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WDTCF – The Sunsphere

Well, it’s another day at Addicts and another where did THAT come from just for you.  As often happens, life imitates art.  I have friends I’ve made through this game from all over.  Some use certain characters as avatars and every time I see Otto or Kearney or Frink in my town, I think of them.  Even some of the buildings remind me of my buddies.  One that always reminds me of one of my pals is the Sunsphere.  He actually lives in that general vicinity and sees it all the time and I think it’s so cool that a piece of TSTO connects to real life for everyone blessed to be connected to this awesome guy.

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The Sunsphere and The Simpsons

simpsons tapped out sunsphere wigsphere
Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!

Level 33 has brought us the Sunsphere!  Since it’s another one of those additions to the game that may leave some tappers scratching their heads (after all it’s not in Springfield) I thought it’d be fun to break down the Simpsons connection.

Simpsons Connection
The Sunsphere is from a 1996 episode of the Simpsons “Bart on the Road”. In the episode Bart spends the day at the DMV with Patty and Selma. When they’re not looking he makes a fake driver’s license.
After seeing a brochure for the World’s Fair, Bart uses the fake ID to rent a car and drive Milhouse, Martin and Nelson to Knoxville, TN.  They arrive in Knoxville only to discover the World’s Fair was actually in 1982 and the Sunsphere has been renamed the Wigsphere, since it’s now wig warehouse.
Real World
The Sunsphere is a real attraction in Knoxville that was built for the 1982 World’s Fair. In 2007 the Sunsphere was renovated and restored.  It’s now a 266ft multi-level restaurant with observation decks. Not a wig in site!

Will you be adding the Sunsphere to your town?

The 1982 World's Fair Knoxville

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 33 “Here Comes the Sunsphere”

As we’ve all seen by now Level 33 comes with two new buildings for your Springfield, the Springfield Wax Museum and the Sunsphere.  While the Sunsphere  does not generate income for your Springfield, like other buildings do, it does unlock a “mini quest” for Bart, Martin, Nelson & Milhouse.  It also unlocks a permanent 16 hour task for Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Martin to Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’.
Keep Nelson free for the completion of the Sunsphere build, he kicks off the quest.
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Level 33!

Level 33 update

Hello Tappers!

Level 33 is here!!

New decorations, buildings and characters including: Springfield Wax Museum, The Sunsphere, a S.W.A.T. Van, Training Wall, Little Lady Justice, K9 Officer, Arnie Pie, and of course Eddie and Lou!

We’ll be coming back to you with more on Level 33 as we work through the game!

Oh and Snake kicks off Level 33, so make sure he’s free!

Happy Tapping!