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Safi and I are gearing up to record the next episode of Addicts Live where we talk all things Season 32 of The Simpsons!  We’re going to talk about the last few episodes, including the awesome season finale, and then we’re going to break down the Season as a whole and we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on it all!

If you have thoughts about:

Panic on the Streets of Springfield
Mother and Child Reunion
The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A
The Last Barfighter (Season 32 Finale)

Share them below!

And if you could rank your top 5 favorite episodes from this season, please share that below as well! As a reminder here are the episodes from Season 32 in order they appeared…

Undercover Burns (Season 32 Premiere)
I Carumbus
Now Museum, Now You Don’t
Treehouse of Horror XXXI
The 7 Beer Itch
Podcast News
Three Dreams Denied
The Road to Cincinnati
Sorry Not Sorry
A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas
The Dad Feelings Limited
Diary Queen
Wad Goals
Yokel Hero
Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars
Manger Things (Episode #700)
Uncut Femmes
Burger Kings
Panic on the Streets of Springfield
Mother and Child Reunion
The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A
The Last Barfighter (Season 32 Finale)

And finally, if you could take a moment to rate Season 32 overall by answering the poll question below that would be great!

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I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live on Saturday!

Note: We do record on Thursday evenings (usually) so please try to have your feedback in before then so we can include it on the show!


2 responses to “Share Your Overall Thoughts About Season 32 of The Simpsons…

  1. The Simpsons Season 32

    I’m going to stick those Episodes I ❤️’d (several Episodes this Season put me to 💤 by the 3rd Act, or were a Christmas Episode aired when it wasn’t Christmas time, or the most boring THOH Episode ever, no need to rewatch these on Hulu – lol!) in the order they were broadcast with * means enough Content for a Multi-Act Event and ** means enough Content for a Mini Event (I felt Season 32 was better than last year’s, no it’s not the best Season ever, but we did have great Special Guests Stars). I enjoyed 11 out of 22 Episodes, so I voted ‘Good But Not Great’ (but there’s plenty of great potential New Content!) 😅

    I, Carumbus * – the Simpsons visit a Museum featuring an Exhibit on Ancient Rome, where Marge chastises a bored Homer for his lack of ambition in real life. The ‘Curator’ (voiced by Michael Palin) overhears them and relays the tale of ‘Obeseus the Wide’ (Homer Simpson); sold by his Father ‘Abus (Grampa Simpson) to Slaver ‘Gordus Antonius’ (Fat Tony); becoming a Gladiator. Obeseus is pushed to be ambitious by his Wife ‘Marjora’ (Marge Simpson) to be a Roman Senator and to later an Emperor. Thus Obeseus assassinates ‘Emperor Quimbus’ (Mayor Quimby), via encouragement from ‘Senator Montimus’ (Mr. Burns); only to be usurped by his Son ‘Bartigula’ (Bart Simpson).

    The 7 Beer Itch ** – A beautiful English Woman named ‘Lily’ (voiced by Olivia Colman) moves to Springfield and falls in love with Homer Simpson (the only barfly at Moe’s Tavern that interests her), while Marge Simpson has taken the kids on a vacation in New England without him. Mr. Burns decides he must have Lily, coerces Homer into luring her onto ‘Mr. Burns Yaht’, but Lily runs away from that situation and Homer takes her home where Lily kisses him. Marge comes home early due to a failed vacation, Homer decides he only wants to be with his Wife, and Lily returns to England. Within the various ‘Pubgoers’ and ‘Londoners’ (voiced by Atkin Downes and Brian George), Lily falls in love with a ‘British Homer lookalike’.

    Podcast News ** – Marge and Lisa become addicted to true crime podcasts, as Homer and Bart visit Grampa Abe Simpson at the ‘Springfield Retirement Castle’; and both see he has a Girlfriend – former TV Star ‘Vivienne St. Charmaine’ (voiced by Morgan Fairchild). During their ‘Cruise Ship’ vacation, Vivienne is reported dead from a fall, leaving a forgetful Grampa the main suspect. Springfield’s News Anchor Kent Brockman creates a podcast called “Guilty Grampa” that convinces everybody that Abe Simpson is guilty. Dr. Hibbert reveals Vivienne is still alive, as she faked her death and fled to a ‘Mexican Resort’ waiting for Grampa to collect the insurance money and meet her (except Abe Simpson forgot). ‘Tabitha Shingle’
    (voiced by Christine Nangle) is your guest podcast sleuth.

    Three Dreams Denied ** – Comic Book Guy attends the ‘Comicalooza Convention’ hoping he will be hired by Marvel Comics. Lisa Simpson crushes over new kid ‘Blake’ (voiced by Ben Platt) who also plays saxophone. Bart Simpson is hired as a voice-over actor for a cartoon show (where he voices a ‘Princess’, who’s also a ruthless killer). What’s up with that ‘Stewardess (voiced by Dawnn Lewis). I lol’d at ‘SuperSpiderBat’ , along with all of the ‘Cosplayers’ around Comic Book Guy at the Convention.

