Where Did THAT Come From- Frink Jr, Chief Knockahomer, Smashius Clay, Ralph-O-Cop, Award Show Bot, and the Robot Rumble Trophy, Arena, Announcers & Studio

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

Ok, guys, this is a big one.  While there are some “quick blip” items thrown in here and there during each act, the vast majority of items from the Rise of the Robots event come from two main episodes.  With one episode having items from Acts 1 and 2, and the other having items from Acts 3 and 4.  More than half of the items that hit our games with Acts 1 and 2, all come from “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot”.  And now that Act 2 is out of the way, and all of these items have arrived in our pocket-sized towns, it’s time to take a look at this classic episode to see just where Frink Jr, Chief Knockahomer, Smashius Clay, Ralph-O-Cop, Award Show Bot, and the Robot Rumble Trophy, Arena, Announcers & Studio all come from!



S15, E9 “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” 

I’m going to breakdown the episode to show y’all where each item appears, but for those that like to know the whole storyline here’s the quick episode synopsis from FOX, that covers both the A and B storylines:

Bart and Homer enter a Robot Rumble competition. But when Homer isn’t able to build a decent robot he decides to adjust the robot so that Homer can operate it from the inside. Meanwhile, Snowball II dies and Lisa tries to replace her with another cat.

So the whole premise of this episode is set up when Bart decides he needs a new 10 Speed Bike to be cool, because his current bike is a “baby bike”.  When Marge and Homer tell him he can’t have a new bike if his old one works just fine, he takes matters into his own hands to destroy his current bike.  Bart pushes his bike out into the street, where it’s run over by Dr. Hibbert.  Completely destroying the bike.  Hibbert tells Bart he’ll buy him a new bike.

When Bart and Homer go to the bike shop, they’re surprised to learn the bikes don’t come assembled…unless you pay the assembly fee.  Of course, Homer is completely against having to pay the fee and says he’ll assemble it himself…despite Bart’s objections. Much to Bart’s complete surprise, the next morning Homer has the bike completely assembled!  Bart thinks he’s the greatest dad ever…until it falls apart as he’s riding it. (yeah, that sounds more like Homer)

After the bike falls apart, Bart’s on the couch watching TV….and Robot Rumble is on.

At this point, we start to see the Robot items appear in the episode….

At 6 minutes and 18 seconds, we see the first appearance of the Robot Rumble announcers, we’ll see them at various points throughout the rest of the episode as well.

At this point, Homer asks Bart if he wants to build a robot together to compete in the Robot Rumble.  Bart tells Homer to forget it, because he’s not exactly mechanically inclined.

Homer decides to prove Bart wrong and retreats to the basement to build the best robot ever!

Of course, Homer is TERRIBLE at building things and can’t build a robot to save his life.

Then he remembers something his father told him…

And thus Chief Knockahomer is born!

He makes his first appearance at 8 minutes and 33 seconds, in Bart’s room…

Bart thinks it’s the most awesome thing Homer’s ever done!  (not realizing Homer’s inside…Bart does think it’s a real Robot).  Bart then runs downstairs and grabs a 6-pack of beer, then orders Chief Knockahomer to smash it…

And for those curious, Chief Knockahomer gets his official name (and headdress) from Bart at 10 minutes and 16 seconds…

Bart’s ready to enter the Robot Rumble!

At 9 minutes and 50 seconds, after yet another pet funeral, Bart says “we gotta go fight some robots!” and we get a glimpse of the Robot Rumble Studio…

And while we saw the arena earlier, when Bart was watching TV, we get a really good view of it at 10 minutes and 19 seconds during the first Chief Knockahomer Battle…

Once at the studio, Homer slips inside of Chief Knockahomer and then slips Bart a note to explain where he is:

Chief Knockahomer is officially ready for his first battle…against Buzz Kill!  (which, FYI, is where the audio in the game of the announcer saying “Buzz Kill” comes from)

You may also notice that Buzz Kill is one of the robots in-game that battles in the arena during tasks there…

Because Homer is inside of Chief Knockahomer, every time Knockahomer gets hit or cut it impacts Homer.  In the battle with Buzz Kill Homer actually gets cut on his arm by the saw, but he fights back and ends up killing buzz kill “softly with his saw”

Knockahomer wins the battle with Buzz Kill and then we start to see a montage of Knockahomer’s battles…

At 13 minutes and 9 seconds he battles Jessica and Rev. Lovejoy’s Murderpuss:

And at 13 minutes 29 seconds he fights Ralph-O-Cop:

Bart, Homer and Chief Knockahomer have knocked out all of their opponents. There’s only one opponent left…Smashius Clay and the Frinks!

At 14 minutes and 31 seconds, we get our first glimpse of Frink Jr:

And this is followed by our first glimpse of the larger than life Smashius Clay:

Bart, still unaware that Homer is inside Chief Knockahomer, says Knockahomer is going to kick some ass.  Homer, however, has other ideas.  After seeing Smashius, Homer says his recurring nightmare is coming true.  At 15 minutes, we then cut to his nightmare, where Homer is accepting an Oscar award.  As he’s giving his speech the Award Show Enforcement Bot cuts him off by saying “speeches cannot be longer than 30 seconds”.  The award show enforcement bot then zaps Homer to dust!

