details on the announcers’ questline!

Thoughts on the questline?  Did you buy the Rumble Announcers? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. The joy of running 2 towns – I’ve got another Raccoon Rumble coming up tomorrow 🤣
    Put Cletus on an 8 hour ready for that and everyone else is waiting for Chief Knockahomer and the gang to finish putting on a show before heading off for 24 hour tasks. I could search out Miss Hoover and Dewey Largo but whatever, they can all have a break 😊
    Soon be Friday, and Act 2. More goodies 😊
    . . . and I should get my new tablet and retire my Kindle about then too. Woohoo !! 😊

  2. 💜 those Robot Rumble Announcers (I also agree with Alissa’s constructive criticism that their Visual Tasks are repetitive – even though they are both funny!)

    I finished Ladybot Questline, as well as Chief Knocka-Homer’s (both are great!) 😅👍🏻

    Let’s see what happens with Act 2

  3. Alissa don’t know if you want to let folks know but I’ve found a work around for the mobile notifications issue. If you leave this site and go to wordpress.com and log in you can see the bell on there with all your notifications for this site.

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