    The Dad Feelings Limited * – Homer and Marge Simpson team up with Comic Book Guy (née ‘Jeff Albertson’) and his Wife Kumiko Albertson (née Nakamura) to win a trivia Contest. While spending time with Maggie Simpson, Kumiko decides she wants to have a baby, only for her Husband Comic Book Guy to hesitate. While babysitting the Simpson’s kids at the ‘Springfield Forever Cemetery’, the pressure to offer emotional support to a distressed Bart and Lisa Simpson sees him fleeing back to his ‘Family Estate’; where we are introduced to his estranged Dad aka ‘Postage Stamp Fellow’ (voiced by Dan Aykroyd) with his own obsession (postage stamps!) and Comic Book Guy learns that he’s ready to become a Parent.

    Diary Queen ** – Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten discover their former Teacher ‘Edna Krabappel’s Diary’ after getting books at ‘Ned Flanders’s Yard Sale’ (which irritates Ned as he sees nobody is valuing what they purchased). The Boys escape Fat Tony and his Mob, then play a prank on the School Staff. Bart interprets his former Teacher’s writings that she felt he had potential to succeeding; while Lisa finds the Diary at ‘Bart’s Treehouse’ and realizes Edna Krabappel was just referring to her Cat. Back at his Treehouse, Bart learns from Ned Flanders that Edna Krabappel refused to leave Springfield because she believed students like Bart needed her. As Ned reads the Diary he is reminded that Edna felt being married to him made her dreams come true.

    Wad Goals * – On the last day of school, Ralph Wiggum, Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Millhouse Van Houten find jobs at the ‘Country Club Golf Course’ as ‘Caddies’ for the wealthy Mr. Burns, Kent Brockman, Rich Texan, Celebrities and an ubiquitous ‘Bildorf’ (voiced by Stephen Root). At first, his Family congrats Bart for earning income; only later for Marge to disapprove of his job (Homer disagrees with her). Marge posting online about the Country Club not paying taxes gets the attention of ‘Activists against Tax Fraud’ ; who threaten to shut the Country Club down. Bart caddies for Bildorf; who tries getting him to convince his Mom to stop posting online; only for the two to come up with the idea that Golf is a Religion and they can operate the Country Club legally without paying taxes (Mayor Quimby approves). Reverend Lovejoy, along with other ‘Church Leaders’, won’t help Marge; but Bart losing his Caddy job (after being insulted by Bildorf) gets him to vandalize the ‘Golf Course’. Instead of arresting Bart, Chief Wiggum and the Springfield Police arrest Bildorf for allowing the Country Club to become a ‘Sex Cult’.

    Uncut Femmes * – Waylon Smithers bribes Carl to keep what he found wrong at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant quiet with tickets to ‘Bob Seger’ (Carl invites Homer to join him). Marge Simpson chaperones a students field trip to a ‘World War II Battleship’, commandered by ‘Captain Bowditch’ (voiced by Nick Offerman); where she is paired up with Sarah Wiggum (voiced by Megan Mullally). Marge quickly realizes Sarah isn’t who she seems to be when they’re both kidnapped by burglars ‘Bette’ (voiced by Natasha Rothwell) and ‘Erin’ (Tiya Sircar); two women Sarah used to do heists with 4th member ‘Lindsey Naegle’ (who betrayed the Group, only for Sarah to get out of jail by seducing and marrying ‘Chief Clancy Wiggum’). All 4 plot to steal the Hourglass Diamond from Lindsey and Marge during a soiree at the ‘Springfield Museum’ and succeed by getting Marge and Sarah to escape publicly with the jewel (who was that ‘New Girlfriend’ of Rainier Wolfcastle?)

    Burger Kings ** – Mr. Burns almost died eating a Krusty 🍔 and discovers that Springfield preferred he died. It’s up to Smithers to help improve his Boss’s image and cash in on catering to the ‘plant-based 🍔 Business’. Mr. Burns has both Lisa and Homer Simpson supporting his X-Cell-Ent 🍔’s , along with Marge profiting from the ever-rising Stock in Burns’ X-Cell-Ent 🍔’s. It takes Bart witnessing Krusty the Clown’s Krusty Burgers failing with a ‘LGBTQ 🍔’ to dig into what’s wrong with Mr. Burns’ X-Cell-Ent 🍔’s (it’s made of ‘endangered plant species’ from the ‘Amazon Rainforests’!) Be sure to look for ‘Cheesy McMayor’ , ‘Billionaire Explainer’ and ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ (that’s one creepy looking ‘Plant Based Meat Processing Plant’).