Homer’s nightmare sequence is interrupted, as Smashius puts on a display of strength.  He destroys another robot and uses that robot, at 15 minutes and 21 seconds, to produce the Robot Rumble Trophy…

As they’re watching Robot Rumble footage of Smashius’s old battles, Homer then tries to tell Bart that he’s really the one inside Chief Knockahomer, but he’s interrupted by the bullies as they stop in to see Chief Knockahomer…the thing that makes them respect Bart.  And instead of Homer coming clean, he instead tells another lie about how he just installed a chip that makes Knockahomer 10% more bloodthirsty!

The time has come to try and take down the 5-time champion…Smashius Clay:

As Smashius and Chief Knockahomer face-off, it’s clear that Knockahomer is WAYYYYY out of Smashius’s league in this fight.  He gets rocked!

As they retreat back to their “corners” at the end of Round One, Bart decides he needs to open Knockahomer up because he’s looking a little sluggish.  It’s in that moment that he realizes…thanks to Homer’s butt…that Homer’s the one inside Knockahomer.

Homer thinks Bart will hate him for being a fraud, but to his surprise, Bart thinks it’s the coolest thing ever!   Bart realizes that he’s the luckiest kid in the world to have a dad that would do that for him!  Unfortunately, in the middle of their sweet moment, it’s time for round 2!  Homer has to go back out there and face Smashius!  He does his best, but it’s not good enough…he’s simply no match for the Frinks!  Or is he?!

Just as Smashius is stepping on Chief Knockahomer it’s revealed to all that Homer’s the one inside Knockahomer….

And instantaneously Smashius shuts down and stops fighting!  Why?  Because, as Frink points out, he’s a robot programmed not to harm humans, only to serve them.

Homer is then declared the winner of the Robot Rumble!

However, that victory is then taken away when the rule book clearly shows (literally rule #1) a human cannot be a robot!

The episode ends with Homer and Bart hugging it out and the audience at Robot Rumble booing…

And that’s it my friends! That covers the first major WDTCF post for Rise of the Robots!

Do you remember them from the show?  Do you have all of the items?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Thank you. This is worlds beyond the old WDTCF post standard.
    For someone who’s missed probably 90% of Simpsons episodes over the years it’s really interesting.

  2. Thank you Alissa for this type of posts there are very informative. I enjoy the pictures. thank you for your time you spend on the posts.

  3. Thank You Alissa

    Yeah do watch “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” , The Simpsons Season 15, Episode 9 …. and you’ll be like me watching that 🤖 Rumble (I wasn’t kidding when I said I would gladly trade a non rumbling 🤖 for a Testosterone Network Billboard!) 😉

  4. imsooriginal122

    Kinda interesting how they changed the name from “Killhammad Aiee” to Smashius Clay, though yeah it’s a little obvious why they did so 😬. Although it’s a play on Muhammed Ali’s name (even quotes him in the quest line), I could see some not taking it lightly. There’s also an upcoming building with a part of the joke on it’s sign cut out, again due to obvious reasons lol.

  5. When does Act 3 start?

  6. Couldn’t log in today till now, kicked out before I could get started, had the age screen again and the logged me out??, Great game this, no progress at all, apart from that I liked the prizes and luckily finished act 2

    • Strange, I haven’t had an issue so far today..

    • Hi Keith,
      I got signed out of EA’s Origin Account back in January (I was able to sign back in using my name and password – hopefully you are able to do the same, my concern are those who have to contact EA Tech Support whenever there is a problem with Origin Accounts and the Network).

      Yeah this Game App does not get the same attention as others from EA (but it’s still going on for 9 years, and that’s longer than most). My concern is the “rollback glitch” was never fixed, that and the fact you have to contact EA Tech Support and fight for your right to have 🍩’s reimbursed.

      Let’s hope we don’t have any more technicals with Act 3 starting this Sunday.

      • A little trick I need to do if am logged out is clear the cache and it seems to let me log on again and remember my username, staying connected is a different matter especially if am collecting resources, enjoy your weekend off.

  7. Ok, this is weird. Saturday, I hadn’t been able to get into my game for 36 hours. Had to call EA to reset it (been playing for 7 years). Then last night, I logged in, and I was back to where I was in Dec. The Daily tasks can’t be performed, as they are times w/Xmas, but, I lost my progress, but it allowed me to do the first two acts. I was on level 616 and it put me back to 575. I guess, I’ll be calling EA again. Oh, I was give. 300 donuts again, odd.

    • Nghills

      You got the rollback glitch? 😱
      It’s a Tappers worse nightmare (you did right by contacting EA, it’s been a problem for years and there’s still no permanent fix).

      I hope you are all caught up, Act 3 doesn’t start until this Sunday.

    • I think if it happened to me I would give up

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