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Weekend Update: December 1st- 7th

Bunny here from a remote undisclosed location.  (SHHHHHH This time I really AM on vacation…just missed you all).

This week we’ve been anxiously awaiting the white stuff to make an appearance in our towns. Are you ready for it? WINTER IS COMING SOON!!!

In the meantime, let’s look back at the amazing work by our team of writers…

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2D Tuesday? Nah… I’d rather go on a bender

Note from Alissa: Hey Howdy Hey Tappers….well it’s still Thanksgiving in Springfield.  While we play the waiting game with EA and see if they actually release Christmas today…or another day…enjoy this 2D how-to from Wookiee!  As soon as we have any news on an update we’ll pass it right along to you!

Hey there Addicts!  This week it’s my turn for a little 2D creativity and this one was inspired by comments from the readers.  Bunny showed y’all a bit of her uber nerdness in a beautiful display of her 2Ds.  At the end, she asked what the readers would like to see.  Quite a few folks mentioned Futurama stuff and with that in mind, off I went to find an image of MY favorite character. Continue reading