Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Details: Dog Days Edition (July 2022)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As you reach the end of the Dog Days event, you’ll see the latest update to the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box.

For those that missed it, we broke down the basic details of the Shattered Dreams Box Here.  That post will give you the basics, how to earn coins, and what the plan is for the box itself.

This post (the one you’re reading now) is meant to give you further details about the box that will appear in your game once you’ve completed the Dog Days Event.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

For those that need a quick refresher on the box, here’s the breakdown from EA:

Once you’ve completed the When the Bough Breaks Mini-Event you’ll trigger the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box to start up…

REMEMBER the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box is ONLY available BETWEEN events.  This means, in this case, it’ll only run from the moment you complete Dog Days until the start of the next (likely) mini-event.

The end date for this box is slated for July 27th.  That’s 1 week after the Dog Days event ends.  After July 27th you won’t have access to the box until you’ve completed the next event.  

As we’ve learned from the previous event, the first go-round with this, you MUST complete the event (whether that’s a mini-event or multi-event) to see the box.  It will not appear for you unless you complete the entire event.  

We also now know that the box will change with every event, as this box is completely different than the last.

Now you’ll, once again, be given a free Shattered Dreams Token to try out the box.

Here’s what’s inside the box (with links to our previous posts about each item)…this one is Sports Themed:

Alley McBalls
Balance Beam w/Gymnastic Lisa
Ballet Ralph
 Baseball Jasper 
Basketball Stadium 
Boxing Drederick Tatum
 Duff Blimp
Duff Center Arena
Duff Stadium
Football Nelson
Grass Field
Homerclese Statue
Jockey Bart
Kung Fu Comic Book Guy
Lucius Sweet
Lugash’s Gym w/Lugash
Pin Pal Apu
Pro Shop w/Space Coyote
Referee Homer
Simpson Laser Tag
Soccer Lisa
Softball Mr. Burns
Springfield PD Blimp
Springfield Coliseum w/Drederick Tatum
Stadium Entrance
Tennis Marge
Toreador Grampa
Go-Kart Track
Springfield Games Podium
Springfield Games Cauldron
Sumo Stadium w/Sakatumi
Football Field w/Cleatus
Pin Pals Bowling Alley
Nick’s Bowling Shop and The Other Nick’s Bowling Shop
Bowling Trophy
Pin Pal Homer
Pin Pal Burns
Pin Pal Moe
 Dodgeball Court w/Erik
Bicycle-Basketball Ramp w/Poochie
Mini Golf Castle w/Lee Carvallo
Practice Rink w/Lewis Clark
Golf ‘N’ Die Retirement Village w/Principal Dondelinger
Springfield Skate Park w/Nikki McKenna
Time Snowboarder Display
Coach Pommelhorst
Simpson and Grandson Bike Customizing
Adult Skateboards
Isotope Stadium
Mitchell Mansion w/Buck Mitchell
Springfield Wrestling Pavilion
Golden Ring Wrestling Headquarters
Wrestlers Dressing Room
Fancy Wrestling Ring
Golden Wrestler Statue
Backyard Wrestling Ring
Championship Belt
Captain Flag
Dr. Bonebreak
Iron Yuppie
Honest Abe
Dragon Tennis Ball Shooter
Lee Carvallo Standee
Summer Games Headquarters
Summer Games Villa w/Summer Games Chairman
Sports Winners Stand
Stephanie Brockman
Sjoelbak Table
Tab Spangler
Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio
Human Foosball Table w/Carnage Destructicus
Capital City Goofball
ESBN Sports Desk w/Anger Watkins
Outdoor Half-Court
Boxing Ring
Football Tire Target
Football Uprights
Golf Course
Tennis Court
Country Flag Bundle
Street Soccer Court
Bowling Lane
Low-Blow Boxing
Obstacle Wall
Obstacle Tires
Obstacle Wire
Obstacle Log
Single Bleachers
Double Bleachers
Triple Bleachers
Stadium Lights
T-Ball Stand
Tennis Machine
Football Field
Perfect Game Balloon
Dancing Children
Basketball Game
Soccer Net

And that’s it my friends, the details on the latest Shattered Dreams Mystery Box!

Thoughts on the box?  Content? Did you earn tokens from daily challenges? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

5 responses to “Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Details: Dog Days Edition (July 2022)

  1. I have a question for everyone; what is the item / character(s) you are most hoping to return in the shattered dreams box?

    For me it’s the two renewable energy nerds in the superhero category. They landed just before I reached the point of donut farming so are like ‘the one that got away’ 😅

  2. I had only 3 meh items in the box, spent a coin and ended up with jockey Bart, what I hoped for. A disappointment, just another skin and didn’t include furious D.

  3. My main games had no unique items. My other two, I picked up the Fox Sports robot in one, but it didn’t thrill me. The other unique items really don’t do much in my other games. Maybe my hope of getting some characters or buildings that you could only get by buying donuts is too much to ask for. My main games are full or almost full, hate to say this but…. I need more land. Either that I a larger selection area for group storage.

  4. For me, this is yet another one where I have everything fun, and all that’s left are non-unique items I already have. It’s the equivalent of getting excited about the Christmas present from your aunt, and finding that she just gave you socks again. Practical, but nothing to get excited about.

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