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F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-Free Simpsons Episodes? Awesomeness I just found!

Hey there Addicterinos and Addicterettes!

How y’all doing?  You like that Addicterette word?  Not too sure of it since it sounds like a product to make Krusty quit smoking and that’s a Krusty I’m sure none of us want.

Was messing around on the internet looking for info on the upcoming episodes for Season 25 and found myself a gem.   Speaking of, the newest episode (S25:E9, Steal This Episode) is only a day away (as in tomorrow at 8pm on FOX) so set your DVRs is you’re able.  Otherwise we’ll be here for you with a recap.

A lot of people want to watch episodes for FREE and I can’t say I blame them, but would you believe that FOX actually has full length episodes available to watch? Continue reading

New Simpsons TV Episode- White Christmas Blues

So I am sitting here giggling as I am watching the new Simpsons episode and seeing all the lil items that we have in our towns or will be getting with the Holiday Event.

Let’s start out with the opening gag.

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Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “White Christmas Blues”

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.  And since we’ve no place to go…let it snow let it snow let it snow!”

Well Hello There Gift Grabbing Tappers!

Well…it’s snowing in TSTO and it’s snowing at my house so how about a little snow in Springfield?  Well, that’s exactly what happens in this week’s episode of the Simpsons!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (Sunday) to check out the latest episode of the Simpsons.  Supposedly Springfield has been covered with snow, as a result of a leak at the Power Plant, turning everyone’s favorite city into a “Wookiee Wonderland”  just in time for Christmas!  Be sure to watch all the hilarity as Marge turns the Simpson’s house into a holiday boarding house full of Christmas Cheer! (or is it….)

Check out this teaser from the episode

Will you be watching?  Let us know in the comments below (you know how much we love hearing from you all!)  🙂