Episode 95- The Problem with Grease and Other Hot Dog Commentary

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we give our overall thoughts on the Hot Diggity D’oh update!  We give our overview reaction to the event, share what we loved, what we hated, and discussed the dreaded Grease Glitch!  Plus, we share our thoughts on what we might see in the next event.  You won’t want to miss the fun of this one!

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4 responses to “Episode 95- The Problem with Grease and Other Hot Dog Commentary

  1. I thought it was a pretty good event overall. I was lucky enough to avoid the glitch people were having. I was happy to finally get the Barbarian after all these years. I thought the prize track was great, though I’m not a fan of Dr Hot dog but Der Homerschnitzel is probably my new favorite building!

  2. Almost forgot – I still think prize track decorations that end up in store once unlocked should be available for IGC. If it earns or includes a bonus then that would be reasonable to give it a donut cost but not a plain ole deccie.

  3. It was odd how the glitches affected some and not others, or in different ways. You might recall some tappers had problems with SkyFinger failing to collect too, which I didn’t and used to great advantage – I’ll come back to that.

    I started with one town on a tablet or a kindle and I’d just leave it charging and send it to sleep with the game running. When I woke the device up it’d have the game show the splash screen briefly and then be back as I left it and wherever I was on the map last would be centre screen.
    I tried that with my phone but even sleeping it drained the battery at an alarming rate, instead of 4 days between charging when I didn’t use it to tap the battery warnings would show after 4 or 5 hours !!

    I was having too much lag on the older devices so since the Winter event I’ve been switching between towns on my phone and was concentrating on my B game when the glitch hit. Even if I shut it down to save battery and came back 10 minutes or Safi’s suggested 50 minutes all the timers were right back to the full hour to go – oh joy. Head to the Neighbor Towns Map or have the Bart Screen show and there’s another reset hour, what fun !!

    You guys might not know, but I’m pretty good at finding work-rounds and over on EA Answers they gave me Champion Rank, so I went hunting for some way round this that didn’t need sprinkles.

    If you’re still awake I’ll get on with my experiences battling timers, my thoughts on why it got some of us but not others, and how a carefully timed SkyFinger tap all but completed the event for me.

    In my B game I put the phone on charge and just watched some TV with it beside me so I could see in the corner of my eye if it was Springfield up and running or if Bart popped up. Finally I got a Bart-free hour and went round tapping and got 93 buckets to go with the 28 the characters got as their 4 hours passed – 121 so far of 175. Set all 7 on task and left the game running and the phone on and swore no end at Bart. At one point I’m watching a timer – 42 seconds, 41, 40, Bart !! It took 4 hours but that worked out to be a blessing. I stored the IRS and tapped the characters which hit a couple of buildings they were at too and put me on 172 of 175, then carefully tapped 3 more restaurants to wrap up part 2.

    IRS put back and SkyFinger ready to tap the other 87 restaurants, hoping it’d double up and wrap up the 125 Grease needed for part 3 too. It did and some, I didn’t need to collect any Grease at all for the last 3 prizes – Woohoo.

    Time to try in my A game, first attempt was the leave it running and that got me started after a lot more swearing at Bart. I’d also dug about 200 KrustyBurgers and Gulp n Blows out from storage, not messing this time !! First tap I left it just under the 175 to see if I could bank all the extra Grease again.

    I’d read someone suggest letting the device sleep like I used to do with those tablets so I gave that a go. About an hour later I load the game and as it soon as it starts there’s Bart again. Thanks Bart !! Try again and an hour later I fire that up and just head straight to SkyFinger. 3 lots of 4 hour cash-tasks for the prizes later and I’m all done there too.

    I suspect when the splash screen shows as the device wakes from sleep it sends data to the servers rather than the other way round but if it reloads after quitting, popping to neighbors or Bart striking it resets and loads data from the servers and resets your game with Homer’s house centre-screen rather than where you were last.

    Perhaps on some devices if it’s left in Recent Apps and ticking over without killing your battery then when you go back it also uses the device game data rather than getting it from the servers, and you don’t get hit with the glitch.

    It’s also worth noting there were 2 currencies, one from characters and one from buildings, and it seems only the one from characters was reset to zero once you got a prize. It’s also why you might have seen one value on the event panel and a lower one when you tapped Do It on the Collect . . .

    Lets wrap it up on a lighter note. I was grinning like an idiot as the dialog got to Dr. Hotdog’s real name – Dr. Hamburger Brentano !! 🤣🤣

    • When the site moderation means all comments are read before being posted I can only hope Alissa was sitting comfortably, perhaps with a drink and a snack nearby, as she dealt with that 😊
      Maybe she was enjoying a hotdog or three ?!! 🤪

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