    Panic on the Streets of Springfield ** – Homer Simpson decides against the low testosterone medication from Dr. Hibbert, and buys a ‘high-torque truck’ instead (which Marge doesn’t approve of). Inside the truck Lisa Simpson listens to ‘The Snuffs’, fronted by ‘Quilloughby’ (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch -if you lampoon Morrissey? expect Morrissey to whine in the media!) Lisa’s plans to introduce ‘vegan tacos’ at Springfield Elementary School turns into humiliation when she finds out they are made with bacon; which causes her to hallucinate Quilloughby as an imaginary friend; who helps her get back at mean people. This results in a parent conference with Principal Skinner; that leads to Marge ending Lisa’s access to a music subscription; which encourages Lisa to steal Homer’s credit cards in order to see Quilloughby live at a ‘Music Festival’ (now turned into a tubby bigot who’s abandoned veganism – were these Writers not expecting Morrissey to cry foul?) Marge comes to the rescue, while Homer falls asleep waiting in his truck (❤️ that ‘Ferris Wheel’).

    The Last Barfighter * – a flashback scene reveals Moe Szyslak is a Member of a ‘Secret Society of Bartenders’; where they secretly meet at ‘The Confidential’ lead by ‘Artemis’ (voiced by Ian McShane). In the present at ‘Krustylu Studios’; a Krusty the Clown taping is cancelled, so Milhouse Van Houten and Bart Simpson sneak into the Spanish – language Game Show ‘¡Noches con Abejorrito!’ m.c.’d by ‘Bumblebee Man’. Bart wins the audience prize – ‘Calavera Gritando Crystal Skull’ filled with expensive tequila (an homage to KAH brand tequila) that Homer steals from him during bedtime. Influenced by the talking Crystal Skull, Homer heads to Moe’s Tavern; where Moe pours it for everyone and himself; joining Homer, Carl, Lenny, Barney. Moe wakes up the next day hungover (he starts remembering all the stuff they did drunk, including breaking the 1st and only ‘Sacred Law’ from the Secret Society of Bartenders by revealing their existence to his friends – which results in Homer dropping the Crystal Skull and breaking it). Moe is visited by ‘Kristof’ (Secret Society Rat) and is summoned to meet Artemis; where he is told of the Society’s History and his punishment (not being expelled, just losing his barflies to the ‘Anti-Booze’ serum they will all be injected with). Moe tries to warn his friends at the Springfield Power Plant (he was too late to save Barney at his home); they flee from various Bartenders (Lenny and Carl are caught an injected with the serum by a German Beerhaus Bartender), with Homer and Moe making it safely to the Simpson House (where it is revealed that Dr Hibbett is a Secret Society of Bartenders member and gives Homer the serum). 3 months into the Future, it’s revealed that Homer is a better Husband and Father, who meets daily with the Guys at ‘Eightbucks Coffee’ – everyone’s life has changed for the better, except Moe’s (who is stuck working at the ‘Omelet Bar’). Artemis shows up taking pity on Moe and offers everybody ‘the Antidote’ (Lenny, Carl and Barney take it – but Homer refuses). We’re left with a cliffhanger not knowing if Homer is given this 2nd injection, but the Crystal Skull puts itself back together and warns Bart, Lisa and Maggie about ‘their Family’s genetic predisposition to addiction’. What was up with that ‘Grampa Baby’ (voiced by Cesar Mazariegos) and ‘Omelet Woman’ (voiced by Melanie Minichino)? 🤔😅

  2. Panic on the streets of Springfield:
    I found it funny the interaction of dr.hibbert and Homer Simpson.
    I like the scenes with Santa’s little helper both adorable and hilarious.

    Mother and child reunion:
    I find the magic store full of interesting things, like homer and marge zombie statue🧟‍♀️. I didn’t like the fight between marge and Lisa. I don’t agree that Lisa would refuse to go to college. I found it funny that snowball appeared in a flying saucer. It is nice that they follow the story line from previous episode where Lisa is president. I found it funny at the end when Homer Simpson said “can I get the game on this.”

    The man from G.R.A.M.P.A.:
    I like how they are incorporating little snippets of previous episodes for example in this episode they included grandpa and the flying hellfish. I didn’t like the ending on this episode it doesn’t make sense. I like the real video clip they added when senior citizens were watching tv. I like joseph cotton candy I wish we could get it for our games.

    The last barfighter:
    I like how they incorporated Krusty and the bumble bee man into the episode. I like the variety of bars showcased in this episode.

    My top 5 episodes for this season are:
    1. The Dad feelings limited ep. 11
    2. Tree house of horror XXXI ep. 4
    3. Do pizza boys dream of electric guitars ep. 15
    4. Wad goals ep. 13
    5. Now Museum, Now You Don’t ep. 3

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