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Simpsons Babies – Calendar and Math to Getting All of the Baby Stuff and more!

Well…call me surprised!  They actually seem to be on a roll here.  I mean the writers… Because the update feels like almost every other update lately.  But I digress…

What you are all here for is the numbers. The numbers that are going to help you get the all of the Babies…the Baby Stuff…and a whole lot of kinda random buildings. But, I have no fear that the writers will figure out a way to tie it all together.  So, Let’s Get Started!

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Simpsons Around The World Calendar – Act II


I think by now we have all figured out that the initial panic associated with the printing of the calendar is unfounded.  It really just takes logging on every 4 hours, for days on end, with no relief, to get everything you want (if that includes earning Bonuts).

I think you will find that Act II is achievable and believable, which is the benchmark of setting any reasonable goal (if you believe the motivational strategies of the  Power of Positive Thinking guru, W. Clement Stone).

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