Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 33 “Here Comes the Sunsphere”

As we’ve all seen by now Level 33 comes with two new buildings for your Springfield, the Springfield Wax Museum and the Sunsphere.  While the Sunsphere  does not generate income for your Springfield, like other buildings do, it does unlock a “mini quest” for Bart, Martin, Nelson & Milhouse.  It also unlocks a permanent 16 hour task for Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Martin to Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’.
Keep Nelson free for the completion of the Sunsphere build, he kicks off the quest.

“Here Comes the Sunsphere”
Hey, what’s the Sun Sphere doing here?  I knocked that over and broke it when we went to Knoxville, Tennessee.
Milhouse: Amazing to think that it was once part of the World’s Fair of 1982…the most forgotten World’s Fair in history!
Bart: Let’s break into it, climb to the top, and see if we can hear ghosts from 1982 talking about how boring the view was.
Make Bart Climb the Sunsphere- 12hrs
Make Milhouse Climb the Sunsphere- 12hrs
Make Martin Climb the Sunsphere- 12hrs
Make Nelson Climb the Sunsphere- 12hrs
That’s it!  After a 3 day build and 12 hour tasks, you’ve successfully completed the Here Comes the Sunsphere Quest line!

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Happy Tapping!

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