Weekend Update: December 1st- 7th

Bunny here from a remote undisclosed location.  (SHHHHHH This time I really AM on vacation…just missed you all).

This week we’ve been anxiously awaiting the white stuff to make an appearance in our towns. Are you ready for it? WINTER IS COMING SOON!!!

In the meantime, let’s look back at the amazing work by our team of writers…

MONDAY: Bunny attempted to help those that were unable to take advantage of the Gil deal. Sadly, the glitch wasn’t corrected in time. There is also basic info in the post though on how to do basic troubleshooting and contact EA.

Alissa gave us another cool reader’s screenshot for all of you to come up with a great story in this weeks “Caption This”. Then she brought us some basic reminders on turning off the spend donut option in Tappers 101. She also reminded us that Thanksgiving is ending and WINTER IS COMING!

TUESDAY: Wookiee went on a Bender this week with a REALLY amazing 2D. Give it a look. Then he gave us a great look at where Santa’s Little Helper came from.

WEDNESDAY: Alissa picked your brains this week. Us Addicts writers want to know, what do YOU think. She then worked quickly to bring to you all the information and details for the new episode tie in walkthrough and items.

THURSDAY:WE GOT A SUBMARINE!! Woohoo! So if you want more info on whether to buy it or not, check out Bunny’s post.

Wookiee gave us his thoughts on EA and their episode tie ins.

Alissa announced the upcoming gifts we plan on giving a few lucky readers in the upcoming Christmas contest.

FRIDAY: Pull up a chair and grab your tissues, it’s time for the next addition of Addicts Anonymous.

SATURDAY: Bunny has gone mad and has taken over another city…beware…she may be in YOUR neighborhood…RIGHT NOW! 😛

So hang in there folks…get your innertubes ready…WINTER IS COMING and Addicts will be here every step of the way to keep you up to date.

Til then…I need to go harass some unsuspecting strangers.


5 responses to “Weekend Update: December 1st- 7th

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on with the Lisa/Skinner quest? I keep going into my Springfield but there’s nothing happening, no exclamation point over Lisa or Skinner. I also missed the show today & have tried Googling the answer but I’m getting nothing! Do you guys know what it is? Thanks for all your help, you guys have been great! I love your site!
    Feel free to add JLily1030 I play daily, heck multiple times daily. Lol 😉

    • There is no real answer to uncover, as far as the game is concerned. The quest should auto start for you, but once you’ve unlocked Oscar’s Truck (will be placed in your inventory) the quest is complete from a gave standpoint.
      We will have a full episode recap up for all of our Addict friends shortly. Just putting the finishing touches on it 🙂

      • Ok great, thanks. I did the quest, got & placed the truck, I just thought there was going to be some question we had to answer by watching the show (like with the Mayan update). Thanks Alissa, looking forward to reading your post since I missed the show (3 kids don’t leave your brain working well enough to actually remember anything!) lol Have a great night everyone! 😀

  2. My account is rohan01pasta. So I just wanted to know when I could get my update of simpsons tapped of Christmas

    • Unfortunately we don’t know. We’re not EA, just really huge fans of the show and game. But as soon as the update drops we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the details as we uncover them. 🙂

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