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Weekend Update: December 1st- 7th

Bunny here from a remote undisclosed location.  (SHHHHHH This time I really AM on vacation…just missed you all).

This week we’ve been anxiously awaiting the white stuff to make an appearance in our towns. Are you ready for it? WINTER IS COMING SOON!!!

In the meantime, let’s look back at the amazing work by our team of writers…

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Glitchy Gil Deal

So a few days ago, EA brought back Gil and his Black Friday deal. A great bargain for those wanting the Springfield sign, the Duff Brewery (with Duffman), and $50,000 in game cash.

Unfortunately, I am also seeing now that more and more players are attempting to get the offer but it seems to have just disappeared into thin air. No rhyme or reason as to why.

I know for some, if you already own one of the two items listed, the offer will not appear, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. What SHOULD happen is Gil would have appeared in your town begging you to click on him. He then offered the deal.

Gil Deal 1

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