Where Did THAT Come From- The Prodigy Barn, Chocobots, and Bear Robot

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In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

For this post, let’s tackle a few of the “quick-blip” items that hit our pocket-sized towns during Act 1 of the Rise of the Robots Event.  Even though they’re from three different episodes, they’re all just a quick blip in the world of The Simpsons.  So, it’s time to examine where The Prodigy Barn, Chocobots, and Bear Robot all come from…don’t blink or you might miss it!

Again, all three of these items are from totally different episodes of The Simpsons, but they’re all very quick blips in the show…and don’t play a major role in the storyline.

Ok, so let’s tackle these three in order of appearance in our games…not so much in order of appearance in The Simpsons…starting with The Prodigy Barn

The Prodigy Barn
S15, E7 “‘Tis The Fifteeth Season”

The Prodigy Barn is a quick blip in the episode, and that’s what I’m going to cover.  But for those who want to know more about this specific episode, here’s the synopsis from Fox:

When Homer is given a Joe DiMaggio rookie card by an oblivious-to-its-value Burns, he quickly sells it for an enormous amount of money. Homer spends much of the money on himself, until he watches “A Christmas Carol” on television. With his new change of heart and holiday spirit, Homer begins doing favors for anyone he can, and in doing so makes Flanders jealous as Homer is Springfield’s new king of nice. Flanders and Homer engage in a “nice-off” to earn the town’s praise”

So the Prodigy Barn comes into play about 4minutes and 54 seconds into the episode.  The Simpsons are at the Springfield Heights Promenade (where the “prices discriminate because we can’t”).  As they separate to buy gifts for each other Bart and Lisa come upon a toy store called…The Prodigy Barn!

Once inside Bart plays a video game where he blows up state capitals!

He’s having a blast until he realizes it’s…gasp…EDUCATIONAL! He then throws his controller and yells: “That’ll teach you to teach me!”…

And that’s it!  Just a quick little blip in a fun Christmas episode that’s now in our games!

Next up…the Chocobots….

S9, E21 “The Girly Edition”

Again, these are just a quick blip in the episode.  So for those who want to know more about this specific episode, beyond the Chocobots, here’s the synopsis from FOX:

Bart attempts to upstage his sister when the pair land anchor seats on a Children’s educational news program. Meanwhile, Homer exploits his elderly father to obtain a helper monkey, which he quickly puts to work looting donut shops.

Now let’s talk Chocobots…

In this episode the Chocobots appear towards the very end of the episode, about 21 minutes and 20 seconds in.  The Chocobots are part of “The Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour”, which is the show that replaces Bart and Lisa’s Kidz Newz show!  (this is also where the Fortress of Chocolitude comes from)

We get a peek inside the Fortress where the Chocobots are talking with the president.

And the chocobots are…

Major Nougat



And this guy, who seems to be the leader and made out of reeses. We don’t get his name though…

(and they’re amusingly playing with Mattel toys…nice product placement)

They have to use their powers to fight the bad guy, Colonel Ka-Taffy, so they get together, with what looks like kit-kats, and “Power Up!”

They then blast off and say “Chocolate away!”

And then that’s it, just another quick (about a 1 minute) blip that’s now in our games!

And finally, the Bear Robot…

Bear Robot
S5, E4 “Rosebud”

And once again, the Bear Robot is yet another quick blip from the episode and that’s what I’ll cover.  So for those who want to know more about this specific episode (which is also where Robotic Burns and Doggy Smithers come from…the very end of the episode), here’s the synopsis from FOX:

Yearning for his lost youth and innocence, Mr. Burns searches for his beloved childhood teddy bear, Bobo. When Maggie comes across the bear, she claims it as her own. Mr. Burns tries to get his Bobo back by any means necessary.

When it comes to the Bear Robot, he makes his appearance at about 10 minutes and 45 seconds in.  The Bear Robot is a Robot Frink has made to try and replace Burns’ beloved Bobo.

Frink has programmed him to be just as cuddly, except things go array when its razor-sharp claws come out and it starts to claw at Burns as it’s hugging him!

The bear then goes crazy when it finds out they’re trying to shut it off and runs through the wall of Burns’ Mansion as it says “No Bear Want to Live”…

And again, that’s it!  Just a very quick 20-second blip in the show that has made its way to our pocket-sized towns!

And that’s it my friends! The details behind three of the quick-blip Act 1 Rise of the Robots prizes!

Do you remember them from the show?  Have you unlocked them yet?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

11 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From- The Prodigy Barn, Chocobots, and Bear Robot

  1. I’m glad The Prodigy Barn was finally released since it completes the Springfield Heights Prominade. We’ve had Abercrombie & Rich, Things Unnecessary, Victor’s Secret and Your Picture on a Rembrandt for 5 years now but not The Prodigy Barn. 🏬

    I’m surprised the Chocobots were decorations and not characters since their tasks would’ve been interesting. At least they have a cool animation and sound (reminds me of the Superheroes events) with them. 🍫🤖

    Like Totbox said, it’s too bad that the Bear Robot doesn’t say “No Bear Want to Live” but at least there’s 2 characters on the Act 1 prize track. At least the Bear Robot seems more calmer in the game than it did in the show. 🐻🤖❤️

  2. I have a choco building when tapped a bot fly’s out of the roof

  3. Interesting! I was sure the bear was a spoof of Five Nights at Freddy’s but it predates it by 20 years ish!

    Is the fortress of Choclitude part of the same episode that showcased the Chocobots?

  4. I really wish they had made the bear the playable character instead of that stupid mailbox looking robot. Lol😜

  5. The Prodigy Barn – Season 15, Episode 7 “‘Tis The Fifteeth Season”

    Chocobots – Season 9, Episode 21 “The Girly Edition”

    Bear Robot – Seaaon 5, Episode 4 “Rosebud”

    Thank you Alissa …. I’m going to watch all three Episodes (that last one is a classic!) 😀📺 and yep when EA strings along Content from various Episodes? it can leave you scratching your head going, “I don’t remember this!” 🤔

  6. I remembered the Chocobots but thank you for helping figure out the other items.

    I love the Rosebud episode but I must have blocked Bear Robot from my memory. Too bad it doesn’t say “No Bear Want to Live…” in the game

  7. Thank you for this post. I watched tis the fifteenth season and completely missed the prodigy barn building. Glad you posted a picture of it and shared the time frame.

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