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How Does the THOH 2016 Stack Up to the Past?


First of all, I realize that we are barely 1/3 into the huge THOH 2016 update in TSTO.  However, while I realize that Alissa is resolute in her decision not to talk about items we haven’t seen in the game before they actually come out, I am going to break that rule and talk about some things we are going to see in Act II and Act III.  I, like many of you, sneak off to some of the “spoiler sites” and can tell you that what I have seen is…

Hold on… I have a text coming through. It’s from Alissa.

Uhm. Ok. So I won’t be talking about a lot of items that are coming in Act II and Act III. Holyfreakinshirt...That girl is everywhere…and she has some really threatening emojis!!

Actually…I really don’t need to talk about what’s coming, because I have a pretty clear opinion about how THOH 2016 stacks up with previous offerings.

And you might jut be surprised at what I have to say…
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